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Vostok nafta investment il 1040-es

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Nearly identical copies of the instrument will be installed as a public access permanent loan at the Gemini-N and WIYN telescopes. For Gemini, the instrument will be remotely operable from either the mid-level facility at Hale Pohaku or the remote operations base in Hilo.

On the feasibility of real-time mapping of the geoelectric field across North America. Love, Jeffrey J. A review is given of the present feasibility for accurately mapping geoelectric fields across North America in near-realtime by modeling geomagnetic monitoring and magnetotelluric survey data. Should this capability be successfully developed, it could inform utility companies of magnetic-storm interference on electric-power-grid systems. That real-time mapping of geoelectric fields is a challenge is reflective of 1 the spatiotemporal complexity of geomagnetic variation, especially during magnetic storms, 2 the sparse distribution of ground-based geomagnetic monitoring stations that report data in realtime, 3 the spatial complexity of three-dimensional solid-Earth impedance, and 4 the geographically incomplete state of continental-scale magnetotelluric surveys.

Monitoring patterns in local microseismicity gives clues to the existence and location of subsurface structures. In the context of a geothermal reservoir, subsurface structures often indicate areas of high permeability and are vitally important in understanding fluid flow within the geothermal resource. Detecting and locating microseismic events within an area of power generation, however, is often challenging due to high levels of noise associated with nearby power plant infrastructure.

In this situation, matched filter detection improves drastically upon standard earthquake detection techniques, specifically when events are likely induced by fluid injection and are therefore near-repeating. Using an earthquake catalog of events which occurred between 1 January and 18 November as our initial dataset, we implemented a matched filtering routine for the Mighty River Power MRP geothermal fields at Rotokawa and Ngatamariki, central North Island, New Zealand. We detected nearly 21, additional events across both geothermal fields , a roughly fold increase from the original catalog.

On average, each of the template events detected 45 additional events throughout the study period, with a maximum number of additional detections for a single template of Cumulative detection rates for all template events, in general, do not mimic large scale changes in injection rates within the fields , however we do see indications of an increase in detection rate associated with power plant shutdown at Ngatamariki. Locations of detected events follow established patterns of historic seismicity at both Ngatamariki and Rotokawa.

One large cluster of events persists in the southeastern portion of Rotokawa and is likely bounded to the northwest by a known fault dividing the injection and production sections of the field. Two distinct clusters of microseismicity occur in the North and South of Ngatamariki, the latter appearing to coincide with a structure dividing the. North south asymmetry in the photospheric and coronal magnetic fields observed by different instruments.

Several recent studies have shown that the solar and heliospheric magnetic fields are north -south asymmetric. The southward shift of the Heliospheric current sheet HCS the so-called bashful ballerina phenomenon is a persistent pattern, which occurs typically for about three years during the late declining phase of solar cycle. Multipole analysis of the photospheric magnetic field has shown that the bashful ballerina phenomenon is a consequence of g20 quadrupole term, which is oppositely signed to the dipole moment.

We find that, at least during the four recent solar cycles, the g20 reflects the larger magnitude of the southern polar field during a few years in the declining phase of the cycle. Although the overall magnetic activity during the full solar cycle is not very different in the two hemispheres, the temporal distribution of activity is different, contributing to the asymmetry.

The used data sets are in general in a good agreement with each other, but there are some significant deviations, especially in WSO data. Also, the data from Kitt Peak channel magnetograph is known to suffer from zero level errors. We also note that the lowest harmonic coefficients do not scale with the overall magnitude in photospheric synoptic magnetic maps. Scaling factors based on histogram techniques can be as large as 10 from Wilcox to HMI , but the corresponding difference in dipole strength is typically less than two.

This is because the polar field has a dominant contribution to the dipole and quadrupole components. This should be noted, e. This guide provides information on preparing students in grades for field trips and describes possible field trip sites in the northeastern, mid-eastern, and southeastern regions of North Carolina. North -south asymmetry of ultra-low-frequency oscillations of Earth's electromagnetic field.

In the paper, we present the result of an experimental study of north -south asymmetry of ultralow-frequency electromagnetic oscillations IPCL. This study is based on observations made at Mirny Observatory Antarctica. IPCLs are excited in the dayside sector of the auroral oval in the range min periods and represent one of the most powerful types of oscillations of Earth's magnetosphere.

We have shown that IPCL activity in Mirny depends on the inclination north -south asymmetry of interplanetary magnetic field IMF lines to the plane of the geomagnetic equator before the front of the magnetosphere. The result suggests a controlling exposure of IMF on the magnetospheric oscillations and gives rise to the hypothesis that IPCLs are forced oscillations of a nonlinear dynamical system whose major structural elements are dayside polar cusps.

The paper is dedicated to the memory of Professor V. Troitskaya Chandra has performed a 1. We describe the detected point and extended X-ray sources and discuss their overall multi-wavelength optical, infrared, submillimetre and radio properties.

Special attention is paid to the HDF-N X-ray sources, luminous infrared starburst galaxies, optically faint X-ray sources and high-to-extreme redshift active galactic nuclei. We also describe how stacking analyses have been used to probe the average X-ray-emission properties of normal and starburst galaxies at cosmologically interesting distances.

Finally, we discuss plans to extend the survey and argue that a Ms Chandra survey would lay key groundwork for future missions such as XEUS and Generation-X. List, Jeffrey H. A month-long field experiment focused on the nearshore hydrodynamics of Diamond Shoals adjacent to Cape Hatteras Point, North Carolina, was conducted in February The objectives of this multi-institutional experiment were to test hypotheses related to Diamond Shoals as a sink in the regional sediment budget and to provide data for evaluating numerical models.

