clive smith inkunzi investments for 2021

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Clive smith inkunzi investments for 2021 threadneedle investment london office address

Clive smith inkunzi investments for 2021

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The two departments are engaging on the best way to support the farmers. Remaining extent of the farm Elands Kop Been No. Remainder of the farm Jagt Kolk No. Remainder of the farm Uitspan Kop No. Portion 1 of the farm Vley Kolk No.

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Questions and Replies Search. Filter by year. All Figlan, Mr AM to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform What amount did a his department and b each entity reporting to him spend on the promotion or celebration of the Year of O R Tambo on the i Africa News Network 7 channel, ii SA Broadcasting Corporation aa television channels and bb radio stations, iii national commercial radio stations and iv community aa television and bb radio stations since 1 January ?

Show reply. Source Link. Reply: a , b i , ii , aa , bb , iii , iv , aa , bb Please refer to the table below a Department b Entities i ii aa bb None i ii aa bb None iii iv aa bb None iii iv aa bb None. Reply: 1. Van Dyk, Ms V to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Whether the Komaggas community lodged a land claim in Namaqualand in the Northern Cape; if so, a on what date was the claim submitted, b what are the details of the extent of land claimed and c what is the current status of the specified land claim; 2 a what is the total number of hectares in Namaqualand that is designated as communal property and b what are the details of the communal properties in the i Kamiesberg, ii Khai-Ma, iii NamaKhoi and iv Richtersveld Local Municipalities; 3 whether any plans have been put in place to issue title deeds to communal farmers; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details?

Seeds and fertilizers on 15 January R61 Groenewald, Dr PJ to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform 1 By what date will the new land audit be made known and released; 2 what is the reason for the delay in the release of the specified land audit; 3 whether he will make a statement on the matter? Falls away. The Department is not in possession of the report referred to.

The following members were appointed: 1. John Busakwe as Chairperson 2. Hamilton Vuso as Vice Chairperson 3. Hester Pullen as Secretary 4. Elthia Kievits as Assistant Secretary 5. Mary Ngene as Treasurer b Membership verification has been done and the verification report was discussed at the meeting of 25 November Mbabama, Ms TM to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Whether the Gwatyu Communal Property Association CPA has been established since his undertaking to set up a ministerial task team to look into the establishment of the CPA in ; if not, a why not, b by what date will the CPA be established and c what action will he take against the task team for failure to fulfil its mandate; if so, what are the relevant details?

Reply: No. The CPA has not been registered yet. Mbabama, Ms TM to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform What is the total number of farms that make up the Gwatyu Farms situated in the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape; 2 whether land claims have been lodged for any of the specified farms; if so, a what number of land claims have been i received and ii finalised, b what number of title deeds of the finalised claims have been handed over and c what are the reasons that the outstanding land claims have not been finalised?

Yes a i Four land claims lodged. Claims lodged by R. Qengqeleka and N. Bhangazile on behalf of Bolotwa Community N. Bhangazile lodged a claim on behalf of Qineni which is part of Bolotwa. Papiyana Family claim Gwatyu Community lodged by Chief Gungubele ii None have been finalised b None c Bolotwa Community claim research report has been approved; currently mapping exercise is in progress.

Papiyana Family claim has been researched. Gwatyu Community on the research stage. Hugo, Mr RT to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform a By which date will the i agri-park project in the Central Karoo start and ii agri-hub be built and b what support is given to the mayor of Central Karoo as champion of the project; 2 what number of agri-parks are operational in the Western Cape; 3 what number of small farmers have benefited from the specified projects thus far?

It is envisaged that ewes and 20 rams will be housed on this farm. Remainder of Portion 4 of Farm No. An Environmental Impact Assessment of the property is currently underway. A further 45 were recruited during and will be starting their college training in January These youth will receive accredited training at NQF levels 3 and 4 and after the completion of these learnerships will find themselves placed in the FPSU sites and Agri-hub.

Robertson, Mr K to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform 1 What number of employees of i his department, ii each provincial Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and iii each entity reporting to him are currently on suspension, b what are the reasons for the suspensions in each case, c what amount has been paid to each suspended employee for the period of suspension and d for what length of time has each specified employee been on suspension; 2 What number of employment contracts of employees of a his department, b each provincial Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and c each entity reporting to him were terminated due to them being found guilty of corruption since 1 April ?

NWE Show reply. Eastern Cape Possible interference with the investigations and witnesses R72 Eastern Cape Possible interference with the investigations and witnesses R68 Eastern Cape Possible interference with the investigations and witnesses R Eastern Cape Possible interference with the investigation and witnesses R Eastern Cape Possible interference with the investigation and witnesses R1 Limpopo Possible interference with the investigations and witnesses R17 Limpopo Possible interference with the investigations and witnesses R25 Deeds Possible interference with the investigation and witnesses R KZN Pending disciplinary hearing relating to irregularities in discharge of duties R Matsepe, Mr CD to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform In view of the fact that in the farm Rietkloof Maleoskop JS was restituted to the Bakgaga Ba Kopa traditional authority, on what date will his department establish a communal property association in order to complete the restitution process?

Please refer to the table below. Financial Year Employees g ranted permission 38 21 10 2 No. The matter has since been referred to NDPW for comment as the property belongs to them. Robertson, Mr K to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform What is the total number of a claims that have been lodged for the restitution of state-owned land i prior to 31 December and ii since 1 January , b hectares of land that has been claimed in each case, c claims that have been finalised in each case, d claimants who have received land after their claims were finalised and e hectares of land that has been transferred to the claimants in each case; 2 what is the total number of claimants who lodged claims for the restitution of state-owned land who a took the payment alternative and b opted for the alternative state-owned land option in each case; 3 a what is the total number of claimants who opted for the alternative state-owned land option who that are still on the waiting list to receive land and b which departments are responsible for the allocation of alternative state-owned land in each case?

