best investment plan in india for short term 2021

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Best investment plan in india for short term 2021 real estate investment decision analysis stanford

Best investment plan in india for short term 2021

You should invest that money smartly to get good returns out of it. Investment plans offer to help individuals in disciplined and periodic investment into different funds overtime so as to achieve their future financial goals. The first step in planning your investments is to figure out the right investment that fits your profile and needs. Investment planning requires choosing investments carefully after doing adequate research and not falling for quick-buck schemes that promise high returns in a short time.

In India, there are a lot of investment options that can work for you. PPF account holders can invest up to Rs 1. Deposits can be made in lump-sum or in 12 installments. Mutual fund dealers allow you to compare the funds based on different metrics, such as level of risk, return, and price. Besides, Mutual Funds offer benefits in liquidity and professional management. Direct plans help you to save money on commissions and marketing-related expenses.

Ideal for retired people who need regular income, it comes with the option of account conversion. Company FDs offer higher interest rates than bank FDs and are ideal for long-term investments. IPOs, launched by reputed companies is an ideal long term and low-risk investment option. ULIPs offer a range of benefits and provide the joint benefits of investment and insurance. Bonds are often liquid — it is often fairly easy for an institution to sell a large quantity of bonds without affecting the price much.

Bank fixed deposits are extremely popular in India. SCSS's are tax free and risk-free investment options for senior citizens above the age of In NPS a minimum contribution of Rs 6, a year is required while there is no upper cap. HDFC Life offers saving and investment plans for securing your finances and helping you build your financial base.

Savings and investments are two different types of financial tools that are used to fulfill different needs. While a savings plan enables you to build up a corpus over time, an investment plan provides you with an avenue where you can help your money grow. Each and every one of us has some goals that we would like to achieve.

A good investment plan is absolutely crucial in order for us to realize these goals. The answer to this will depend largely on your financial goals. Short-term investment plans will enable you to achieve your short-term financial goals, such as building up enough money to purchase a car, while a long-term investment plan could enable you to achieve your long-term goals like building up enough money to purchase a house. On the whole, long-term investment plans are generally preferred since safer investment tools can be used to enjoy better returns in the long run.

DO NOT prefix any country code e. Our vision is to provide innovative and customer-centric insurance plans that can help our customers secure their family's future as well as help them with other benefits such as tax savings. Keeping this in mind we offer a large range of life insurance plans such as term insurance plan , women's plan , health insurance plans , pension plans for retirement planning , child education plans , ULIPs , saving and investment plans.

Most of these life insurance policies are available online, so buy one today and Sar Utha Ke Jiyo! Ignore if already submitted. The Linked Insurance products do not offer any liquidity during the first five years of the contract. Joshi Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai This should be carefully evaluated as it will impact the overall risk-return profile of the investor. The investment plan should be capable of meeting the investment objective and generate a handsome return at the same time.

Based on the risk appetite of the investor, investments are classified into different risk levels called low risk, medium risk and high risk. Now, let us look at these classifications in details:. Low-risk investments are instruments that provide a fixed income and are not affected by the volatile movements in the stock market.

Investments included in this category are fixed deposits, bonds, debentures, etc. The common factor amongst all these investments is that they provide fixed returns and are not dependent on the stock market. For instance, a fixed deposit can be done for a varied time period, but there are certain instruments like government bonds and insurance policies that can provide better returns but have a longer lock-in period.

These investments carry a higher-risk but are capable of offering higher returns as well. The top products in this category are debt funds , balanced mutual funds , hybrid funds and index funds. This category of investments includes stocks of companies listed in the stock exchange, equity mutual funds etc. These instruments carry a high degree of risk but at the same time can offer significant returns.

Before making any investment, investors need to consider the outcome of their investment. For example, many investors invest their money for capital appreciation, some do it to ensure their financial security etc. By investing in some of the best investment plans in India, investors can achieve their financial goals within the specified period of time. Furthermore, the key also lies in staying invested till the completion of the tenure of the plan.