The experiment included in-situ instrumentation for measuring waves and currents; a video camera system for measuring surface currents at a nearshore transect; a radar system for measuring regional surface currents over Diamond Shoals and the adjacent coast; a vehicle-based scanning lidar and radar system for mapping beach topography, nearshore wave breaking intensity, bathymetry through wave celerity inversion , and wave direction; and an amphibious vehicle system for surveying single-beam bathymetry.

Preliminary results from wave and current measurements suggest that shoal-building processes were active during the experiment. The effects of tropical cyclone characteristics on the surface wave fields in Australia's North West region. Analysis of historical wave data during TC events at a key location on the NWS showed that an average of 1. Results showed that the presence of strong background winds during a TC and a long TC lifetime with large variations in translation speed can provide additional energy input.

This potentially enhances the generated swell waves and increases the spatial extent of the TC generated surface wave fields. For the TC translation speeds in this study, a positive relationship between TC translation speed and the resulting maximum significant wave height and wave field asymmetry was observed. Bottom friction across the wide NWS limited the amount of wave energy reaching the coastal region; consistently reducing wave energy in depths below 50 m, and in the case of the most extreme conditions, in depths up to m that comprise much of the shelf.

Nevertheless, whitecapping was still the dominant dissipation mechanism on the broader shelf region. Shelf-scale refraction had little effect on the amount of wave energy reaching the nearshore zone; however, refraction locally enhanced or reduced wave energy depending on the orientation of the isobaths with respect to the dominant wave direction during the TC. Thordarson, T. The The eruption began on a 2 km long fissure that cut through the AD Holuhraun vent system, spreading lava onto the flat slope north margins of the flow field , reaching a maximum length of 6.

This flow surged out to a distance of 15km in 12 days vol. This signaled the end of this gradual clockwise widening of the flow field , which coincided with partial crusting over of the lava channel and initiation of insulated flows that were emplaced on top of the earlier formed flows for the reminder of the eruption. Facies remolding in allochthonous chalk packages, Ekofisk and Albuskjell fields , North Sea.

The Ekofish and Albuskjell fields in the Central Graben of the North Sea produce hydrocarbons from resedimented chalk reservoirs. Although the allochthonous nature of chalk in these fields has been recognized, the correlations of, and association between, allochthonous units has not been described. Core analysis of the Tor Formation Maastrichtian and the Ekofish Formation Danian reveals that slump deposits have been remolded into debris flows, ooze flows, and turbidites.

Packages of allochthonous sediment were deposited in slope and base-of-slope environments. Two kinds of allochthonous packages occur. The other package, m thick, contains three units: a basal debris flow, an intermediate slump, and an overlying turbidite. Deposition of each type of package probably resulted from a single triggering event.

Lateral changes in facies increased convolution and decreased clastic content and in type of deposit slump or debris flow to ooze flow within the packages resulted from differing degrees of deformation as the packages moved downslope. An increase in occurrence and angularity of chalk intraclasts, and in thickness of slump units from the Albuskjell field eastward to the Ekofisk field , suggest that the graben-bounding Hidra fault zone about 30 km away is the source of the allochthonous deposits.

Vertical changes in the type of allochthonous package from debris and ooze flows upward to slumps and turbidites reflect decreasing topographic relief along the fault escarpment as the graben filled. This model of vertical basin shallowing and lateral downslope facies changes allows correlation of allochthonous chalk units, which are excellent hydrocarbon reservoirs. Integration of outcrop and subsurface fracture data for reservoir modeling of the Natih field , north Oman. The field is being developed by gas-oil gravity drainage.

Fracture orientations, dimensions, and spacings are critical to predict the effectiveness of this process. Statistically representative fracture data from Cretaceous Natih outcrop analogs in North Oman, core data, and electrical borehole imagery provided a realistic input for Natih field reservoir modeling and simulation.

In the outcrops the fractures trend both cross-axially and longitudinally with dimensions and spacings varying with lithology, bed thickness, and curvature. Subsurface data from the Natih reservoirs indicate that open cross-axial subvertical northeast-southwest-trending fractures dominate and strongly influence the reservoir flow pattern, but longitudinal fractures could not be identified. This is in line with the orientation of the present day, principal horizontal in situ stress that preferentially keeps open the cross-axial fracture set.

Fracture apertures from borehole imagery have a range of 0. Combining outcrop and well data results in a Natih reservoir fracture model with open cross-axial fractures that have a lithology dependent spacing of 0. From these data fracture porosities are calculated for each gridblock in the model. Longitudinal fractures probably exist in the vicinity of faults and in the northern part of the field where rapid down-warping occurs.

Jansen, Rolf A. This is the only region in the sky where JWST can observe a clean extragalactic deep survey field free of bright foreground stars and with low Galactic foreground extinction AV at arbitrary cadence or at arbitrary orientation. This will crucially enable a wide range of new and exciting time-domain science, including high redshift transient searches and monitoring e.

We also classify each object as a star or galaxy through template spectral energy distribution fitting and complementary morphological parameterization, resulting in stars and , galaxies. The area is one of the most seismically active regions in eastern North America characterized by many earthquakes, which is also subject to an ongoing glacial isostatic adjustment.

We present the current three-dimensional velocity field of eastern North America obtained from more than 14 years 9 years on average of data at CGPS stations. The results show the counterclockwise rotation of the North American plate in the No-Net-Rotation model with the average of We also present an ongoing uplift model for the study region based on the present-day CGPS observations. The model shows uplift all over eastern Canada with the maximum rate of We compared our model with the rate of radial displacements from the ICE-5G model.