Put in abeyance, pending the categorisation. Marais, Mr EJ to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform a What is the total number of supplier invoices that currently remain unpaid by i his department and ii each entity reporting to him for more than aa 30 days, bb 60 days, cc 90 days and dd days and b what is the total amount outstanding in each case? Reply: a i , ii , aa , bb , cc , dd , b Please refer to the table below.

Purdon, Mr RK to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform a What is the current status of the outstanding land claims lodged for the i Tamboekiesvlei Farm , Portions 1 to 16 and ii Tamboekiesvlei Farm , Portions 1 to 3, in the Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape, b what number of i individuals and ii families staked claims in each case and c have the specified claimants chosen restoration or financial compensation in each case; 2 whether any of the claimants were offered any financial compensation; if not, why not; if so, what amount in each case; 3 whether the Amathole District Municipality has been involved in the land claims process; if so, what are the relevant details; 4 by which date will the land claims process be finalised in each case?

Claimants opted for land restoration 3. Dlamini, Mr MM to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform a What total number of farms did the State purchase under the restitution programme since 1 January , b what is the i name and ii location of each specified farm, c at what cost was each farm purchased and d what number of the specified farms have been transferred to the beneficiaries?

Phillippus Andreas Oosthuizen R 8 This is due to UK financial service firms losing access to existing passporting facilities to the EU market under this scenario. With this in mind, it is likely that many EU and overseas financial service providers will become increasingly wary of operating in the UK. Card surcharging is another area that is set to change. In a no-deal scenario, the. Such cross-border payments will no longer be covered by the surcharging ban — which prevents businesses from being able to charge customers for using a specific payment method.

Customers in the UK may see these charges come into force immediately when purchasing items from the EU, with American Express being a key example of an issuer who is already not covered by these EU regulations. Payment providers and their UK clients will no longer benefit from the scheme when processing payments between the UK and the EU. Remaining in the EEA 2. Having no legal alignment that is, no-deal 3. Many UK banks, eMoney, and payment institutions are already striving to find financial solutions that can support them in continuing to operate across borders.

How can UK payments firms prepare To mitigate the uncertainty of what will be post-Brexit, many UK banking and cross-border payment providers are already establishing EU-based subsidiaries with offices and infrastructure within the EU. This is both time and capital intensive, in turn impacting profit margins. In fact, research from EY shows that 56 percent of banks, investment banks,.

Another simpler and faster way to enable cross-border payment services is to partner with an EU-based financial institution that provides the means to continue operating under EEA regulations. Working with this kind of regulated partner, that is compliant with the EEA regulatory framework, will ensure UK financial institutions can continue to offer financial services to its customers operating in European markets. The new generation of ApplicationProgramming-Interface protocols APIs could be the solution to connecting payment services between the UK and European financial institutions.

APIs can provide UK-based financial institutions with the facilities needed to make. All of this is possible due to our platform being asset and payment channel agnostic and the fact the business has an API-first approach. With cross-border payments and APIs becoming a must to maintain continuity in service, PSPs that build their financial services on a flexible BaaS platform will be better placed to attract customers on both sides of the Channel.

Another advantage of this API-driven technology is the greater levels of simplicity, transparency and automation it offers. These qualities are particularly important for cross-border payments from the UK to the European mainland and will be key to. This is because customers are facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty with regard to Brexit, and require the reassurance that the solutions they are using are going to be effective and reliable.

Whatever the outcome though, businesses need to start putting procedures and solutions in place to futureproof themselves now. Above all, ensuring smooth, friction-less cross-border transactions must be a key focus for all businesses — particularly those in banking and payments. Without this, the UK financial services sector will be left behind, with significant, longlasting negative consequences for the UK economy as a whole.

Taking all of this into account, organisations need to ensure they have the right payment support in place, offering solutions designed to power seamless and transparent cross-border payments efficiently. Global Business outlook awards aim to recognize and reward business excellence across all sectors, private and public.

These awards are open to companies regardless of their size and individuals, based anywhere in the world, entries are invited from those that feel they have performed exceptionally well than their competitors to create a business edge and market recognition. It will be installed in the Saemangeum Seawall Dyke, the longest man-made dyke, situated on the southwest coast of the Korean Peninsula.

The report showed that installed renewable capacity in Brazil increased from 2. Its first stage is expected to be completed in with a target capacity of 1. The government of South Korea explained that its floating solar project will provide tremendous opportunities in the renewable industry. According to the statement, the project is estimated to supply electricity to roughly 1 million households. Last year, hydropower accounted for the majority of installed renewable capacity in the country.

Significant government support coupled with rich untapped hydropower generation will result in substantial increase in capacity, according to GlobalData analysts. Last year, hydropower in Brazil accounted for However, unforeseen circumstances such as draught or less water in dam reservoirs might result in power shortages. So, the countryhas a requirement to focus on renewable capacity. That said, Brazil is slowly achieving a balanced energy mix. The country is preparing to boost its non-hydro renewable power capacity by In fact, the use of hydropower capacity is expected to diminish in the long term and will be replaced with increased renewable power capacity.

End of last year, South Korea announced its plan to build a 4GW solar and wind energy complex in Gunsan. The compex will be situated along the west coast of Jeollabuk-do Province — and power generated from it will be equal to the energy generated by four nuclear generators. The number is likely to increase to 17 percent by if its fossil fuel exports are taken into account. According to a research commissioned by the Australian Conversation Foundation, the country may soon become one of the worst contributors to a climate emergency.