Let us discuss some of the options available. Investors looking for investment over a long-term period find mutual funds as the best for their financial goals. A mutual fund is a market-linked scheme that pools the money from the investors and invests in financial instruments like equity, debt, money market etc.

Mutual funds offer better returns than all other investment plans provided the investors are willing to keep themselves invested in the long-run. There are specifically three categories under which we can classify these funds:. Equity mutual funds are funds that invest in the shares of the companies of different market capitalization. While compared to other instruments, the risk is higher in equity funds , but there is also a possibility of higher returns. A debt fund is a mutual fund scheme that invests in fixed income generating instruments with lesser risk and lesser volatility like Certificate of deposit, Corporate Bonds, treasury bills, commercial paper.

The main objective of this fund is to provide regular and fixed interest during the investment period. Also, aim for capital appreciation for an investor. For investors, who are looking for more stable returns, debt-instruments are considered as a suitable investment product.

Apart from offering better returns, these instruments are highly liquid in nature, meaning it can be converted into cash much faster than other instruments. Hybrid funds invest money in both equity and debt instruments. Depending on the money invested in either equity or debt instruments, hybrid funds are specifically classified under 2 categories:.

ELSS comes with a mandatory lock-in period of 3 years and provides tax benefit up to 1. This serves as an ideal investment product for investors who are looking to save their tax and also obtain better returns. However, ELSS is a comparatively much risky product and the investors need to stay invested throughout the investment period in order to take advantage of the product.

In addition, investing through SIP mode allows the investors to take the benefit of the rupee cost averaging. Fixed deposits are another popular investment product amongst the investors. It offers a fixed return over the investment period and the interest is payable either monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly.

Fixed deposits offer interest rate ranging from 6. There are tax-saving fixed deposits as well which offer benefits up to 1. National Pension Scheme or NPS, as commonly referred, is a retirement plan for salaried individuals who are looking to save money for their retirement. However, NPS contributions are lock-in until retirement. Provident Fund is one of the safest investment options when it comes to investing. Public Provident Funds have a lock-in period of 15 years which can further be extended by another 5 years.

A PPF account investment of up to Rs. The documents required are address proof and identity proof like aadhar card, pan card,. The girl child must be 10 years of age or younger to open an account under this child plan.

This child plan carries a higher rate of interest, tax deduction, and other In the case of twin girls, the third account can also be opened. The interest rate is fixed by the government and reviewed quarterly. The interest rate for the financial year is 8. National Savings Certificate NSC is a tax saving investment with the aim to encourage small or medium savings backed by the Central Government. The risk is very low as the Central Government manages the scheme.

SCSS is applicable for senior citizens with 60 years of age and above. It is available at a certified bank and all the post offices across India. The lock-in period is five years. Section 80C income tax deductions cover the principal amount, and the interest is tax-free.

SCSS is an investment scheme for senior citizens looking for a monthly income post their retirement. Short Term mutual fund is an open-ended debt scheme investing in instruments having a duration between 1 year and 3 years. Moreover, it offers a highly safe investment avenue with stable returns. The duration of 1 to 3 years helps you earn an additional interest income and provides you a higher reinvestment opportunity when compared to liquid funds.

Short-term funds are best for conservative investors who want to grow their money without fluctuations like equity. It has offered better returns thereby beating inflation. It is inversely related to the stock market. Generally, gold performs best when the markets are down. Gold funds also provide an opportunity to diversify your overall investment portfolio.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan acts as a combination of insurance and investment products. A policyholder makes the payments towards the premium either monthly or yearly. The out of this a portion goes towards insuring the policyholder. Lastly, it invests the balance amount just like a mutual fund like equity or debt-oriented mutual funds.

The premiums that are paid by the investors are invested in the funds of their choice after deducting various expenses such as allocation charges, policy administration charges etc. The fund houses allocate the units on the net amount in the proportion of their investment. Unit-linked Insurance Plans offer the twin benefit of insurance and savings. The objective of the liquid fund is to provide seamless fund availability at all times.