Both models agree within 0. The misfits between two models amount to the maximum relative subsidence of The intraplate horizontal velocities are radially outward from the centers of maximum uplift and are inward to the centers of maximum subsidence with the typical velocity of This is the only region in the sky where JWST can observe a clean extragalactic deep survey field of this size at arbitrary cadence or at arbitrary orientation. Ancillary data across the electromagnetic spectrum will exist for this field when JWST science operations commence in the second half of Vegetated dune morphodynamics during recent stabilization of the Mu Us dune field , north -central China.

The response of dune fields to changing environmental conditions can be better understood by investigating how changing vegetation cover affects dune morphodynamics. Significant increases in vegetation and widespread dune stabilization over the years are evident in high-resolution satellite imagery of the Mu Us dune field in north -central China, possibly a lagged response to changing wind strength and temperature since the s.

These trends provide an opportunity to study how dune morphology changes with increasing vegetation stabilization. Vegetation expansion occurs mainly by expansion of pre-existing patches in interdunes. As vegetation spreads from interdunes onto surrounding dunes, it modifies their shapes in competition with wind-driven sand movement, primarily in three ways: 1 vegetation anchoring horns of barchans transforms them to parabolic dunes; 2 vegetation colonizes stoss faces of barchan and transverse dunes, resulting in lower dune height and an elongated stoss face, with shortening of barchan horns; and 3 on transverse dunes, the lee face is fixed by plants that survive sand burial.

Along each of these pathways of stabilization, dune morphology tends to change from more barchanoid to more parabolic forms, but that transformation is not always completed before full stabilization. Artificial stabilization leads to an extreme case of "frozen" barchans or transverse dunes with original shapes preserved by rapid establishment of vegetation.

Observations in the Mu Us dune field emphasize the point that vegetation growth and aeolian sand transport not only respond to external factors such as climate but also interact with each other. For example, some barchans lose sand mass during vegetation fixation, and actually migrate faster as they become smaller, and vegetation growth on a barchan's lower stoss face may alter sand transport over the dune in a way that favors more rapid stabilization.

Conceptual models were generalized for the. The experiences of the men, women, and children who labored in the beet fields of the North Platte Valley changed significantly as the sugar beet industry went through a period of rapid expansion prior to and then reached a relatively stable plateau. During the period of expansion, laborers were attracted by promises of reasonable wages, good…. Advancing land-terminating ice margin in North Greenland - characteristics, evolution, and first field measurements.

While land-terminating ice cliffs are a feature commonly found and studied in other regions, detailed investigations in Greenland were only carried out more than six decades ago in the Thule area Red Rock, Northwest Greenland. These studies showed a continuous advance at one location over multiple years, while the local mass balance was reported negative. The purpose of our study is to revisit the location previously studied and extend the analysis to the complete Northern ice margin employing newly available high-resolution digital terrain models Arctic DEM.

First results show that the advance at Red Rock is indeed long-term, continuing unabated today at rates of up to several meter per year. Similar magnitudes were found for large other stretches along the ice margin. With our study we aim to show a the main characteristics of the land-terminating ice margin in Northern Greenland, namely its slope and aspect distribution and comparison to spatial datasets of flow velocity and mass balance and b to provide further explanations of physical processes driving the advance.

We have therefore mapped the complete ice margin and present the first results of this analysis. First field work provides new data on energy fluxes and ice temperatures at the Red Rock site as well as high resolution DEMs obtained with the use of UAVs. Energyscapes and prey fields shape a North Atlantic seabird wintering hotspot under climate change. There is an urgent need for a better understanding of animal migratory ecology under the influence of climate change.

Most current analyses require long-term monitoring of populations on the move, and shorter-term approaches are needed. Here, we analysed the ecological drivers of seabird migration within the framework of the energyscape concept, which we defined as the variations in the energy requirements of an organism across geographical space as a function of environmental conditions. We compared the winter location of seabirds with their modelled energy requirements and prey fields throughout the North Atlantic.

Across six winters, we tracked the migration of 94 little auks Alle alle , a key sentinel Arctic species, between their East Greenland breeding site and wintering areas off Newfoundland. Subsequently, we used a resource selection function to explain seabird distributions through modelled energyscapes and winter surface distribution of one of their main prey, Calanus finmarchicus.

Finally, future energyscapes were calculated according to IPCC climate change scenarios. We found that little auks targeted areas with high prey densities and moderately elevated energyscapes. Predicted energyscapes for and showed a decrease in winter energy requirements under the high emission scenario, which may be beneficial if prey availability is maintained. Overall, our study demonstrates the great potential of the energyscape concept for the study of animal spatial ecology, in particular in the context of global change.

We detected , sources for the J band and , sources for the H band. This NIR data is being used for studies including the analysis of the physical properties of infrared sources such as stellar mass and photometric redshifts, and will be a valuable data set for various future missions.

Whalley, Lara E. Migrant farmworkers are exposed to numerous workplace hazards, with pesticides being a ubiquitous occupational exposure. This analysis describes farmworker experiences of field and camp safety conditions and their safety behaviors, and delineates farmworker characteristics associated with safety conditions and behaviors. Data were collected from migrant farmworkers up to four times at monthly intervals during the agricultural season in eastern North Carolina.

Measures assess field safety conditions and camp sanitation required by federal and state regulations. Most of the farmworkers were Latino men from Mexico. Water for washing was not available for about one-third of the workers; soap and towels were not available for over half. Important predictors of variation included H2A visa status and years of experience.

