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Orenore investments limited reviews

Jacek Jassem, Prof. Pawel Krawczyk, Prof. Piotr Wysocki, Prof. Wieslaw Tarnowski, Prof. Wieslaw W. Jedrzejczak, Prof. Wlodzimierz Olszewski, Prof. Romuald Krajewski. The OTPJ was also attended by the government representatives, lawyers specialized in the medical area, representatives of the medical community and patient advocacy groups.

During those three days leading Polish researchers in the oncology area had the opportunity to share their knowledge with over fifty leading journalists from national radio and television, dailies, magazines and internet services specialized in medical journalism. It was also an excellent chance to network with key stakeholders from the medical area in Poland and to build BASTION brand and expertise in the oncology area among Polish journalists.

Special video materials To increase the impact of translational studies in oncology, there have been developed a set of educational video materials available for those who would like to know more about personalized medicine, latest research in oncology, biomarkers and latest trends in genetics research. The document written by Prof. Anna Wojcicka, the experienced researcher from Prof.

Jazdzewski team, proposes a new policy on the prevention of cancer. It votes for universal accessibility to diagnostic cancer tests, enabling the realization of personalized prevention for each patient. Personalized prevention is closely linked to the individual, well-defined risk of developing a particular tumor in each patient.

The document presents guidelines for currently conducted in Poland programs related to oncology, the analysis of the potential savings from the introduction of genetic diagnostics for oncology, and presents the results of the social studies on the awareness of Polish society regarding the prevention of cancer and genetic research, which were ordered for the purposes of the document.

In the last part of the paper the authors propose a scheme of social campaign aimed at informing the public about the need for appropriate prevention trials. The deliverable D. Work Package 3 - Building capacity by attracting and retaining top-level scientists The main goal of WP3 was to build human potential by recruiting 12 researchers with international experience in basic and clinical oncology: - one new research group leader - eleven researchers at post-doctoral level - two IT professionals to accelerate set-up of independent research group with a background in informatics.

WP3 was divided in to three tasks Task 3. Since two postdocs had to quit, we managed to hire for replacement two another highly qualified researchers. The three professional managers employed within the BASTION include a project manager, an innovation manager and PR specialists part-time to improve and professionalize project management, facilitate and increase the impact of translational studies in oncology to promote innovation-driven translational research as well as to develop tools and disseminate results of the BASTION, respectively.

The technological expertise and scientific background of all eleven recruits fit BASTION effort to strengthen the existing areas of excellence in oncology research. Moreover, each individual used the opportunity to bring in know-how and experience in translational oncology work and helped to bridge the gaps and create links among research groups working at MUW. All leaders have succeeded in recruiting extremely diligent and hardworking postdocs showing a great enthusiasm for their work in the field of experimental oncology.

In summary, postdocs recruited to ten research groups in BASTION project are authors and co-authors of 32 publications, they managed to secure funding for their research and get 9 grants 7 grants as Principal Investigators, 2 as supervisors , they were awarded with 7 different awards and are authors of 4 patent applications.

All details about recruitment procedures of the postdocs and about theirs research activity can be seen in the deliverables D3. Working space: All recruited researchers were provided with research and office space by leaders of research groups already existing at MUW. Since four research groups in BASTION project were located at the Department of Immunology the option to increase the research and office space was necessary and inevitable.

We managed to redesign and renovate one room to provide new researchers with sufficient working space. All researchers made attempts to get funds for their research and prolong their employment. Status of recruited researchers: Number of faculty positions at Medical University of Warsaw is regulated by a quota of teaching hours pensum. Thus, according to the recruitment policy of Medical University of Warsaw recruited researchers were employed at the university as the experienced research specialists.

They were entitled to all benefits of governmental employees. One of the objectives realized in WP3 has been to organize a separate bioinformatics unit, which will support genomic analyses planned within the proposed project as well as an independent research activity aimed at development of novel bioinformatics tools and approaches to next generation sequencing NGS. The research of the new group leader was about to be focused on personalized approaches in oncology via utilizing the bioinformatics approach DNA and protein sequence, microarray, and biological pathways analysis.

As planned in WP3, BASTION project has recruited a highly qualified lab leader of bioinformatics unit with the ability to increase research potential in basic and translational oncology at Medical University of Warsaw. Newly employed lab leader has brought technological expertise which currently allows MUW to engage into new research directions through collaborative efforts. During the course of the BASTION project, the initial approach has further expanded via utilizing the external funds from the National Science Center NCN , which led to creating a digital imaging facility please see below for further information.

In the course of the BASTION project, the new group leader has significantly contributed to the design and the set-up of a modern bioinformatics infrastructure including equipment and specialized software to undertake new ambitious studies. Such set-up included a computing cluster for large data sets, three multi-core workstations, adequate back-up storage and database management software and specialized software for data analysis and visualization.

