forex swing trading with supply and demand analysis answers

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Forex swing trading with supply and demand analysis answers asset management and investment banking difference between dementia

Forex swing trading with supply and demand analysis answers

I am guessing they would be much higher than smaller time frames as there is less 'chop. Seiden Answer - Typically, most people have a higher winning percentage in the larger time frames, you are correct. Also, larger time frame levels trump smaller time frame levels so when you find a nice demand level on the larger time frame with a significant profit margin, what is happening on the smaller time frames is not a big deal.

The other way around is a different story, however. If a day trader finds a quality demand level on a five minute chart, for example, and supply looks to be much higher, that is not enough information. You still need to check the larger time frame to see where this smaller time frame setup is on the larger time frame supply and demand curve. For example, if that five minute buy setup is near larger time frame demand, that trade will typically work out very well.

If, however, that smaller time frame buy setup is at or near larger time frame supply, that trade has very low odds of working. Day trading is fine and can be very profitable, you just have that extra step of looking at larger time frames so you're not blindsided.

I have been reading your articles about Supply and Demand and how floor traders see the market. However, I have a few questions which I hope you can clarify. I mean how do you determine whether a particular support or demand is strong enough so that price does not simply punch through the level? This is the most difficult part for me if I want to trade using naked price action.

Seiden Answer — This is based on the larger time frame "fresh" demand or supply level. Trends always end and begin at "fresh" larger time frame demand and supply levels so this is when and where we stop trading with the trend and trade against it as we are expecting it to reverse and change direction. Our anticipatory analysis allows us to then enter the new trend well before it gets under way which gives us a big edge.

The key is identifying a "fresh" supply and demand level in the larger time frame. How many touches on a daily chart and a 4 hour chart of support or resistance will you consider before not taking a trade when the market comes back to test the support and resistance lines again. I have heard some traders using a 3 taps concept and anything more than 3 tests, they will not take a retracement trade no matter how good the trend is?

What is your take on this? Seiden Answer - What we do in the Extended Learning Track XLT program is a bit more objective and logical than the textbook way of doing it which is "touch count. Therefore, we would be comfortable taking a trade again at that level. If this happens the second and third time and so on, we would still take trades at that level. Seiden Answer - Only when that trend is reaching a larger time frame supply or demand level which means that trend is about to end and a new one is about to begin, as mentioned above.

Do you use Fibonacci retracement levels and pivot points in your analysis of supply and demand? Seiden Answer - No, I don't. Fib levels and pivot points don't often line up with a real supply and demand level. Fib lines, for example, are created with a mathematical calculation that does not take into account willing supply or demand so there is a huge flaw with this line of thinking.

Also, if you use Fibs, you have a choice of a number of retracement lines to choose from. The one that will work with consistency is the one that lines up with real demand or supply. So, after taking the Fib line that lines up with real demand or supply for a while, you will eventually ask yourself, "Why do I need the Fib line when I am always taking the one that lines up with real demand or supply?

Seiden Answer - Not conventional patterns. If we agree that price always stops falling and turns higher at price levels where willing demand exceeds willing supply and vise versa, don't we only want to focus on the picture that represents that fact? Also, conventional chart patterns almost always have you buying high and selling low; that's how they are setup. Think about the most popular ones like the Head and Shoulders and Double Top patterns. Neither of these patterns have you selling high, near supply.

Both have you waiting for a significant decline in price before selling which makes absolutely no sense and these are some of the most popular patterns in all the books; crazy if you ask me. I tried to be as detailed as I could in the answers to ensure a solid understanding of these concepts. The key answer to almost all the trading questions I ever receive is always answered by considering the reality of how you profit buying and selling anything in any marketplace.

So the next time you are puzzled and looking for an answer, dig into your bag of "logic" and you will likely find the simple answer. If that doesn't work, send me an email and I will be happy to help. This content is intended to provide educational information only. This information should not be construed as individual or customized legal, tax, financial or investment services. As each individual's situation is unique, a qualified professional should be consulted before making legal, tax, financial and investment decisions.

The educational information provided in this article does not comprise any course or a part of any course that may be used as an educational credit for any certification purpose and will not prepare any User to be accredited for any licenses in any industry and will not prepare any User to get a job.

Reproduced by permission from OTAcademy. A big bulk of US data came in mixed. Durable goods orders beat estimates yet jobless claims disappointed with a rise. Q3 GDP was confirmed at EC President von der Leyen reported progress in Brexit talks but also doubts that a deal can be reached. UK data US data was mixed. Sustained USD selling bias kept a lid on the attempted intraday move up amid softer risk tone.

COVID vaccine optimism might cap any strong gains for the safe-haven metal. Discover how to make money in forex is easy if you know how the bankers trade! It seemed a pain to me to learn things that work I wanted to make money With that, I was having about 9 loss trades out of 10! How the other experts are consistently having huge success! So, with that curiosity, I started to experimenting with the candlestick patterns, specific price action patterns, and other technical chart analysis methods.

I noticed some of the major facts on that research, which are So I changed my strategy and way of thinking. And what happened? I started to see 's of profitable trading signals all over my charts. And all of this helped me "10x"! Today, 6. I asked myself the same question too. But the reason is because While the professional expert traders are already making millions in proper Swing trading Swing Trading is the mostly underrated trading strategy by the beginner and struggling traders, since most of them think that Swing Trading is only profitable for the Big Money Boys and financial institutions.