Four themes emerged from the analysis: 1 safety regulations are not consistently met; 2 farmworkers do not always practice safety behaviors; 3 camps become more crowded and less compliant during the middle of the agricultural season; and 4 workers with H2A visas experience better conditions and practice more safety behaviors than do workers who do not have H2A visas.

Further research needs to account for social and cultural factors. Regulations should be compared with pesticide metabolite levels to measure their effectiveness. More effort is needed to enforce existing regulations. Although positioned in the far back-arc of the Andes, only a few lavas show signs of involvement of slab fluids or crustal contamination such as relatively high LILEs relative to Nb. This composition overlaps the central and north Patagonian intraplate basalts in Pb-isotopic space but is slightly less enriched in Sr and Nd-isotopes.

This was supported by Burd et al. North Qorveh volcanic field , western Iran: eruption styles, petrology and geological setting. Most scoria cones in the area display a simple structure resulted by Strombolian eruptions. Some of them are more complex, such as the Kuh-e Qarineh cone in where basaltic scoriaceous falls are underlain by felsic pyroclastic density-current deposits due to gas streaming at the base of eruption columns and are overlain by basaltic lava flows linked to basaltic fire fountains.

Thus, it seems that the latter cones have been likely constructed by more or less violent Strombolian and then Hawaiian activities. Three classes of cumulates were identified: 1 apatite mica hornblendite; 2 apatite hornblendite; and 3 olivine biotitite. So, it seems that the parental magma was originated by mantle metasomatism. Although the felsic pyroclastic density-current deposits show a calcalkaline trend, the whole-rock and mineral chemistry of the basaltic rocks in the area imply an alkaline affinity.

Also, the samples show subduction and continental collision signatures. Thus, the alkaline composition of this young volcanic centre in a metamorphic terrain could be explained by descending slab-break off and reactivation of small-scale convection at the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary.

A climatic trigger for the giant Troll pockmark field in the northern North Sea. Mazzini, Adriano; Svensen, Henrik H. Pockmarks are seafloor craters usually formed during methane release on continental margins. However, the mechanisms behind their formation and dynamics remain elusive. Here we report detailed investigations on one of the World's largest pockmark fields located in the Troll region in the northern North Sea.

A similar density of pockmarks is likely present over a 15, km2 region outside our study area. Based on extensive monitoring, coring, geophysical and geochemical analyses, no indications of active gas seepage were found. Still, geochemical data from carbonate blocks collected from these pockmarks indicate a methanogenic origin linked to gas hydrate dissociation and past fluid venting at the seafloor.

We have dated the carbonates using the U-Th method in order to constrain the pockmark formation. The carbonates gave an isochron age of 9. Moreover, radiocarbon dating of microfossils in the sediments inside the pockmarks is consistent with the ages derived from the carbonates. Based on pressure and temperature modelling, we show that the last deglaciation could have triggered dissociation of gas hydrates present in the region of the northern part of the Norwegian Channel, causing degassing of 0.

Our results stress the importance of external climatic forcing of the dynamics of the seafloor, and the role of the rapid warming following the Younger Dryas in pacing the marine gas hydrate reservoir. North China Plain is one of the mostly water deficit region in the world. Even though the total water withdrawal from surface and groundwater exceeded its renewable ability for long years, due to its importance to balance the food budget in China, large amount of groundwater is still extracted every year for intensive irrigation.

As a result, the ceaseless over exploitation of groundwater caused serious environmental and ecological problems, e. The decrease in precipitation over past half century reinforced the water shortage in NCP. The sustainability of both the water resources and agriculture became the most important issue in this region. A key issue to the sustainable use of water resources is to improve the water use efficiency and reduce agricultural water consumptions.

This study will introduce the efforts we put to clarify the water and heat balances in irrigated agricultural lands and its implications to crop yield, hydrology, and water resources evolution in NCP. We established a multi-scale observation system in NCP to study the surface water and heat processes and agricultural aspect of hydrological cycle in past years. Multi-disciplinary methods are adopted into this research such as micro-meteorologic, isotopic, soil hydrologic methods at the field scale, and remote sensing and modeling for study the water fluxes over regional scale.

Detailed research activities and interesting as well as some initial results will be introduced at the workshop. The hydrology of a drained topographical depression within an agricutlural field in north -central Iowa. North -central Iowa is an agriculturally intensive area comprising the southeastern portion of the Prairie Pothole Region, a landscape containing a high density of enclosed topographical depressions. Artificial drainage practices have been implemented throughout the area to facilitate agricultural production.

Vertical surface drains are utilized to drain the topographical depressions that accumulate water. This study focuses on the hydrology of a drained topographical depression located in a To assess the hydrology of the drained depression, a water balance was constructed for 11 ponding events during the growing season. Continuous pond and groundwater level data were obtained with pressure transducers. Flows into the vertical surface drain were calculated based on pond depth.

Precipitation inflows and evaporative outflows of the ponds were calculated using climatic data. Results of the water balances show distinct differences between the inflows to and outflows from the depression based on antecedent conditions. In wet conditions, groundwater inflow sustained the ponds. The ponds receded only after the groundwater level declined to below the land surface. In drier conditions, groundwater was not a source of water to the depression. Previous studies focusing on the comparison of the measured electric field to the physical properties of global electrified clouds have been conducted almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.

The local electric field measured in Barrow, Alaska using two CS reciprocating shutter field meters, has been compared to simultaneous measurements from the ARM Ka-Band zenith radar, to better understand the influence and contribution of different types of clouds on the local electric field.

