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Realgem investments for children mutual funds investment guide beginners running

Realgem investments for children

Saving for your children Saving for a child today is a wonderful gift for their future. Did you know? Find out more with our guide to Junior ISAs. Find out more about Premium Bonds. Find out more about opening a self-invested personal pension. Did you find this guide helpful? Yes No. Care to share? Thank you for your feedback. More in 'How to save money' Why it pays to save regularly Budget planner View all … articles in How to save money. More in 'Talking to your children about money' How to teach teenagers about money How to feel more comfortable talking to your children about money View all … articles in Talking to your children about money.

Back to top Saving and investing How to save money. Types of savings. How to invest money. Types of investment. Help with scams. Divorce and separation. Making a will. Talking about money. Talking to your children about money. Web chat Sorry, web chat is only available on internet browsers with JavaScript. WhatsApp Logo WhatsApp Need help sorting out your debts, have credit questions or want pensions guidance?

For everything else please contact us via Webchat or Telephone. Launch chat. Contact Us Open: Give us a call for free and impartial money advice. A child with less than 15 years until planned use should have the ESA money in much less risky investments. The education expense rules for ESAs are the most liberal of all educations plans. First, they cover all the same expenses as plans such as tuition, books, room and board for more than halftime students , and special services. Thirdly, the real gem is that the money can also be used for K expenses required or provided by the school such tuition, fees, tutoring, uniforms, and more.

The ESA account can also be used for computers and internet access. A parent can put aside money for a 2 year old to use for expenses needed later in grade school or high school. For higher income folks, the gifting process mentioned earlier can protect the income generated from taxation such as the Net Investment Tax and the child from Kiddie Tax exposure. Here is where I see a great thou less tangible value in the ESA accounts.

Using one of these accounts maybe ideal for a child to save for a portion of their college or high school expenses. When kid funded, ESAs offer exposure to and experience in saving for specific purposes, participating in the accounting opening process, making investment choices, and understanding the use of a tax favored account. This assumes the parent does this with the child in an age appropriate manner and not for the child. I believe that our kids should have some responsibilities with money as a way to learn about dealing with it.

I would rather my son make learning mistakes with small amounts of money rather than large amounts later in life. Cash from gifts, allowance savings, household chores and outside jobs can be contributed by a child to account for their own benefit. The relatively small contribution limits make this account more accessible and realistic for a child to contribute. College Use. The IRS imposes tax and penalties for non-education use of the funds.

ESA provides an account type for the child to hold their contribution of college funding outside of taxation. K Use. Perhaps a better use in some situations is for pre-college education expense. While the IRS imposes some specific spending guidelines they are rather liberal. It is possible to use the accounts for school activities or technology that a child desires rather than needs to have to graduate.

This is a way to fund it. Kids today do need access to the internet for educational purposes. Why not require a child to help pay for a premium level device or service from their self-funded tax-free ESA account? Establishing an ESA for such items can be a great teaching tool for saving and spending. If the child decides not to use the money in high school, the money remains available for college education.


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Partnership with Retail brand. Read — understand how to plan for your kids future. Get Insured: Never purchase insurance in the name of your child. Understand the importance and purpose of insurance. If you want your goals to be met comfortably then proper insurance planning is inevitable. Also what is important is sum assured and not the number of policies. Do proper retirement planning: If you want your children to be really happy in their life then you should do your retirement planning properly.

Even in the case of the son there are chances that after getting into professional life or after marriage, he may not be able to support the parents properly and if at that time you become dependent on him then it will create unnecessary pressure in your and his mind.

Give gifts through Trust: From the point of view of proper tax planning and safety of investments for the benefit of married daughter, father can create a private trust in the name of daughter. In such a case, it may also happen that she may not be able to replenish the same for considerable time. Therefore to save the funds or wealth of the married daughter from being sold away under the pressure of husband or in-laws, it is advisable to have a trust for the married daughter.