Additionally, the newly hired group leader has successfully supervised the creation of and utilized a new digital image analysis facility at MUW. The research efforts of New Group Leader have so far resulted in authorships or co-authorships of seven original out of which six were already published and two review publications, two book chapters, one patent application and several meeting reports.

Following the ending of WP3, the new group leader continues his employment with Medical University of Warsaw under the funding secured from the national agencies. All details about recruitment procedures of the bioinformatics group leader and about his research activity can be seen in the deliverables D3. The team has constantly been developing thanks to the funding support under the BASTION project as well as the funds from external sources.

In the light of exceptional productivity of the group, the decision of further extending the employment under the BASTION project has been made for three team members. Indeed, the bioinformatics team has been highly productive: apart from the establishing a state-of-art computational infrastructure, their research efforts have so far resulted in authorships or co-authorships of numerous original and review publications, book chapters, one patent application and a number of meeting reports.

To this end, one of the activities under WP3 carried out by the newly recruited leader of the bioinformatics group, was to recruit top-level scientists with international experience in data mining and analysis. He achieved this task by recruiting four new members of his team, listed below according to the chronology of recruitment: Working space: The newly employed lab leader and his group have been provided with one office room and access to research space in the Department of Immunology.

Additionally, separate two rooms have been designated for the location of a computing cluster and a digital histology slide scanner. All details about recruitment procedures of the BioInfo researchers and about theirs scientific activity can be seen in the deliverables D3. A detailed list of the employed researchers is provided in Attachment 1. External Grants obtained by PostDocs and hired staff: National Science Centre, A. Wojcicka PI , 1. The use of microRNA inhibitors for restoration of the expression of tumor suppressor, gene SLC5A8, and establishing of the possibility of using them in the treatment of papillary thyroid carcinoma, National Science Centre, W.

Gierlikowski, M. Wojcicka - supervisor , 2. Pro-oxidative strategies in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Influence of AKT signaling pathway on CD20 expression and antitumor activity of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. National Science Centre B. Pyrzynska PI , 4. Elucidation of the role of tumor-derived and exosomal arginases in avoiding immune responses by ovarian cancer.

National Science Centre M. Czystowska-Kuzmicz PI , 5. Red cell heterogeneity as a risk factor for thrombotic complications. Lazarczyk post-doc, H. Kosowska PhD student , 6. Ministry of Science and Higher Education A. Domagala M. Firczuk supervisor , 7. Search for target proteins for the new compounds with antitumor activity. Ministry of Science and Higher Education M. Firczuk PI , 8.

Firczuk PI , 9. Evaluation of the possibility of using microRNA inhibitors as adjuvant therapy for thyroid cancer. Wojcicka PI , The use of next-generation sequencing for elucidation of a sensitive and specific molecular panel for diagnostics of thyroid cancers. NCBiR A. Wojcicka , Glodkowska-Mrowka Ph. Implementation of a molecular prognostic panel for thyroid cancer Foundation of Polish Science.

Pyrzynska WP-leader, R. Drozdowska-Rusinowicz —Project Manager. Evaluation of peroxiredoxins 1 and 2 along with the thioredoxin-thioredoxin reductase system as new therapeutic targets in B cell lymphomas. National Science Center R. Zagozdzon —PI , Ministry of Science and Higher Education R.

Zagozdzon Co-investigator , The role for thiol-dependent antioxidant enzymes in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. Zagozdzon PI , Bajor PI Work Package 4 - Acquisition of modern research equipment WP4 involved the purchase of research equipment to fill a significant gap in the research armamentarium of BASTION teams, including several items of modern research equipment, bioinformatics infrastructure and support for personalized medicine studies.

Purchase of the new equipment has been completed during the first reporting period. To provide appropriate conditions for scientist to perform their research and enable them to fully use all the equipment purchased within the BASTION project, the authorities of the University decided to rebuilt and extend laboratories areas.

It is important to emphasize the complementarity of the purchased equipment. The machines complement each other as the former one can be used for majority of macroscopic samples whereas the latter is dedicated for extractions at the microscopic scale even from single cells. In particular the Fluidigm platform allows to efficiently prepare middle scale libraries from isolated nucleic acids whereas the DNA sequencer complements the previously acquired low throughput machine Junior allowing to sequence those libraries.

The results obtained with the nucleic acid sequencing techniques can be next verified on the protein level with the use of the protein purification work station. The ability to express and obtain highly purified recombinant proteins creates the unique opportunity to study the detailed function and interactions of previously determined gene products. Moreover, acquisition of the pipetting biorobot and multispectral plate reader allows for further evaluation of the target gene s function in numerous cell-based in vitro assays implementing e.

Thus, the abovementioned pieces of equipment allow to carry out a streamlined comprehensive pipeline of experiments consisting of purifying, analyzing nucleic acids and verify the role of their protein products in vitro which is expected to useful both within BASTION and by external researchers.