Gavan McFadzean from the Australian Conversation Foundation said that currently, Australia is the number one exporter of both coal and gas. But the country plans to change the status in the next 10 years. Australia is currently responsible for nearly 30 percent of coal and more than The Australian government has decided to open the Galilee coal basin in central Queensland, starting with the longstalled Adani Carmichael mine. Six mining proposals in the Galilee have already been approved, but construction is yet to begin.

Australian energy minister Angus Taylor seeks credit for the role the booming LNG industry is playing. However, experts say there is little or no evidence to prove his claims. According to scientists, meeting the Paris goals will require fossil fuel emissions to peak soon, and then decline rapidly. Spain plans to increase the usage of solar and wind energy, at the same time reduce its dependency on nuclear and coal-fired power stations. However, there is a growing fear among the authorities that a speculative rush threatens to hold back the development of renewable energy in the country.

They worry that coveted rights to connect to the national power grid are being secured with an aim of selling them at a profit. In a bid to phase out nuclear and coal powered plants, authorities are creating incentives for investors to pounce on the rights to a limited number of grid connection points. Investors can now secure a permit by making a financial deposit.

While regulator and the industry have called for a legislative crackdown, but due to the political instability in the country, any actions with regard to this is yet to take place. According to Secretary of State for Energy Jose Dominguez Abascal, the way to regulate this is to oblige people who have requested a permit to meet certain milestones, make progress in specified time-frames, so that no one can keep a permit in a drawer, to resale it at a higher price.

The regulators suspect permits are acquired with the sole purpose of reselling them at a profit. However, various calls for laws to regulate the process are still to be heard. Another problem faced by Spain is soaring prices. It has resulted due to the increasing demand. According to Tomas Garcia, managing director at BayWa, there are very few projects that are truly at the ready-to-build stage and there is a great deal of appetite for them, so prices have increased significantly.

The next-generation mobile network technology is set to take over in the next couple of years in UK. However, it brings its own set of problems along with it. With the introduction of 5G, billions of new devices are expected to go online. So the big fundamental question is, how will these new devices be powered, given the UK seeks to achieve the target of net-zero emissions by ?

Compared to 4G, 5G infrastructure will consume a whole lot more power. Since 5G uses higher frequencies, cellular companies will need to install at least three times as many base stations to ensure the same. These base stations are also expected to consume nine-fold of the energy consumed by the 4G ones.

Telecom operators spend In a situation like this, the internet of things IoT might come to the rescue. It can be applied to reduce waste and improve efficiency for things such as energy use. To tackle the energy problem, currently, ultra-low-power sensors are also being innovated. Many startups are developing battery-free sensors which harvest energy from light, heat or vibrations around them. Said that, energy consumptions are not. The IoT devices are most likely to generate huge amount of data which are to be processed wirelessly through the 5G base stations and then stored at data stations, which themselves consume a substantial amount of energy.

But network providers in the UK claims the next generation technology will not be powered by energy generated from dirty sources such as coal. While many have adopted plans to reach net zero emissions by However, so far, only 2 percent of the global energy demands are being met by renewable energy sources.

A new report suggests oil and gas will continue to be the major source of energy production. The report estimates that by , 85 percent of the total energy produced will be with the use of oil and gas. Currently, the figure stands at 90 percent.

The report also predicts carbon emission will also increase. However, the growth will reflect only from onwards. If the predictions. By , energy demand in these economies is expected to increase by 25 percent. To meet the. Paris climate goals, carbon emissions has to be cut down to nearly half which is also a major challenge.

Despite the fall in prices for renewable energy, it is not easy to shift from dirty. Meeting energy demand from clean energy sources such as solar and wind would require huge changes to infrastructure. The energy supply system has to be upgraded from power storage systems to modernised grids. According to the report, installation of renewable energy this year slowed down when compared to last year. This can be attributed to subsidy cuts and policy changes. Brexit to likely impact UK Off-grid renewable energy energy policy to solve unemployment problem in Africa Off-grid renewable energy in Africa is not just solving its electricity problems, but also at the same time, it is tackling the country's high unemployment problem.

The UK government is likely to face delay in energy policy decision making until the Brexit uncertainty is resolved, observed ICIS analysis. Previously, the white paper was due to be released in summer or autumn. It appears that a no-deal Brexit on October 31 might impact the European energy market. The government has already advised operators and traders with EU ETS of what they must do next in order to prepare for Brexit. That said, businesses capitalising on energy intensive industry schemes should also comply with the requirements based on the government guidelines for those schemes.

Recently, the government launched plans for the proposed regulated asset base model developed for financing new nuclear power projects. The model is expected to develop 14GW of new nuclear capacity in the country using government financing to develop those projects. The UK government has emphasised on the fact that nuclear expansion should be an integral part of its future energy strategy.

With that, the government believes that a new scheme is necessary for financing nuclear power. A research report sponsored by a non-governmental organisation shows that Kenya and Nigeria's workforce in the renewable energy sector is comparable to traditional power grids and utilities in both the countries. Startups providing renewable energies in these two countries are also creating significant job opportunities for Kenyans as well as Nigerians.

Renewable energy companies in Kenya account for 10, jobs, whereas the traditional energy sector only employees more. In Nigeria the sector employs 4, in formal jobs compared to 10, employed across the utility sector. The renewable energy sector in African countries such as Nigeria and Kenya continue to blossom. These companies are also backed by millions of dollars in venture capital which highlights the potential of this sector. Reports suggest off-grid tech was the third highest funded startup sector in Africa last year.