Most of them think that Swing Trading involves larger investments and higher patience to see price hitting the Take Profit level. They avoid Swing Trading and search for Scalping or Day trading strategies to make a few pips. While they scared to wait for to take profit for hundreds and thousands of pips in every trades made with Swing Trading.

They think they don't have much investment and patience to trade the Swing of Trends!! Here's the deal: If a day trader make pips in a month from 50 to 60 trades having lots and lots of stress by sitting in-front of the trading desk for the whole day,. You can close your trades with maximum profit even after 2 to 3 days of entering the trade if you trade lower time-frames like 4-hour or 1-hourly charts.

A trader does not necessarily need huge capital to invest for Swing Trading, If you follow the Advanced Swing Trading Strategy then you can enter at the very beginning of price reversal point, for which the Stop Loss become very small relative to the potential profit target. Once you start using the trading method I teach in "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course, it will completely transform your trading habit You will understand why market moves in a specific direction.

Can filter the invalid trade positions. Will see quality trade signals. Identify the most profitable trading points of the chart. Which will give you opportunity and ability to make maximum profit from every single trade you trigger in the market. No matter if you are a Forex, stock, crypto-currency or any other kind of investment trader What's included, you ask? In this module of lectures, you will learn the basic core principle of Swing Trading Strategy.

This module will let you know the three main steps that a Swing Trader need to master in order to identify and make trading decision in a trend, either its an uptrend or down trend in a price action chart. In this module of lectures, you will learn the Advanced methods to find out a trend and make trading decision, based on Swing Trading Strategy with the help of some special indicators and trade entry exit tools to get an extra level of confirmation to make profitable trades in any trading market.

In this module of lectures, you will learn how to trade the invalid or complex looking swing points to make successful trade entries. A trend generally forms with the mix of valid and invalid swing points, and thus both the valid and invalid swing point requires different trading strategy to make profitable trades. In this module, you will learn what are the best time frames for the charts to look out for Swing Trade setups, in order to get best result of the Advanced Swing Trading Strategy.

Enrolling in the "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" course will not only give you access to all the video lectures, article scripts, and workbook, but you will also get the bonuses, for free. You will have the access to our very own Facebook group dedicated for the students of this Advanced Swing Trading Strategy course. The group can help you to discuss about the course lectures and live market charts with the other serious students of this course. I regularly update the course contents whenever I feel that I can improve some or any part of the course.

I increase the course lectures and contents in a regular interval. You will be notified by email for free ewhenever I update the course contents. Plus, you will have lifetime access to the course. You could keep trying figure all of this out by your own, which often takes even the most hard working and intelligent traders years to do.

Think about where you want to be six months from now I was barely making any profit for the first 2 years of my trading Technically this course is for anyone who can purchase, but every trader might not need this course. Have a look if you need the course or not. I can confidently say you will love this course by the time you see the profitable use and effectiveness of the "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy" on your trading. But if somehow, you feel that this course was not for you or you do not like the contents that I teach which happens rarely , then I will gladly refund your full money back within 30 days without asking any question.

Sounds fair; right? Prerecorded online video course with lifetime membership access. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:. Yes I do! I always try to find out a better way to trade the swings of the trends and implement it in my trading strategy. Whenever I see something useful that can be added to the trading plan, I just make a lecture on that thing and let my students know all about this.

I regularly update my course contents including Video lectures, articles, worksheets, etc. So, you will always be updated with the best trading method and important tricks to trade the swings of the trends. Most of the course contents are video lectures while some others are articles to read out.

I believe you will love the course. But if somehow you feel you need a refund then you can just contact me trough email at -. Of-course you will find contents completely free in online like YouTube. One of the reason i created this course is because I did not find any complete course package on the Swing Trading Strategy in any other platform in the whole internet.

Also, there are many videos and articles out there that contains many wrong information about the Swing Trading, which only confuse a trader to master a the swings of the trends the right way. Students in this course finish the lectures with complete understanding of the strategy and make best use the strategy on their real trading.

Even if they have question about a lecture, then they can directly ask me in my email or the Facebook group for the answer. To answer that question I would like to share what Anderson said about his transformation as a trader after completing the course. I did not have much understanding on how to analyze the charts. I took many online trading classes but all of those confused me with many indicators and software tools from which I rarely made any profit. I was down at that time.

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Answers supply swing and analysis trading forex demand with capri investments llc

Swing Trading - Supply and Demand strategy that works

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For swing trading, looking at daily and weekly charts should be fine. When looking at supply and demand zones, we know that price is potentially I am a student of Online Trading Academy and took the Forex Trader course 2 years back. levels and pivot points in your analysis of supply and demand? Supply and demand zones can indicate institutional trading. The big players cannot just Home Technical Analysis Supply and demand trading tips. 25 Mar​. Price Action, Technical Analysis It can really pay off it you know our 6 tips for supply and demand forex trading. The Rally-Range-Drop scenario describes a market top (or swing high), followed by a sell-off. Copyright © Tradeciety.​com | Quantum Trade Solutions GmbH imprint | terms and conditions | privacy.