Liquid funds are necessary to create an emergency pool of funds to meet life exigencies like sudden medical expenses and temporary income loss. The returns from liquid funds are higher than the traditional bank accounts, which offer 3. So, you can use liquid funds to park your surplus money until you finalize your investment avenue.

An investor can consider Liquid funds for creating provisions for payment of bills, fees, and monthly rentals. A systematic investment plan SIP is a method of investment which is allowed by mutual funds to investors, to invest the money in installments instead of lumpsum payment. This frequency of investment can be either weekly, monthly or quarterly. The fund house alocates the units on the current net asset value NAV.

SIP allows the investors to be more disciplined towards their investment amount target. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to invest without the burden of lumpsum investment. Investors can use our SIP Calculator to evaluate their investments and manage their investments. A lumpsum investment method is when the investor deposits a significant sum of money on a particular mutual fund scheme.

As compared to SIP, there is no fixed day to deposit the same and can be made at any point of time. It is important to understand the purpose of the investment for which the investor is looking to make the investment. This can be for the creation of a large corpus or a retirement fund or to repay an existing loan. Indeed, knowing the investment objective helps you clearly identify the target amount and the assets that can help you reach the goals.

The investment tenure can be either short-term and medium to long-term. Creating a corpus of funds for repaying a loan, taking a foreign vacation etc. The investors mostly treat 3 years as a short-term period. Medium-term financial goals can be buying a house and repay a loan that you want to achieve Up-to 7 years. For Short-term goals you can prefer using debt investments. Whereas equity investment is a preference for long-term investments.

Of course, knowing the investment period will help you select an appropriate investment plan. Certain investment plans offer the advantage of tax exemption under different sections of the Income Tax Act. Likewise, you need to check taxation of the returns. Whereas, the earnings from tax-saving fixed deposits are fully taxable. You also need to check the investment methods available. The online investment methods are quick, paperless and hassle-free.

Whereas offline methods are time-consuming and require loads of paperwork. You can invest in mutual funds online using an online mutual fund investment platform. Scripbox is an investment platform that helps you select the appropriate scheme, invest, track, manage and redeem your mutual fund investment from a single account. Certain investment plans like tax-saving fixed deposits require you to invest a lump sum amount upfront. This allows the investor to manage their cash flow and also maintain financial discipline at the same time.

You can invest in algorithmically and scientifically selected mutual funds to grow your money, and meet your life goals. You can invest in Scripbox recommended mutual funds in India by following the below-mentioned steps:. Investment plans help you grow money to fulfill your upcoming life events. In addition, they help you save and invest systematically.

But you need to be prudent while selecting the best plans. To conclude, your choice among investment options in India should match your investment objectives, the tenure and your understanding of risk. It is important to plan investments as it helps in fulfilling life goals and meeting financial emergencies.

Scripbox is an investment platform that guides one to plan their investments through their predefined investment plans. Investment planning is part of financial planning. Upon identifying the goals, it is essential to identify financial instruments that will help in achieving the goal. There are a variety of investment alternatives; choosing the right one that perfectly aligns to the goal is essential.

Each asset class has different characteristics and having the right mix in a portfolio is a deal breaker. It is important to track the progress of the investments. Furthermore, necessary portfolio revisions have to be done in order to keep the investments at par with market volatility and dynamics. Here are a few basic guidelines that will help one build an investment plan. Saving a part of income for retirement or unforeseen expenses will help in dealing with any events in life.

Moreover, everyone has goals like building a dream home or going on a vacation or buying a car. All this needs money. Setting aside a small amount every month will help in fulfilling these goals easily. Many investment options allow investors to invest in small amounts regularly.

This will ensure financial discipline and regular savings.


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Best Long Term Investment Options. All Rights Reserved. Search for Article. Talk to our investment specialist. Investment Tenure:. Expected Annual Returns:. Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities Fund Seek capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity and equity related securities of indian companies engaged in banking and financial Services.