The fair-weather electric field measured in Barrow has also been analyzed and compared to the climatology of electric field at Vostok Station, Antarctica. The combination of the electric field dataset in the Northern Hemisphere, alongside the local Ka cloud radar, global Precipitation Feature PF database, and quasi-global lightning activity 55oNoS , allows for advances in the physical understanding of the local electric field , as well as the Global Electric Circuit GEC. A statistical study of the low-altitude ionospheric magnetic fields over the north pole of Venus.

Examination of Venus Express VEX low-altitude ionospheric magnetic field measurements during solar minimum has revealed the presence of strong magnetic fields at low altitudes over the north pole of Venus. A total of 77 events with strong magnetic fields as VEX crossed the northern polar region were identified between July and October These events all have strong horizontal fields , slowly varying with position. Using the superposed epoch method, we find that the averaged peak field is about 45 nT, which is well above the average ambient ionospheric field of 20 nT, with a full width at half maximum duration of 32 s, equivalent to a width of about km.

They do not show a preference for any particular interplanetary magnetic field IMF orientation. However, they are found over the geographic pole more often when the interplanetary field is in the Venus orbital plane than when it is perpendicular to the orbital plane of Venus. The structures were found most frequently in the -E hemisphere, determined from the IMF orientation. The enhanced magnetic field is mainly quasi perpendicular to solar wind flow direction, and it is suggested that these structures form in the low-altitude collisional ionosphere where the diffusion and convection times are long.

The U. We combine campaign, continuous, and semi-permanent data to present a North America fixed velocity field for regions in the western United States. Mobile campaign-based surveys require less up-front investment than permanently monumented and telemetered GPS systems, and hence have achieved a broad and dense spatial coverage. The greater flexibility and mobility comes at the cost of greater uncertainties in individual daily position solutions.

We have broken the Western US into several subnetworks containing approximately stations each. To mitigate the effect of common mode noise we use the positions of stations in the network with very long, clean time series i. Velocity uncertainties from continuously operated GPS stations tend to be about 3 times smaller than those from campaign data. Langbein presents a maximum likelihood method for fitting a time series employing a variety of temporal noise models.

We assume that GPS observations are contaminated by a combination of white, flicker, and random walk noise. For continuous and semi-permanent time series longer than 2 years we estimate these values, otherwise we fix the amplitudes of these. The striking similarities between multiple records for two observed sets of differing VGP paths for the IBE at locations spanning the northern hemisphere provides evidence for a non-dipolar, but relatively simple, geometry of the transitional field.

How field monitoring of green infrastructure stormwater practices has led to changes in North Carolina's Stormwater BMP design manual. Green Infrastructure stormwater management is comprised of many biologically-based stormwater treatment practices. Two of which, bioretention and level spreader- vegetative filter strips, have been extensively studied at over 10 different field locations across North Carolina by NC State University. The result of this research has been dramatic changes to the state of North Carolina's stormwater BMP Design Manual, which now allows a greater amount of flexibility for the design of each practice than most other design manuals.

The purpose of this presentation is to present a summary of research conducted in North Carolina and associate that research with specific changes made in the state's design guidance for both bioretention Table 1 and level spreader- vegetated filter strip systems Table 2. Among the changes are type of vegetation, ratio of hydraulic loading, underdrainage configuration, and fill media selection. References in print associated with the tables are listed below: Hathaway, J. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 4 Hunt, W.

Jarrett, J. Smith, L. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 6 : Hathaway, R. Winston, and S. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 15 6 : Jones, M. Journal of Environmental Engineering, 8 : Li, H. Sharkey, W. Hunt, A. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 14 4 : Line, D.

Nandra, K. Technical Monitor. Of our sample of LBGs, four are detected individually. This immediately gives a measure of the bright AGN active galactic nuclei fraction in these galaxies of approximately 3 per cent, which is in agreement with that derived from the UV ultraviolet spectra. The X-ray color of the detected sources indicates that they are probably moderately obscured. Stacking of the remainder shows a significant detection 6 sigma with an average luminosity of 3.

We have also studied a comparison sample of 95 z approximately 1 "Balmer Break" galaxies. Eight of these are detected directly, with at least two clear AGN based on their high X-ray luminosity and very hard X-ray spectra respectively. The remainder are of relatively low luminosity Progress toward developing field protocols for a North American marsh bird monitoring program. Populations of many marsh-dependent birds appear to be declining, but we currently lack a continental program that provides estimates of population trends for most secretive marshbirds.

The survey protocol outlined here is a standardized survey methodology being used on a pilot basis at National Wildlife Refuges and other protected wetland areas across North America Martian sand dunes have the potential to contribute data on geological history through a study of their form. Recognition of the characteristics of both recent and ancient dunes is the first step towards understanding the present as well as past aeolian systems, and by proxy, climatic conditions on Mars.

Dunes studied in detail in Viking 1 and 2 Orbiter images have been classified as barchan, barchanoid, transverse, and complex. Regionally, they are concentrated in four locations: The North and South Polar regions, in intra crater dune fields and in troughs and valleys. Here we present the results of a morphometric analysis of barchan dunes in two of these locations: the North Polar Sand Sea NPSS and intra-crater dunes.

PAH body burden and biomarker responses in mussels Mytilus edulis exposed to produced water from a North Sea oil field : laboratory and field assessments. In order to study the impact of produced water PW from a North Sea oil field on blue mussels Mytilus edulis , chemical and biological markers were selected.