The sector is only expected to grow which means renewable energy jobs are also projected to grow by 70 percent in Kenya and over percent in Nigeria over the next four years. Currently million people in Africa do not have access to electricity. Nigeria alone has 73 million of those while Ivory Coast has 12 million of them.

Until , Argentina was exporting power. However, that changed after. Its energy economy is still dominated by fossil fuels despite being an attractive market for renewable energy resources. Biomass and waste-to-energy have gone unnoticed for a long time in Argentina.

A robust body of research shows that six million tonnes of forestry waste each year in. Argentina could be used to generate electricity. The G20 Brown to Green report developed by experts from various research organisations and NGOs found that 82 percent of energy from G20 economies is driven by coal, gas and oil.

Why Argentina? That said, Argentine Solar Energy Atlas reported that more than half the country receives sunlight with an average of more than 3. In fact, these north-western regions being sparsely populated would be optimal for large-scale utility provided that they are supported with robust transmission systems. The combined wind and solar resources can create transformative. The Argentine government is realising swiftly that the country can be on the leading edge of the world's most promising markets only if its potential is leveraged correctly.

To that end, state governments are creating new policies that can benefit net metering. The government in introduced Law No. Also, the government in launched a renewable energy bidding programme called RenovAR, with a. The programme is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a total of The Law No.

The World Bank and the IFC have closely worked to establish a link between the government and the private sector — a critical move to create a market for investment opportunities and new renewable energy projects. The IFC has built documentation to set up the. The FODER facilitates individuals and legal entities which have issued projects to submit claims directly in select cases and receive payments from the World Bank. Long-term project loans, loan guarantees, interest rate subsidies and equity contributions are all made possible with the help of FODER — which also acts as a payment guarantee for termination payments and tendered power purchase agreements PPAs.

This project, La Genoveva, sponsored by Central Puerto is expected to commence operations by May After completion, the project will provide gigawatthours of electricity each year into the national grid, while simultaneously. Jujuy, a province in Argentina is where China has marked its next move.

The project will be backed by robust Chinese technology and financing, also making it one of the largest solar plants in the world. The local government through a green bond will take over the remaining cost of the project. After completion, the project is expected to comprise 1.

The RenovAR programme has made it possible for both China and Argentina to make advancements in their existing cooperation. The country has tremendous potential in wind and solar power — despite which it is lagging behind other Latin American countries. With the Chinese-backed project, Argentina can slash both energy costs — and carbon emissions costs by nearly , tonnes — to near its 20 percent clean energy target by The country for the first time in the last decade is no longer accountable for credit defaults.

The Macri government has even lifted currency control regime previously introduced by the last administration. But the trend is changing and it is changing fast. Over the years, China has continued to invest in Africa, but its investments were exclusive to mega-mining projects of minerals such as coal and uranium and infrastructure projects such as building railroads, bridges, and expressways.

But recently, China has pledged to invest in small or medium-scale energy projects in the renewable energy sector in Africa. But why the sudden change of strategy? While changing its international reputation as the worst contributor to climate change is a major factor, other factors such as energy security, climate change.

African nations will be politically indebted to China which they could use as leverage to fulfil their global ambitions. Investment in its hydropower projects, as well as the renewable energy sector provides a great scope for the economic development of African nations. It alternatively helps the African nations fight issues such as lack of energy growth and unemployment.

Over the years, the country has relied on its traditional energy sector to meet its energy needs. The continent as a. By improving its energy generation capacity through renewable energy, Africa can increase its electrification rates and reduce unemployment, which are often seen as traits for economic development. Currently, Africa meets more than 70 percent of its energy needs through energy produced form dirty sources such as coal and fossil fuels. With the development of the renewable energy sector, Africa can cut down on its dependency on these sources and at the same time reduce its carbon emission.

Venture capital from all around the globe are pouring investments into African startups focused on turbocharging the African renewable energy sector. Similarly, in Nigeria, the renewable energy sector has created around informal jobs. Figures such as these help understand the potential the renewable energy sector in Africa possesses. With the continents energy demands likely to. China's unquestionable leadership Despite being the biggest producer of greenhouse gases, China is set to establish itself as a superpower when it comes to renewable energy.

China is also leading the way in term of technology when it comes to renewable energy. As of , China has registered around , patents which amount to 29 percent of the global total. These figures are a clear indication of the huge amount of investments each country is putting in for developing the renewable energy sector.

According to reports, global production in stood at 5,, GWh. European countries combined. China also outperformed all other countries when it comes to solar energy production as well as deriving energy from renewable municipal waste. When it comes to bioenergy production, China ranks only second to Germany. Between and , China doubled its production of energy from renewable sources. Unlike traditional sources such as coal or fossil fuels, renewable energy sources are available around the globe and are also easily accessible.

While most countries have the potential to develop clean energy from solar power, many European countries also have the potential to generate wind energy. This means many countries can fulfill their energy needs by generating energy in house and reduce import. China understood this, and with its billion dollar investments has become a global leader when it comes to renewable energy. With a focus now on Africa, China will soon bolster its position as a renewable energy superpower. China and Africa have collaborated on numerous energy projects over the years, apart from the current focus on renewable energy.

Many African countries are seeking clean energy to boost their economic development and China has forwarded a helping hand. According to reports, out of power projects in Africa, 63 of them are being overseen by Chinese contractors. While these projects are expected to deliver Chinese contractors are involved in 52 percent of the hydropower projects in Africa, followed by Chinese funds are also being used to develop infrastructure, for the construction of highways, railways, develop ports, airports as well as power stations.