If investments for the benefit of married daughter stand in the name of trustees of the trust it is not possible for anyone to ask the trustees to part with the investments just to meet personal or business obligations of the family. Trust for major son: Creating a trust for the major son has its own practical advantage particularly while he is studying or is not fully settled in life.

In this way the funds can be protected from being frittered away if the son were to have the funds in his name only. Thus where the son operates a bank account and makes investments of funds belonging to him particularly when he is studying, there is the risk of his misusing the funds or recklessly spending the funds or wasting them.

This abuse of funds can be prevented by having a private trust for his benefit. In this case a bank account can be operated by the trustees which may include the parents of the son as well. You should write a proper and tax efficient Will which helps in proper distribution of wealth among your children.

You can also create a Trust through your Will. This is the most important exercise which you should do at the moment your child is born. Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. So do not delay and prepare a plan today. Read — 10 Lesson to teach your kids about money.

Would you like to add few more practical points in above post? Hi Hemant You are absolutely right, for most middle class parents Child Future Plan is even a shade above retirement planning. I have read many articles on Child Future Plans in many personal finance magazines, but I have no hesitation in saying that yours is the most comprehensive one.

Some of the points which you have mentioned have probably never been mentioned in this context. My only regret is that people like you were not around when I was planning for the future of my kids. Dear Anil, Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

Just sharing what I have learned over a period of time — hope it will bring some change in financial life of TFL readers. Indeed this article was a treat as I am looking forward to do investments for my 6 months young son. Yes I agree with Mr. With your expert guidance I can start learning about managing personal finance and Hemant ji I thank you once again for this interesting and Very Useful article….

Although you have mentioned in your other article about the term insurance and its importance, still I feel that instead of having a term plan, a plan like Smartkid ICICI Pru could be a good choice. In this plan the premiums are waived off by the company after death of parent and the company pays all the remianing premiums, sum assured is paid after the death of parent And the policy continues as normal, with all the benefits to child.

However, in term plan, child or the nominee will recieve one time payment of sum assured and thats it. I think you should do some calculations to get an answer. It is you who should convince yourself which is the best option for you and your family. Compare the premium paid in case of Smartkid and any term insurance.

Compare the returns in case of Smartkid and any term insurance. Suppose you are paying 25k as premium in Smartkid. Now break this amount into two parts, one for term insurance of 50 lakhs and rest for MFs. A term insurance of 50 lakhs should not cost you more than k per annum. Thank you Hemant ji, I have a 12 years old son, i have put some money that he got as a gift in Unit trust, but after that i have done nothing thinking whatever I have is for him only, now after reading you article I want to give him a head start for his future do you think I can start a PPF for him now, can I invest in HDFC Child plan?

Your Advice is very helpful, please do write to me. As always thanks for a wonderful and a very helpful article on children because I feel no matter how much we do for our children it will not be enough when they grow up giving the present system of inflation.

Regards Tony. Avoid any scheme which says child plan or pension plan… As you have mentioned he is having some money in Unit Trust uti amc — just check is it still in bonds or was converted in some fund.

For fresh money you can think for SIP in balanced or diversified equity funds. Like all your other articles this one is also a good and helpful article indeed. Regarding the Health Insurance policies, i think maternity is only covered after four years after starting of the policy Apollo Munich medi-claim etc. Hi Shamshad, Yes you are right maternity is only covered after years — in most of the policies this option is not available.

But still one can look for this type of policy — apollo is a good option. Past two months i have started reading your financial articles. It is really amazing. You are articles are very very clear. Thanks a lot for posting child plan.

Because along with financial planning for them , i feel they should also be aware of what are we planning for them so that they will respect the money and it will also help them to be financially litarate far earlier in life than us ….. I have 6months kid, i started his future plan as below 1. Taken Term insurance for 20lacs with Aegon Religare recently. Planning for Money back policy and Retirement plans in next 6months, my age is Hi Vijay, Even buying insurance for investment purpose will be mistake.