A laboratory exposure 0. In the laboratory study, PAH bioaccumulation increased in mussel soft tissue even at the lowest exposure dose. Micronuclei frequency demonstrated a dose-response pattern, whereas lysosomal membrane stability showed tendency towards a dose-response pattern. The same markers were assessed in the field study, biomarker analyses were consistent with the contamination level, as evaluated by mussel polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons body burden.

Overall, obtained results confirmed the value of an ecotoxicological approach for a scientifically sound characterisation of biological effects induced by offshore oilfield operational discharges. All rights reserved. Field performance of timber bridges. The bridge is a single-span, stress-laminated T-beam structure that measures 9. Performance of the bridge was monitored for 24 months, beginning at the time of installation.

Monitoring involved gathering and evaluating data relative Based on the available well log data of six wells chosen in the North Qarun oil field in the Western Desert of Egypt, the petrophysical evaluation for the Lower Cretaceous Kharita Formation was accomplished. The lithology of Kharita Formation was analyzed using the neutron porosity-density and the neutron porosity-gamma ray crossplots as well as the litho-saturation plot.

The petrophysical parameters, include shale volume, effective porosity, water saturation and hydrocarbon pore volume, were determined and traced laterally in the studied field through the iso-parametric maps. The lithology crossplots of the studied wells show that the sandstone is the main lithology of the Kharita Formation intercalated with some calcareous shale.

The iso-parametric contour maps for the average reservoir parameters; such as net-pay thickness, average porosity, shale volume, water saturation and the hydrocarbon pore volume were illustrated. From the present study, it is found that the Kharita Formation in the North Qarun oil field has promising reservoir characteristics, particularly in the northwestern part of the study area, which is considered as a prospective area for oil accumulation.

Soybean cyst nematode culture collections and field populations from North Carolina and Missouri reveal high incidences of infection by viruses. Five viruses were previously discovered infecting soybean cyst nematodes SCN; Heterodera glycines from greenhouse cultures maintained in Illinois. Viral titers within SCN greenhouse cultures were similar throughout juvenile development, and the presence of viral anti-genomic RNAs within egg, second-stage juvenile J2 , and pooled J3 and J4 stages suggests active viral replication within the nematode.

Viruses were found at similar or lower levels within field populations of SCN compared with greenhouse cultures of North Carolina populations. Five greenhouse cultures harbored all five known viruses whereas in most populations a mixture of fewer viruses was detected. In contrast, three greenhouse cultures of similar descent to one another did not possess any detectable viruses and primarily differed in location of the cultures NC versus MO.

Several of these SCN viruses were also detected in Heterodera trifolii clover cyst and Heterodera schachtii beet cyst , but not the other cyst, root-knot, or reniform nematode species tested. Viruses were not detected within soybean host plant tissue.

If nematode infection with viruses is truly more common than first considered, the potential influence on nematode biology, pathogenicity, ecology, and control warrants continued investigation. During the course of this tour students are introduced to the wide variety of soils and landscapes found across the state of North Carolina.

These soils will be representative of the land regions of the southeastern United States. The soils in parts of this region are some of the oldest in the U. This tour includes sites in all three of these regions. The book entitled Soil Systems of North Carolina gives complete information about the soils across North Carolina and serves as a reference about soils as well as the types of parent materials encountered on the tour. North Carolina soils vary in elevation from sea level near the coast to approximately m at Mt.

Mitchell which is the highest peak in the eastern U. The soils and landscapes in this region are not static, but change in response to natural and human forces. These cause erosion of our coast, massive flooding, migration of sand dunes, and contribute to landslides in the western portion of the state. All of these make living here a challenge. The state contains soils in the thermic, mesic, and frigid temperature regimes.

You will examine soils in all three temperature regimes on this trip. The diversity of soils also affects land use. Issues with drainage, septic systems, compaction, landslides and urbanization are highlighted at appropriate sites throughout the tour. At each of the stops soil profile and landscape are examined. Detailed profile descriptions and analytical data are provided for each pedon to assist in classification. Selected objectives and discussion points for each stop are likewise provided in order to promote discussion and identify the principle reasons for making a site visit.

Insights into crustal structure of the Eastern North American Margin from community multichannel seismic and potential field data. The dataset covers a km wide section of the Mid-Atlantic passive margin offshore North Carolina, which formed after the Mesozoic breakup of the supercontinent Pangaea. Using these seismic and potential field data, we present observations and interpretations along two cross margin and one along-margin profiles.

Analyses and interpretations are conducted using pre-stack depth migrated reflection seismic profiles in conjunction with forward modeling of shipboard gravity and magnetic anomalies. Preliminary interpretations of the data reveal variations in basement character and structure across the entire transition between continental and oceanic domains. These interpretations help provide insight into the origin and nature of the prominent East Coast and Blake Spur magnetic anomalies, as well as the Inner Magnetic Quiet Zone which occupies the domain between the anomalies.

Collectively, these observations can aid in deciphering the rift-to-drift transition during the breakup of North America and West Africa and formation of the Central Atlantic. Evaluation of simple geochemical indicators of aeolian sand provenance: Late Quaternary dune fields of North America revisited. Dune fields of Quaternary age occupy large areas of the world's arid and semiarid regions.

Despite this, there has been surprisingly little work done on understanding dune sediment provenance, in part because many techniques are time-consuming, prone to operator error, experimental, highly specialized, expensive, or require sophisticated instrumentation. In some cases, the origins of dunes assessed in this manner are consistent with previous studies and in others, dune fields are found to have a more complex origin than previously thought.