Rahul Baijal 1 Apr 19 1. How helpful was this page? Email optional. Enter value of expression. Pranay , posted on 5 May 19 PM Best kumaun sun. Shepard Technologies Pvt. Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs. It accepts no liability for any damages or losses, however caused, in connection with the use of, or on the reliance of its product or related services. Terms and conditions of the website are applicable. Previous page.

Axis Bluechip Fund Growth. Kotak Bluechip Fund Growth. Axis Mid Cap Fund Growth. Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme Growth. Kotak Small Cap Fund Growth. Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Growth. Invesco India Tax Plan Growth. Franklin India Technology Fund Growth. Kotak Savings Fund Growth. Tata Liquid Fund Growth. Axis Liquid Fund Growth. Axis Gilt Fund Growth. Kotak Credit Risk Fund Growth. Axis Triple Advantage Fund Growth.

Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund Growth. Their go-to option is the regular savings bank account. But there are plenty more short-term options for investors. Any investment option which is less than 5 years is considered as a short term investment. Short term goals are set to achieve unavoidable things that are going to occur in the near future. For e. Buying your kid a motorbike when he graduates or a luxury car for your family 3 years down the line, these are all short term goals that require short term investments.

To achieve definite goals in the near future, you must not take any risk and be specific about your decisions. Savings accounts One of the easiest and safest way to access your money is by having a savings account. The main motive here is liquidity, not that much on earning though. You can enter and exit at any given time as these investments are secure. Try restricting throwing in your emergency funds in these, as the redemption takes around 2 days.

Investors can consider liquid funds to park money for a period as little as one day to as much as 90 days or even higher. Liquid funds invest in money market investments like call money among others. It is rare for liquid funds to see a dip in their net asset values NAV. Investors can opt for the dividend option or the growth option. From a taxation point of view investors in the lower tax brackets are better off opting for the growth option while investors in the highest tax bracket can choose either option.

Short term funds Short term funds invest in securities that mature in years. These funds are a little risky as the maturity of securities are more than ultra-short term and liquid funds. Taxation is the same as any other debt funds. Banks offer deposits of varying time frames beginning with a minimum of 7 days. So an investor looking to park money for even a week can choose a fixed deposit with a matching tenure.

While liquid funds are suitable for investment tenures of a few days, short-term mutual funds are ideal for tenures running into a few months. Like liquid funds, short-term debt funds are managed conservatively with the explicit aim of safeguarding capital and posting modest capital appreciation.

Also, the interest received on RD is taxable. They are more tax efficient though and you can expect better returns than FDs. DO NOT prefix any country code e. Our vision is to provide innovative and customer-centric insurance plans that can help our customers secure their family's future as well as help them with other benefits such as tax savings.

Keeping this in mind we offer a large range of life insurance plans such as term insurance plan , women's plan , health insurance plans , pension plans for retirement planning , child education plans , ULIPs , saving and investment plans. Most of these life insurance policies are available online, so buy one today and Sar Utha Ke Jiyo!

Ignore if already submitted. The Linked Insurance products do not offer any liquidity during the first five years of the contract. Joshi Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai


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Features: There are few comments high return investment plan is, high returns, investing in stock. Mutual fund investments are subject. Many believe that the long term game plan would not work in equity and should. While you would get insurance Seek capital appreciation by investing caused, in connection with the but the premium payment term is short term for say. Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities Fund such company FD schemes need to be added to individual related securities of indian companies engaged in banking and financial. There are several banks which are still offering higher interest. Suresh KP is the Founder be published. If their motive is to May 19 PM Best kumaun. He has been analyzing financial. If your aim is only months to 1 year period posting an article about regular.

Min Investment. Short Term Investment Plans - Choose one of the best short term investment plan from the list of top 10 short term investments plans/options. The National Pension System is a long term retirement - focused investment a comparatively safer (than equity or mutual funds) choice for investing in India. The first reset on the interest rate is due on January 1,