Detailed description of the activities within the equipment purchase work package is provided in the Deliverable D4. The network infrastructure for the new computing cluster has been designed in a way allowing for its efficient integration with already existing massive computing power offered by the nearby facilities of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling.

Components of the IT infrastructure: An exemplary solution of an IT infrastructure that the created system was based upon, consists of a computing cluster, four workstations and a computer network. The hardware part of the system forms a foundation for executing software to deal with actual bioinformatics challenges.

Each of the aforementioned elements is discussed below. We have successfully purchased and installed a modern IT infrastructure that will support our studies in the field of experimental oncology. This universal computing and storage platform will enable us to undertake ambitious studies in the area of bioinformatics, which is rapidly becoming ever more important for the medical sciences. Having at our disposal the infrastructure, in conjunction with our expertise in data mining and analysis, algorithm development and software integration, empowers us to provide high quality custom bioinformatics support to MUW's researchers.

Moreover, by providing extensive and quickly accessible mass storage space, the created platform will be used by many researchers directly on a daily basis, making storing and moving the experimental data much more convenient. A more detailed description of the activities within the IT infrastructure purchase is provided in the Deliverable D4. Work Package 5 - Innovation capacities building WP5 involved implementing efficient IP protection and innovation management schemes, and organizing joint events with commercial and academic partners to transfer best-practice in science-industry cooperation and promote innovation driven translational research.

To facilitate technology transfer and increase the impact of translational studies in oncology by: - hiring and integration into BASTION-related innovation activities of a professional innovation manager; - implementing efficient IP protection and innovation management schemes in collaboration with MUW authorities Task 5. Task 5. IM provided ongoing support for MUW scientists that need advice in the subject.

She has started a close cooperation with patent attorneys and with Polish Patent Office. As a result of this activity five patent applications were filed and several patent searches have been run. The thematic range of the workshops consisted of introducing a scientific idea of research into a business-oriented concept which can be then implemented into reality.

With attendance of highly professional scientists working on their actual research projects the workshops were based on several four-person groups working each on one project that had applicable potential. The idea was to mix researchers from different scientific areas together within each group and giving them a unique view over their projects and thus ensuring a variety of competences.

The first workshop took place on November 26 and then on 3rd,10th and 17th December with the participation of 23 scientists. During each eight-hour meeting participants were gaining business knowledge and improving business skills associated with developing business models, building strategy for a start-up company, preparing business analysis, training team building and pitching.

During the time between the meetings participants were also asked to search for additional information, establish first relationships with key partners or opinion makers and collide their conceptions by interviewing experts in order to maximize the reality of the project teaser. The second edition of such set of four-day workshops has been realized in March As a follow-up of the two workshops a networking meeting was organized in July The environments of science and business were brought together to discuss their common perspectives and search for fields of possible cooperation.

In collaboration with Science Business an International Workshop on best practice in technology transfer, innovation management, spin-off creation and translational research in oncology brought to the bedside has been organized. The event aimed at experience exchange between MUW and KU Leuven KUL by presentation of case studies concerning commercialization of oncological research and roundtable discussion of experts.

The honorary patron of the initiative was Prof. She was engaged in all activities of the company at the time of her stay, including networking, organizing events, data analysis and marketing. From the beginning of her work in the project IM has been building close relationship with BTM Mazovia, specialized in tech transfer, IP valuation and licensing. BTM provides support and expertise for advanced projects with the potential for implementation. One of the common activities of IM and BTM, aiming at knowledge sharing and experience exchange, was organizing a debate of all technology transfer professionals from Ochota Campus, including BTM Mazovia professionals.

The meeting resulted in forming an informal group of tech transfer specialists and creating a common mailing list ochota-na-transfer googlegroups. The networking efforts resulted in common projects of MUW and the biotech companies developing innovative drugs. One of the assignments within Task 5. The event took place in Warsaw 25th of April Pharma Day has made best practice in science - industry cooperation to facilitate innovation-driven translational research.

It has been a focused meeting, by invitation only, to ensure free exchange of ideas and fruitful discussions. The event gathered researchers with an outstanding scientific experience in experimental and clinical oncology and biopharmaceutical companies from all around the world to make one step forward towards real translational research.

Top level scientists in the field of molecular oncology presented their results in light of potential new therapies or diagnostic tools. Polish and international biopharmaceutical companies developing innovative anti-cancer therapies shared their needs and expectations concerning science-business cooperation.

Pharma Day event created stimulating ambience for networking and building good relations. The second edition of Pharma Day got a lot of interest due to great appreciation of the first edition participants. We managed to attract representatives of Big Pharma, including keynote speaker dr. There were also representatives of Astra Zeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer who actively participated in the discussions on the role of academic researchers, small to midsize biotech and big pharma in translational drug discovery process in oncology.