Really a nice article to make aware a layman who is always concerned with earning source. With at least he has a brief idea what beautiful could be the future if he consider the planning of investment. Hemant as i seen some old person who are working after their retirement just because of fulfilling the family expectations which they are unable to meet due to lack of planning. Your efforts are highly appreciable that you are guiding us through this portal for our better future.

And you prove it here. Our mind should be focus on all our spending in terms of anything. This I learn from you. And also forward this gyan bhandar to my colleague. Hi Hemant Better late than never. After reading your article, I have a feeling that I have been late in planning for my daughter. I also liked the idea of having a trust in her name. I do not wish to claim any tax-rebate on this.

Where is equity? How many people know that a balanced mutual fund, managed by competent fund manager has given 3x return compared to PPF since its inception? Indian economy is on good growth path and will keep the trends at least for several upcoming decades, so equity will grow in sync with it which definitely will outpace traditional debt products in longer run.

Risk factor in equity is reduced greatly when we go long and by using long means years here. It would be a very good idea if large part of your allocation go towards Equity and remaining towards PPF in a long term plan. Hi Jagbir, I think you missed point no. Our views are very similar when it comes to equity. Waiting for your reply. Yah Hemant, might be I hit submit quickly but again I gone through article and getting sense that major stress is on debt side.

It might be a good idea to make each blog post complete in itself and stress on good points which may already be repeated several times in earlier posts. Initially due to overflowing enthusiasm you may starting tracking each and every details but for most people, that interest lost happen very quickly and they get back on the same old track.

One amusing thing I noticed with several people that they bother too much about planning kids education.. Another cool goal is marriage, remember we are talking about time.. Everybody has different taste and quite possible whatever mentioned here suits only me. Hi Jagbir I tend to agree with most of what you have said. I have brother and sister who are American citizens. They and their kids visit us regularly and interact with my daughter who is in college now.

By our standards kids of my brother and sister are of marriageable age but none of them has married so far. Whenever my mother asks them about their plans to get married, they tell her politely not in near future. My daughter is no different. She decides about the type of education she wants. I am sure she will take a call as to when and how she wants to get married. But the fact remains that good education is very expensive and all parents want to provide the best for their kids and money is some thing which you require in all stages of life.

Hence there is no harm in planning to get wealthy. I think all kids appreciate gifts from their parents. Hi Jagbir The type of portfolio we construct for ourselves is mainly decided by the goal. No meaningful portfolio can ever be constructed in the absence of a clearcut goal. I am sure no big pool of fund can ever be created if we do not have any direction and mindlessly keep on withdrawing money from the pool as and when needed.

Wealth creation without proper financial planning is just not possible. While I agree with you that a meaningful portfolio should have clear goals. There are certain goals like purchasing a car, property for which you can perfectly guess the required corpus and allocate funds. Without going too much into planning, I try to maximize my saving rate from my income and invest the amount in instruments based on my risk profile.

They need fair complex instruments going over their head to believe and relive that they are heading to a right direction. Put your own oxygen mask in airline on first, then you can assist others your children who may not be able to assist you.

Are you referring to rising inflation etc. Thanks Hemant for sharing this nice writeup. Hi Sushil, Maternity benefits are after years waiting period. You can try Apollo or Munich. I am one of the beneficiaries of people of your kind.

If the planning is right, all the goals can be met with proper planning, without the need of any specialized products. Can you give a short guide of how to go about it? Thanks Sumeet. Will try to write some post soon. Hi Hemant, I read this article more than 3 times, because it should register my mind for my Child Future Plans. Thanks for your Great work. I want to invest to get both short term and long term returns. My Age is 37 years and have a 3. Hi Rahul For short term invest in debt like bank or post office deposits.

For long term invest in diversified equity mutual funds. Dear Heamnt, I ve read your child career plan. This is the first time someone advice me in such way. Many many thanks. I have a daughter of 5 yrs 9 months old. I am working,my wife is a homemaker. But my relatives told me that I could not sold it in the market or I could not make profit by selling it in future.