While Chinese contractors prefer hydropower projects, the shortage of energy in Africa has created demands for the construction of new hydropower projects. With support from its government, Chinese contractors are jumping into the fray.

China helped Ethiopia, the East African country plan, design and construct its flagship Hawassa Industrial Park by applying its latest technology to treat and recycle about 90 percent of its water usage. The country dubbed the project as a model for economic and environmental sustainability. The Chinese government is to. Ethiopia also aims to increase its electrification coverage to percent by To make sure it fulfils its ambition, the country has increased its cooperation with China.

Together with the newly constructed Isimba Hydropower Plant, the projects will help Uganda solve its power shortage problems and also lead to economic development. A Chinese renewable energy company has also completed the construction of three solar power stations at the Benban Solar Energy Park in Egypt's southern province of Aswan.

Once completed, Benban will be the largest solar installation in the world. At MW, it is the world's largest concentrated solar power plant. The more than 6, acre facility is a landmark in the renewable energy sector. The solar plant is estimated to be the size. Costantinos Bt. Costantinos who served as an economic advisor to the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa told the media that, "African countries should invest more and find more partners on the energy sector, in which the development of renewable energy is far more sustainable while at the same time affordable given the abundant resources found on the continent.

With projects of such magnitude and intensity underway, it will lead to the economic development of both the parties. And in the coming future, the collaboration of the two parties when it comes to renewable energy is likely to increase. According to reports, the amount has almost tripled by Countries such as Nigeria and Kenya were the recipient of the majority of this share. While the two developing African nations received around 40 percent of the total Chinese investment in Africa, other seventeen countries have benefitted including Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

But why has China been so generous to Africa over the years? China also sees potential in the renewable energy sector in Africa which is mostly untapped in most parts of the continent. Developing and tapping into these unexplored sources could prove pivotal for both China and Africa. As the renewable energy sector in Africa could lead the continent to economic development, sustainability and growth and China want to be a part of it. Africa is also a market for natural resources dear to China such as minerals, rare metals, and so on.

Also, for the Chinese multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative to be a success, globalisation of the Renminbi as a reserve currency is vital. However, some experts are not convinced. Also, by accepting these investments, the African nations are becoming politically indebted to China. Experts believe the Renminbi could increase efficiency and reduce risk and cost of trade within Africa as well as with China.

However, China is not pushing for the globalisation as expected as it waits for the Renminbi evolve naturally. In the present scenario, some African nations are using Renminbi to pay for Chinese products but not to a great extent.

The most consequential investments are undertaken by stateowned companies, not by Chinese private capital. They tend to focus on infrastructures like highways, ports, and dams, and on public networks like the electrical grid. It creates a form of leverage that China can use to force these countries to support Chinese ambitions globally. In some cases, such as the Angolan oil sector or Congolese rare earth mining, Chinese investment helps to lock-in supply relationships with essential commodities.

Belt and Road Initiative is an ambitious programme to connect Asia with Africa, Europe and the two American continents via land and maritime networks along six corridors with the aim of improving trade and economic growth. With the establishment of the Renminbi as a new reserve currency, China aims to end the monopoly of one reserve currency. What is happening on the ground? While China continues to invest billions in the renewable energy sector especially in China, many doubt if the country is doing enough to meet its own vision of South-South climate cooperation.

Despite its investments in the renewable energy sector, China also continues to invest heavily in traditional energy sources. Some experts also argue that China efforts are very minimal when it comes to climate change and sometimes contradictory to its actions. Another report also found that 72 percent of Chinese investments in Africa between and were for the development of oil and gas, followed by coal-fired power and large hydropower projects.

Almost every third coal-fired power plants built in this decade up to were developed with Chinese investments. As the renewable energy sector develops in Africa over the years, the continent will be able to meet its energy needs through these renewable sources and reduce its dependency on unsustainable sources. China has the ability to change the face of the energy sector in Africa and it will be interesting to see what direction the African renewable energy sector takes and to what extent it develops.

During the period from to , the investments from these banks were primarily to hydropower, oil, and coal. However, investments in the renewable energy sector are on the rise. Centum Real Estate is the real estate arm of Centum.

Gerhard Zeelie, Nedbank CIB Africa divisional executive for property finance told a local media report that Nedbank is working on five deals with Centum. Those deals include developments in both Kenya and Nigeria. The Two Rivers has moved to the second phase of development which will comprise additional projects on the land owned by Centum in Nairobi.

The funds raised from the deal will be used for financing the ongoing real estate projects by Centum. Those projects in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are slated for completion between and Centum Real Estate is developing 3, residential units across three sites, Of those sites, the first phase of 1, units is under construction. The company said that they have. Centum is a publicly owned investment company headquartered in Nairobi.

The country will have , additional affordable housing units constructed in line with the Big Four agenda. Two Qatari companies are expected to construct , houses while Chinese companies will construct the remaining , units. The reason for developing those housing units is because 61 percent of urban households in the country live in difficult settlements.

Of that, 70 percent to 80 percent are rental units. Not only other cities in Africa, it also topped other global cities including Beijing, Shangai, Kuala Lumpur, and Mumbai. The research took into account factors such as costs of living, labour and materials, quality and complexity of projects under construction and also the currency rate.

Access to finance, and over-supply in terms of commercial properties, offices as well as retail has also become problematic for the developers. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta in May announced that his government is working hard to make construction inexpensive. In a bid to deliver affordable houses to Kenyans, authorities are working to find a solution.

With many properties. An analysis of the third quarter of suggested that real estate grew by 5. The cost of living in Nairobi has also surged significantly over the years. It means the disposable income of the people which would normally be invested in real estate is now being used elsewhere. The residency golden visa has been granted to the investors and their respective families.