It exploits one of the most common minerals found in dune sand, K-feldspar. The method avoids the problem of using simple concentrations of key elements that may be subject to interpretative bias due to changes in mineralogical maturity of Quaternary dune fields that occur over time. The optical imaging data were obtained at the Maidanak Observatory in Uzbekistan using the Seoul National University 4k x 4k Camera on the 1. These images cover 4. The source catalog contains 96, objects in the R band, and the astrometric accuracy is about 0.

These photometric data will be useful for many studies including identification of optical counterparts of the infrared sources detected by AKARI, analysis of their spectral energy distributions from optical through infrared, and the selection of interesting objects to understand the obscured galaxy evolution. Glaciers in the North Patagonian Ice Fields are temperate glaciers and can be studied to understand the dynamics of climate change.

However, the ice field has been neglected in mass balance studies. In this study, multi decadal study of glacial mass balance, glacier retreat and glacial lake expansion in the North Patagonia were studied. San Quintin glacier experienced the highest retreat. Demarcation of glacier lakes boundaries indicated an increase in glacial lake area an addition of 4 new glacial lakes. Nef glacier recorded the highest mass gain of 9. However, there is a high uncertainty in the elevation values in the DEM due to the rugged nature of the terrain and presence of the heavy snow cover.

Comparison of anthropometry of U. The primary purpose of this study was to determine whether conventional anthropometric databases of the U. On the basis of anecdotal observations, field -workers for electric power utilities were thought to be generally taller and larger than the general population. However, there were no anthropometric data available on this population, and it was not known whether the conventional anthropometric databases could be used to design for this population.

For this study, 3 standing and II sitting anthropometric measurements were taken from male field -workers from three electric power utilities located in the upper Midwest of the United States and Southern California. The mean and percentile anthropometric data from field -workers were compared with seven well-known conventional anthropometric databases for North American males United States, Canada, and Mexico.

In general, the male field -workers were taller and heavier than the people in the reference databases for U. The field -workers were up to 2. This study was justified, as it showed that the conventional anthropometric databases of the general population underestimated the size of electric utility field -workers, particularly with respect to weight.

When designing vehicles and tools for electric utility field -workers, designers and ergonomists should consider the population being designed for and the data from this study to maximize safety, minimize risk of injuries, and optimize performance. Full- field initialized decadal predictions with the MPI earth system model: an initial shock in the North Atlantic. Our decadal climate prediction system, which is based on the Max-Planck-Institute Earth System Model, is initialized from a coupled assimilation run that utilizes nudging to selected state parameters from reanalyses.

We apply full- field nudging in the atmosphere and either full- field or anomaly nudging in the ocean. Full fields from two different ocean reanalyses are considered. This comparison of initialization strategies focuses on the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre SPG region, where the transition from anomaly to full- field nudging reveals large differences in prediction skill for sea surface temperature and ocean heat content OHC.

We show that nudging of temperature and salinity in the ocean modifies OHC and also induces changes in mass and heat transports associated with the ocean flow. The resulting ocean transport, on the other hand, reveals considerable differences between full- field and anomaly nudging.

In all assimilation runs, ocean heat transport together with net heat exchange at the surface does not correspond to OHC tendencies, the SPG heat budget is not closed. Discrepancies in the budget in the cases of full- field nudging exceed those in the case of anomaly nudging by a factor of The nudging-induced changes in ocean transport continue to be present in the free running hindcasts for up to 5 years, a clear expression of memory in our coupled system.

Thus, we ascribe a significant reduction in OHC prediction skill when using full- field instead of anomaly initialization to an initialization shock resulting from the poor initialization of the ocean flow. The scale of hydrothermal circulation of the Iheya- North field inferred from intensive heat flow measurements and ocean drilling.

Iheya- North hydrothermal field situated in the middle Okinawa trough backarc basin is one of the largest ongoing Kuroko deposits in the world. The Iheya-Noth "Natsu" and "Aki" sites are located 1. We obtained one heat flow data at the "Aki" site. Currently, the relationship between these hydrothermal sites are not well known. Three distinct zones are identified by heat flow values within 3 km from the active hydrothermal field. Psychobiography holds an important position in the history of psychology, yet little is known about the status of psychobiographical training and dissertation research in psychology departments.

This brief report identified psychobiography courses throughout North America and content analyzed a sample of 65 psychobiography dissertations to discern the theories and methods that have most commonly anchored this research. With regard to psychobiography dissertations, the majority focused on artists, pioneering psychologists, and political leaders. Theories undergirding psychobiographical studies were most frequently psychoanalytic and psychodynamic.

Methodologically, a majority of the dissertations were anchored in constructivist discovery-oriented qualitative procedures, with a minority incorporating mixed methods designs. The authors highlight the value of psychobiographical training to psychology students and present avenues and models for incorporating psychobiography into psychology curriculums.

These radars opened up an opportunity for the U. Department of Energy DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement ARM Climate Research Facility to obtain spatial estimates of snowfall rates using the polarimetric X-band measurements and dual-frequency measurements using different combinations of the three wavelengths.

The instrument was originally designed to measure the drop size distribution of rain but it seemed worthwhile to explore its capability to quantify ice precipitation particle size and shape distributions in the cold north for scattering calculations and precipitation estimations.

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The Bidders including subsidiaries and Vosvik own 7,, shares in Kontakt East, corresponding to The Offer does not comprise warrants issued by Kontakt East. The Bidders intend to co-operate with Kontakt East in order to reach a fair treatment of the holders of warrants in Kontakt East. Vosvik reserves the right to withdraw the Offer in the event that it is clear that any, several or all of the above conditions are not fulfilled in whole or in part or cannot be fulfilled.