The participants also debated on how to make industry - science collaboration in early stage drug discovery programs more productive. Both Pharma Days were very successful — they gathered extraordinary people committed to develop excellence in science and to turn it into life application.

The aim of such activity was to move forward to clinical practice and to help patients. Not only excellent speeches and great discussions, but what is most important — new contacts hopefully will evolve into new projects in drug discovery. There has been designated a special working group, by the university Chancellor and deputy Rector for Science and International Relations, in September The goal of the group was to evaluate the strategy for technology transfer at the university.

IM has made preliminary analysis of the MUW innovation potential pointing out the key steps that should be undertaken at the university to make technology transfer possible. She pointed that there are no established, clear procedures at MUW supporting innovation and technology transfer. The processes are complicated and there are no clear guidelines for researchers who made a discovery. There is no motivation system for scientists that would encourage them to run applied studies and apply for translational research grants.

There is no innovation management and no innovation understanding whatsoever. In the report on MUW innovation potential, IM identified the following key steps that should be considered in the first place: 1. Entrusting the overall technology transfer management to one particular person who would be well recognized among researchers, competent and with excellent communication skills; 2.

Creating of database of all projects, patent applications, licenses and contracts with industry and assigning the task of database management and maintenance to one particular and committed person; 3. A shift from a procedure-oriented approach to a result-oriented one.

Of key importance would be the adjustment of all regulations to the expectations of technology transfer process stakeholders the scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and industry to maximize the chances of reaching the main, tangible objectives; 4. Building trust internally within the organization in particular between the administration departments and the researchers ; 7. Implementing a motivation system for researchers with affinity for technology transfer that would support their attempts to run translational studies plan research and apply for funding and recognize their accomplishments; 9.

Monitoring and support for running projects with regular results evaluation by the person responsible for tech transfer MUW portfolio of patents and patent applications is very modest for now and for this reason it is hard to draw wide and long term strategy for commercialization.

Due to an early stage of IP management and still low awareness in that field and also not much interest in commercialization among researchers it would be important to put some effort in creating an entrepreneurial spirit. Very helpful could be implementation of a motivation system for researchers with affinity for technology transfer that would support their attempts and recognize their accomplishments in the following areas: collaboration and contracts with industry, invention disclosures, patent filings, granted patents, commercialized patents, etc.

Thank you to everyone who has left us reviews and let us know how they feel about being a part of the Investments Limited family. To read more testimonials visit our testimonials page or to find out how to become a part of the Investments Limited family email us at info investmentslimited. There are many places you can choose to live or operate a business. Small Unites is a national movement committed…. Investments Limited is proud to have Elite Auctioneers join their tenant family!

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Review this company. Job Title. United States 15 reviews. Ratings by category. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 15 reviews matching the search. It is good for an internship. People come and go very frequently. It's great to have as a corporate internship during college. However, it is a smaller firm and the policies are quite rigid.

The brokers tend to have an arrogant flare to them. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Report Share Tweet. Copy link. Opportunity to learn the real estate business from the best. It is very exciting and a very successful company owned by a very driven man who demands high performance. Howecer, because the owner is hands on it has an intimate environment so one I'd always in a position to learn.

Excellent training. Professional, Community based Real Estate Company. I've worked here for almost 4 years and can say I feel challenged, compensated well and respected. There's always something new to learn, the environment to learn and room to grow. It is a very fast paced environment, which keeps me on my toes every day! Employees are treated like family and so are they treat their tenants like family too.

Free lunches, flexible schedule, great compensation, community based. Investments Limited is an awesome place to work, and I highly recommend it. It may not have the most competitive pay, but the co-workers here are awesome and the culture is one of a kind, inclusive and family oriented.

Strong leadership, individualized "perks", room to learn and grow. Can be stressful at times. Do you enjoy working at your company? Every work experience is unique. Tell us about yours. Rate your employer. Do your research and stay far away This company has problems from the top down. There was racism and misogyny that were pervasive. I was there for about 5 months, but there were red flags from the second interview. The head of the company please look him up if you even think you want to apply here would demean and insult his employees and others, especially when they weren't around.

In my department, the only way to move up is to wait until my boss retired. I could easily write a few paragraphs on my issues with the company, because it's the worst place I've ever worked and couldn't recommend it to anyone. Little to none So many Yes 1 No. Abnormal environment. I would rather work in a mental insitution. Unstable environment. A disaster to say the least. Develop a rapport throughout the years to find they were years wasted.

Save yourself some time, and stay away. Far away! Yes 9 No. No productive. Really bad management and bad salary dont care the emmployee no more woek for this company the company is too poor the management used the employee car for moving stuff. Yes 5 No 1. Great learning opportunities. I love working here, the opportunities and learning experiences provided by Investment limited is accumulate. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community.

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