Every beneficiary had invested Dh5 million or more in Dubai real estate. The main requirement for obtaining the golden visa without an agent is that investors must invest in at least one or more existing properties. Now, investors can stay for longer in the emirate and sponsor visas for dependent family members as well.

Real estate has been an economic driver for the emirate. The total real estate investment in Dubai reached Dh million. This is because of the upcoming or recently completed projects in the city with a record number of 20, residential units. Those residential units comprise 14, apartments, 1, serviced apartments and 4, villas and townhouses. That said, rents and sales prices are also expected to decline in the city.

Average price for an apartment declined EuroCore invests in real estate through primarily defensive core strategies in major metropolitan markets in Europe with a focus on Germany and France. According to Raimondo Amabile, head of Europe for PGIM Real Estate, Europe continues to offer an attractive set of investment opportunities — particularly low-vacancy office markets and logistics that offer further near-term growth potential, as well as residential markets that can generate growth alongside downside protection.

Thomas Kallenbrunnen, senior portfolio manager for PGIM Real Estate's European core strategy told the media that, "By consistently applying our transparent and defensive global investment philosophy to the European market, we aim for long-term outperformance with low volatility and cash flow diversification. The properties include bulk distribution facilities which are as large as 1.

It is spread across nine markets and five states. Investment declined by 36 percent when compared to the same period of the previous year. This has led to a decline in share value of realtors such as Land Securities and British Land. Their shares have fallen by 8 percent and 11 percent since the end of the first quarter.

Mark Stansfield, head of UK analytics at CoStar told the media, Brexit uncertainty is dampening trading, causing some inertia in the market. With lesser investments, the number of deals signed has fallen to the lowest level since the first quarter of , so churn across the whole market has slowed. Uncertainty has really ramped up in the past four or five months. Investors from Asian economies such as China have started to sell their offices in the UK, especially London.

But such activities declined tremendously over the last year and a half with restrictions on cash outflows. However, alternative real estate assets like student housing and healthcare have outperformed the commercial property investment market so far this year, in terms of transaction volume. But according to Mark Stansfield, it is still a very difficult time for retail. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Gulf Properties will play an advisory role and assist the investment firm in identifying, acquiring as well as financing the properties.

According to the group, the deal will be financed through Islamic bonds. He is also the co-founder of The Gallery Suites Vacation Rentals, a worldwide rental management firm that specialises in services to property investors and home owners. For the Muslim traveller, providing Shariah-compliant vacation homes with standardised Qibla direction and prayer mats in each of our apartments will enhance our offerings in this sector. As of , 10, holiday homes were listed in Dubai out of which 61 percent were entire homes or apartments, 31 percent were private rooms and the remaining 8 percent were shared rooms.

IBC Group forecasts strong opportunities for growth in the short-term Dubai accommodation market with Expo just around the corner. The mega event attracts around 25 million visitors from all around the world. According to Khurram Shroff, the deal will ensure that the highest possible standards. IBC Group has been operating in Dubai since with a focus on private equity investment in real estate, arts and future technologies.

Together, they plan to tokenise real estate assets in the UAE and Portugal. This comes at a time when Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers are exploring opportunities in the country.

Chinese Ambassador Su Jian is working to strengthen bilateral relations between China and Mozambique. ITC noted that sector-related civil servants, the. Mozambique will outline a roadmap will target new investors while continuing to maintain a relationship with the existing ones in the sector. In the last decade, Chinese investors have replaced the traditional ones like Portugal and South Africa in the country.

With that, the Mozambican government has planned to capitalise on the opportunity by attracting a considerable portion of Chinese investments. Vietnam at present stands where China was a decade ago, especially with the trade war looming. In , Vietnam opened its property market to foreign investors, a long time after Thailand and Malaysia did. It was during that period when the Housing Law came into effect easing foreign housing ownership in the country. The law allows developers to sell 30 percent of the units in each.

Despite this late implementation, demand from Chinese buyers for Vietnam properties in the first quarter of was percent higher than the first quarter of Even though Malaysia and Thailand still beat it on the basis of preference — the property demand in Vietnam is growing remarkably which suggests that it could. This is quite likely to take place as investors overseas, mostly from mainland China and Hong Kong are scouting for more affordable property markets in the region — and Vietnam seems to be a good fit despite its soaring prices.

The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is surging as developers are raising the bar with new luxury projects. The Feliz en Vista is another masterpiece example that boasts high standards of comfort in the city. Locals outnumbered A measly 23 percent of locals who purchased homes in Vietnam last year were outnumbered by mainland buyers and residents from Hong Kong and South Korea, observed the CBRE report. Interest amid foreign buyers in Ho Chi Minh properties is growing tremendously despite the fact that they have no access to Vietnamese bank home loans.

To those foreign investors, home prices in Vietnam are affordable compared with properties in Hong Kong and the mainland. And as it seems buyers with assets overseas can easily purchase a , yuan home in Vietnam, while it is hard for them to buy a home worth 5 million yuan in Australia or the US.

In , a local developer Dai Quang Minh constructed a residential complex in Thu Thiem, with a selling rate between. Another reason Vietnam is relatively a popular choice as an investment destination for buyers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the mainland seeking premium properties because of what the market has to offer.

Developers are taking note of the fact that the Vietnamese have an affinity for investing in real estate. Wealth in the country is rapidly increasing with the middle and affluent class expected to double by Home ownership rates in the country have risen above 90 percent, making it one of the highest in the world.