I am also a stauch believer of SIP in mutual funds and have a quite a few of them. I am Suman. Can you please suggest me best Children Plan for my daughter future secure. My daughter age is around 1. What ever you suggest I will go with that. I wish to give best secure future for my kid.

Aegon Religare star Child 4. Kotak Headstart Future Protect. I am happy i have across your article. I have twin daughter who will be turning 2 this jan. I would rectify it soon. Continue Dancing. Hemant ji, After considering many factors about children future, I came up with a plan. First I have to secure my future , ie, my retirement and the future of my better half after me, so that she does not have to be dependent on my son. I feel that is the best plan I could get for my son, not to be dependent on my son and to give him a life with no burden at all from my side.

Being from a middle income family and keeping in mind the inflation It seems that no money or plan is enough to secure the future after retirement. Still I would do what it take to give my son a burden free start in his life. I already paid two premium and one premium is balance..

Thank very much Hemant ji, Is the term plan for my son? But he is a minor. For me? I m already 48 years old, still should have term plan? Your advice is so valuable to me and others hope you can feel it. Regards and all the best. I hate LIC as an institution, it is a life insurance investment and returns are alien words to them driven with only death benefit components as there features.

I hope u can recommend plans from private players with good track records. Hi Hemant, I am new to this site and I wish I had known about this site ealirer. I have already shared the site details to my friends as well. Thank you. I have a question, but before that a bit of a background. Me and my wife are both 40 yrs old.

We work in IT and my wife plans to retire by I am not that lucky. I have 2 sons — 10 yr old and 2 yr old. Thanks Manjunath for sharing TFL with your friends. Regarding your query — I believe you are a great saver but not a good investor. These insurance products will not be able to beet inflation so how they can help you in achieving goals.

Then I read most of your articles. They are an eye opener. I have made lot of mistakes in investment because of lack of knowledge or Ignorance. I have few queries for you. My wife is an working professional aged around 33 yrs. Kindly suggest what to look for while buying them. I took a HDFC young star plus policy in for my kids education planning. But I am not happy with the performance.

So kindly suggest which other ULIP is better? Note: I am not looking for Tax Benefits. Hope you will help me out. Thanx in Advance. Hemantji, Your articles are very useful and informative for persons like us who do not know ABCD of investment. Im a regular reader of your articles. Thanks Sudip. I have daughter of 8 months. Pls suggest me sutaible investment plan for my daughter and pension plan for me to get benefit after retirement.

Try to learn more about personal finance asap. Hi Hemant, Thank you very much for forwarding this article link. Need your help in below points. Could you please advice about do I continue with this or close. I want to start the Term policy of at least 50 Lacks. From which institution I should buy term policy? Please advice.

IF equity, then please advice some best MF for long term 10 — 15 years. You have not shared your name of your insurance policies but looking at premium to sum assured ratio they should be endowment plans. What a lovely article you have written, thanks for eye opener. Since few days i was also looking for children plan but now definitely i am not going to go for it. I need bit advice from you, will be really thankful if you can suggest.

My age is 26 and i am going to become a father in 15 to 20 days. Now in what more funds do you recommend i should invest, i am going to buy a term plan soon as well admired from your article I also hold Life insurance policy of 30k a year and another SBI saving plan policy 20k a month. Please suggest me how do i head start investment planning for my coming child. PPF is a great instrument for debt investment but looking at long term horizon of your goals you should think for equity related instruments.

My self 38 and wife 36 we both are working and our monthly income is 75 thousand and I have a 14 years old son. Till date I have done some regular investment and some SIP but still I fell I have do lot for my old age and child good life. Premium Paid Rs. Jan 10 0 9 Rim Growth

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Investing For Children: How To Make Your Child A MILLIONAIRE

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Investing for children. Give your child a stepping stone for their future with a Junior investment account from HL. Whether for education, travel or help onto the​. For those looking even longer term, 18 yearly payments of £2, into a children's Self Invested Personal Pension (child SIPP) could make little. Children's savings accounts and savings options for children.