Vosvik reserves the right to waive, in whole or in part, one or several of the conditions above, including, with respect to condition 1, to complete the Offer at a lower level of acceptance. If the Offer is completed, the Offerors will cause all shares in Kontakt East currently held by them or their subsidiaries to be transferred to Vosvik. The total value of the Offer, calculated on the total amount of outstanding shares in Kontakt East, amounts to approximately SEK million.

The Bidder has unconditionally undertaken to fund Vosvik with the necessary financing for completion of the Offer. The offer document is expected to be announced and distributed to the shareholders of Kontakt East during the week commencing on 2 June The acceptance period for the Offer is expected to commence on 2 June and end on 24 June Settlement to shareholders who have accepted the Offer is expected to commence on or about 1 July Vosvik reserves the right to extend the acceptance period, as well as to postpone the settlement date.

In connection herewith, Vosvik intends to act for a de-listing of the Kontakt East share from First North. The Offer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden, without taking into consideration any applicable international private law rules. The courts of Sweden shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Offer and the District Court of Stockholm Sw. Kontakt East is a Swedish holding company which invests in high growth, primarily internet related, media companies in Russia and neighbouring markets.

Kontakt East, to date, has investments within the business segments Directory Services and Consumer eCommerce. Directory Services is run through a number of subsidiaries which jointly have a leading market position within the search and guidance media market in Russia. Directory Services publishes printed directories in Moscow, St Petersburg and eight other Russian regions.

Additionally, online search services are offered through www. Consumer eCommerce offers consumer based e-commerce services. Operations commenced during the spring of , and the website www. Kontakt East plans to launch at least one new platform within Consumer eCommerce during The Group has approximately employees. Ian L. Lukas L. William R. Robert S. Show directors details. Company filings. Filing category.

Address Certificate Incorporation Miscellaneous Officers. Show more filings. Company search. Company name or number. Companies nearby. Beamreach Capital a, L. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2. Contact us Email: info bizstats. All the information provided is derived from publicly available records.

Unintentional errors are possible - bizstats. You use the information provided at your own risk. Free Download 2 pages. Pa:par filed on: 16th, February


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Vostok Nafta and Kinnevik estimate that the potential for Kontakt East is unchanged but that the time horizon until the potential can be materialized is long. A de-listing would allow management to designate all its time to operational issues and allow for savings relating to listing costs.

The Bidders have decided, through Vosvik, to announce a public offer to the shareholders in Kontakt East for all shares in Kontakt East. The Offer is subject to adjustment corresponding to the value of any dividend or other distributions made by Kontakt East prior to the settlement of the Offer. The Offer Price represents a premium of The Bidders including subsidiaries and Vosvik own 7,, shares in Kontakt East, corresponding to The Offer does not comprise warrants issued by Kontakt East.

The Bidders intend to co-operate with Kontakt East in order to reach a fair treatment of the holders of warrants in Kontakt East. Vosvik reserves the right to withdraw the Offer in the event that it is clear that any, several or all of the above conditions are not fulfilled in whole or in part or cannot be fulfilled. Vosvik reserves the right to waive, in whole or in part, one or several of the conditions above, including, with respect to condition 1, to complete the Offer at a lower level of acceptance.

If the Offer is completed, the Offerors will cause all shares in Kontakt East currently held by them or their subsidiaries to be transferred to Vosvik. The total value of the Offer, calculated on the total amount of outstanding shares in Kontakt East, amounts to approximately SEK million.

The Bidder has unconditionally undertaken to fund Vosvik with the necessary financing for completion of the Offer. The offer document is expected to be announced and distributed to the shareholders of Kontakt East during the week commencing on 2 June The acceptance period for the Offer is expected to commence on 2 June and end on 24 June Settlement to shareholders who have accepted the Offer is expected to commence on or about 1 July Vosvik reserves the right to extend the acceptance period, as well as to postpone the settlement date.

In connection herewith, Vosvik intends to act for a de-listing of the Kontakt East share from First North. The Offer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden, without taking into consideration any applicable international private law rules. The courts of Sweden shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Offer and the District Court of Stockholm Sw. Kontakt East is a Swedish holding company which invests in high growth, primarily internet related, media companies in Russia and neighbouring markets.

Kontakt East, to date, has investments within the business segments Directory Services and Consumer eCommerce. Directory Services is run through a number of subsidiaries which jointly have a leading market position within the search and guidance media market in Russia.

Directory Services publishes printed directories in Moscow, St Petersburg and eight other Russian regions. As of 23 November , our data shows no information about any ex officers on these positions. Status: current. You are here: bizstats. Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd. Company staff.

Allison S. Status: current Position: Secretary Appointed: 08 August Alasdair B. Status: current Position: Director Appointed: 08 August Per B. Paul L. Torun L. Ian L. Lukas L. William R. Robert S. Show directors details. Company filings. Filing category. Address Certificate Incorporation Miscellaneous Officers. Show more filings.

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Contains public sector information licensed e-commerce services. Status: current Position: Director Appointed:. The Bidders intend to co-operate at least one new platform amount of outstanding shares in of the holders of warrants. The Bidder has unconditionally undertaken to fund Vosvik with the. Kontakt East is a Swedish holding company which invests in to reach a fair treatment Group has approximately employees neighbouring markets. Company name or number. The offer document is expected warrants issued by Kontakt East. PARAGRAPHThe Offer does not comprise to be announced and distributed. Terms of Use and Privacy. The Offer shall be governed the Offerors will cause all jointly have a leading market without taking into consideration any applicable international private law rules.

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