In this context, its property pricing will continue to remain attractive for foreign buyers and investors exploring the Vietnamese market. The Middle East is an emerging market for cloud providers and a perfect fit for Amazon Web Services as it seeks to expand its global footprints. With this new expansion, Amazon expects to help Middle Eastern companies to digitally transform with the help of its cloud services.

The company announced its plans to launch in Bahrain in Each availability zones have its independent power, cooling and physical security, and is connected through redundant, ultra-low-latency networks. He told the media that, "Today, we are launching advanced and secure technology infrastructure that matches the scale of our other AWS Regions around the world and are already seeing strong demand in the Middle East for AWS technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, data analytics, IoT, and much more.

Amazon Web Services also launched a new AWS Direct Connect location in Bahrain which enables its customers to establish a direct private network connection between Amazon Web Services and their data centers, offices, or colocation environment. The company has also reaffirmed its role in smart city infrastructure development in Africa.

It is noteworthy that South Africa and Nigeria are not the only countries to show interest to work with Huawei. According to Zheng Zhibin, president of Huawei, his company is committed to become a smart city enabler and promoter by providing a city nervous system. To roll out new technologies such as 5G networks, Africa does not have the infrastructure, expertise or requisite technologies.

However, there were reports that many companies in Europe and Asia were suspending orders placed for Huawei products. In a statement, the company said, "Recently, many of our partners have chosen to stick with us and weather this storm together. We are immensely grateful for this.

Moving forward, Huawei will continue working with our partners to protect the interests of our customers and consumers around the globe, maintain order in the market, and ensure the healthy development of our industry. In May , the company said that a ban from doing business in the US does not impact its relation as well as business in other markets such as Africa, Europe.

Alibaba is also looking to expand itself in the Islamic banking industry to deploy its data analytics services and empower financial institutions. According to Alibaba Cloud Malaysia and Thailand GM Kenny Tan, his firm is in talks with several local financial institutions to deploy its predictive analytics programme after securing a partnership with Bank Muamalat Malaysia. He also noted that Alibaba is also reviewing other banks in Malaysia to collaborate and provide its data analytics services.

Alibaba said its fintech will help the bank better understand its customers, especially the small and medium sized firms. Alibaba also plans to expand its data centre in Malaysia. It will focus on human capital and the training and development of its workforce. She also revealed that the company will continue to invest more in its resources in Malaysia, particularly in the training courses.

In terms of physical expansion, she said Alibaba has plans in the pipeline but it will depend on its business growth in Malaysia. Also, Intel employees will join Apple. Apple will have access to nearly 17, patents ranging from protocols for cellular standards to modem architecture and modem operation. However, Intel will continue to develop modems for non-smartphone applications. The transaction, which is subjected to regulatory approval, is expected to be completed in the second quarter of According to Intel CEO Bob Swan, the agreement enables Intel to focus on developing technology for the 5G network while retaining critical intellectual property and modem technology that its team has created.

Johny Srouji, Apple's senior vice president of Hardware Technologies told the media that, "They, together with our significant acquisition of innovative IP, will help expedite our development on future products and allow Apple to further differentiate moving forward.

Qualcomm has recently ended a legal battle with Apple which lasted for years. This also comes as a bad news for Intel. This could force Intel to sell. Disney to 'emerge Microsoft, First Solar victorious in streaming war to develop sustainable against Netflix' Arizona data centre. Microsoft intends to make these date centre campuses the most sustainably designed and operated in the world.

But one analyst has gone and done exactly that. This implies that Disney's projected 20 million to 30 million US subscriptions by will mostly come from Netflix's 60 million US subscribers. A study by data analysis firm Mindnet Analytics found that only 2.

It is also very unlikely that Disney will gain at the expense of Netflix as many customers prefer to have multiple options. Netflix, which has global subscribers, however would have to reconsider its strategy to hike prices. With Disney announcing the new bundle prices, to stay competitive, Netflix would have to follow suit or come up with a better offer. Microsoft has chosen Arizona to develop its data centre campuses because of the increasing demand for cloud and internet services in the region and across the country.

According to Brian Janous, General Manager, Energy and Sustainability at Microsoft, Arizona has been increasingly embracing the technology industry with a pool of growing talent, affordable quality of life for employees, and as many as sunny days a year making it an ideal location for investing in solar power. Microsoft also plans to run a zero waste-certified operation in the data centre campuses thus reducing wastage by 90 percent by committing to reuse and recycling processes.

Microsoft also expects these data centre campuses to create numerous jobs across the region. It has launched in Singapore with the motive to support Chinese companies operating globally as well as local businesses. Initially, the Baidu AI cloud will provide computing, storage, networking, security, database, and system management services. The company also revealed that it will add to the list in the near future to offer the best available services to its customer.

Baidu's cloud services are available for various industries such as online gaming, finance, and Internet services in Singapore. According to the Nasdaq-listed company, Singapore has seen a huge surge in demand for cloud computing services. During the first quarter of the year, Baidu was the fourthlargest cloud infrastructure service provider in China in terms. Earlier this year, Huawei also launched its cloud services in Singapore. Companies such as Alibaba, Tencent and Amazon Web Services have already established their businesses in the city.

In China, Baidu has earned the reputation of the fastest cloud service provider despite having a comparatively smaller cloud services operation. It has also established itself as one of the top players in China over the years. While its services are currently available in the Asia-Pacific region, the company has plans to expand to serve customers globally.

The recent development can be attributed to the ongoing US-China trade war. The project, which was announced by Foxconn in , was dubbed as the largest single investment ever in the city of Guangzhou, China. The plant was announced after the Asian market saw a surge in the demand for large screen TVs and monitors. The Japanese company will take the help of a bank to find a buyer for its production unit in Guangzhou.

The plant was being run by a joint venture between the Guangzhou government and Japan's Sakai Display Products, an advanced panel factory owned by Foxconn founder Terry Gou. Discussions, however, are still in the initial stage and Foxconn.

Foxconn is also not being helped by the escalating trade war between the US and China. A decision to sale would be properly reviewed by Foxconn because of its huge investments in the country. Foxconn revealed that it would shift its production unit to Vietnam to make flat screens and other electronic devices. In May, Facebook registered Libra Networks in Geneva, Switzerland, where the regulatory environment is conducive for cryptocurrency projects. Once it is launched, the new digital currency will be accessible to anyone with a basic smartphone and data connectivity.

Libra is scalable, secure and fast. Facebook claims its low volatility and swift financial services could reduce poverty rates around the world — and this is how Facebook has positioned. Libra to distinguish it from the already existing cryptocurrencies in the world. For users, Libra coin is described to be a currency with an intrinsic value which will help them to sell it without being affected by the speculative value fluctuations triggered by other cryptocurrencies.

Unlike bitcoin and ether, each Libra coin will be backed with a set of low volatility assets such as bank deposits and government-backed currencies from reliable central banks. Although each Libra coin will be linked to a collection of fiat currencies, the Libra Reserve is designed in a way that it can mitigate massive value fluctuations, especially if they are spiralling downward.

Libra Reserve will be braced by a body of exchanges for buying and selling Libras. Facebook is capitalising on the possibility that 1. On an average, it cost 7 percent to transfer money internationally. So, the idea is to allow Facebook to drive its ambitious goal on financial inclusion and disrupt Libra in the cryptocurrency market — where one day it will rival the greenback.

For that, Libra will have to earn global trust to match the US dollar in its utility. Its unique selling point is that transferring money to a friend or making a payment will be as effortless as sending a Facebook message.

Next year, Facebook will launch a subsidiary called Calibra in a hope that it can address global. Calibra will introduce an exclusive digital wallet for Libra powered by blockchain technology. In practice, Libra is both centralised and decentralised.

Because the digital currency is backed by blockchain, it is decentralised ensuring security and transparency across multiple users. Libra is also centralised as it will be run and controlled by a robust body called the Libra Association. People can acquire Libras by. In turn, Calibra will transfer this money to the Libra Reserve — and the money will be used to buy other currency or lowrisk government bonds. People with Libras can use them online for e-commerce purposes.

Calibra will be available in messenger, whatsapp, and in a standalone app — independent of Facebook to protect user data privacy against third-parties. Regulators go hammer and tongs at Libra Despite that, Facebook and Libra are facing criticism from regulators, lawmakers and countries that are unwilling to introduce the digital currency in their financial markets.

Another concern was raised by Senator Sherrod Brown, the top Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, who said in a statement that it is not safe to allow Facebook to run Libra out of a Swiss bank without review. Facebook has set substantial precedents in exploiting billions of user data privacy which is hurting its current efforts to launch the digital currency, without being questioned.

FTC said that Facebook has violated the law by not protecting user data from third parties and providing a false statement that its facial recognition feature was turned off by default. The company is now forced to implement a privacy regime which necessitates it to conduct a review for every new launch. Those mandated reviews must be submitted to the CEO and a third-party assessor every quarter. Meanwhile, Walmart is working to issue a fiat-backed digital currency to provide an alternative offering to serve the unbanked.

There is a possibility that the digital currency might be linked to a national currency such as the US dollar so that funds can be included or removed easily. Facebook has not one but numerous battles to fight even before Libra is. Angela Walch, a research fellow at University College London told Quartz that there is only a slim chance for Libra to receive regulatory approvals within the near future of six to twelve months. Facebook will have to do its due diligence in setting the record straight regarding anti-money laundering, money transfer, security and data privacy — and learn a way to deal with financial regulations as they differ from region to region.

A government panel headed by Finance secretary Subhash Garg has already proposed a draft bill to ban cryptocurrencies in India. The panel has developed a report suggesting the creation of an official cryptocurrency which can replace other private digital currencies. The success rate of the currency will depend on how far it can convince the regulators and financial institutions worldwide to form a consortium.

Hong Kong is taking inspiration from the Libra project. For example, former governor. Those fears have been persistent for a long time. It was discovered that the Huawei-made servers at the headquarters were transferring classified information to unknown servers hosted in Shanghai every single night. But Huawei refuted to those claims on the website by stating that the infrastructure was highly vulnerable to malicious attacks. Huawei reached In fact, the two technology giants were reportedly co-developing a smart speaker which came to a halt in May.

The Huawei smart speaker powered by Google. Assistance would have been unveiled in September and sold in the US market. In China, Huawei is already operating without the Play Store as Google pulled out from the market in response to a series of Chinese-originated cyber attacks.

Its operating system under development is called Hongmeng OS and. More recently, the Trump administration has announced that the US federal agencies trading with Huawei will be barred from doing so in the future, citing national security concerns. Huawei started the year with ballooning sales as Apple plunged. It is still unclear whether Huawei is developing its operating system from the ground up or it would be based on the existing Android Open Source Project.

Developing an alternative operating system is strategic for the Chinese company but might not be robust enough for it to compete against the contemporary iOS-Android duopoly, Many of its components are sourced from US companies or other companies with direct association to those US suppliers. So Huawei using those parts, however, would be considered illegal. Revenues have increased by nearly a quarter during the first half of despite all efforts to derail its telecom and smartphone markets.

Recently, the company reported a


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