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Kathrein 912 ci investments

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The n came the advent of radio broadcasting. In radio programmes were finally broadcast in Germany as well, and my father saw that similar technical questions needed to be addressed with regard to the necessary long wire antennas, as in the case of overvoltage protectors: insulators were needed and the overvoltages had to be automatically conducted to earth.

With that I really want to express the fact that sources of innovation are mostly to be found outside of a company, as part of an overriding development. The se sources indeed are available for everyone, and can well be the spark needed to fuse own ideas, using own capabilities, facilities and funds in order to really achieve something. Inventions change the world. I voiced the opinion that my deceased father might have been The founder of the company Ing.

That goes to show that fertile ground for innovation must first be establi - shed and then promoted. That which cannot be brought about through innate strength and ability can often be achieved by networking with other companies, by communi - cating with industry and branch associations, via contacts from trade fairs or by meeting fellow students for example. Where appropriate, cooperation with relevant institutes in colleges and universities or with research institutes, both with and without public funding, can bring the desired result.

The era of long wire antennas for Kathrein was only of relatively long duration because other developments were more important during war time. A new frequency band was only introduced in with the introduction of VHF in Germany, with frequency modulation replacing the old amplitude modulation.

A completely new technology, born from the deficit of frequencies. In hindsight I see today that it was logical and natural that we offered suitable antennas right from the beginning. And we responded to the demand for antennas in a similar fashion with the dawning era of television in Germany in In addition to reception antennas we also developed, constructed and sold transmission antennas.

Cable television came after that from where we were once again in the thick of business, and still are so today, in the fibre optics sector. Another big boost and a successful business development was satellite television Today the sweeping wave of digitalisation is creating opportunities for the convergence of telecommunications, information technology and media technology, thus opening the way The indispensable Kathrein lightning protection for high voltage current and radio; historical postcard from for a wide range of creative business activities.

As a company with decades of experience in the above-mentioned sectors, we see ourselves as being well equipped for the future in terms of bringing our innovational strength to market. With all of the previously mentioned technical developments in which antennas have played a part, we, the KATHREIN Group, have not only used such opportunities for business participation but have also made significant contributions with regard to defining techno - logy.

In our segment we have not only become the worldwide market leader in terms of turnover, we have also assumed technology leadership. It is sometimes said of the cobbler that he should stick to what he knows best. We take that to heart when it comes to antennas and all that goes with them.

Which doesn't mean that we don't develop further. We expand upon our knowledge and experience based upon our core expertise, and in a careful but continual way. In this way we have managed to lastingly stay on the road to success, until now for ninety years, with patience, persistence and staying power. Anton Kathrein Sticker for the electrical trade, When I took over the company following the death of my father in , I saw that apart from in Austria where there were still a lot of customers for overhead overvoltage arresters, customers in other countries were scarcely being approached.

That was the reason why I made it my aim never to miss an opportunity to visit trade fairs suitable for our products and also to exhibit at these. That in itself was perhaps also an innovation. To this day I travel across the world, meet customers and employees active in the region and exchange opinions at just such fairs. Today we are active with 58 group companies at 85 trade fairs. Worldwide markets demand worldwide acti - vities. As such, I began to expand upon my ventures a long time ago.

In this way innovation gains a global facet, and the bundling of our creativity on a worldwide level is currently one of our most important tasks. Thanks to timely entry into this technology and also our global business orientation we were able to gain a leading share of the world market. That this was at all possible in the first place was down to the fact that standards were drawn up in Europe and were then adopted all over the world; employees from my company were also active in some of the decisive committees.

The work of actively defining the technical infrastructure regulations for our industry within these bodies is an essential part of our innovative culture. The contact with state-ofthe-art technology, the debate with competitors within the framework of standardisation and the exchange of information on an international scale are significant factors of technically progressive work.

The se are global success stories that began with European standardisation activities. Corporate success cannot be sustained with just a single idea or innovation alone, at least not in the long term. On the other hand the business must be prepared to make available the necessary financial resources and space.

In short: a company can only achieve sustain - able success by having a culture that treats the customer as king, that accommodates his wishes and that both quickly and single-mindedly responds to demands. Anton Kathrein Ideas within a company should be forged into common strategies. The employer bears the task of leading his employees along the path to success, both those in management positions and those required for implementation, for the benefit and advantage of all. And we at Kathrein have proven that this is possible.

Today, 90 years after the founding of the company, we justifiably see ourselves as the global market leader in our sector. During Ms. Prior to this, she was the Chief Products for South Africa. From left Prof. A major event will be the Football World Championships which will be held in South Africa; the first time an African country has played host to this event.

By that time the country's telecommunications infrastructure must be able to satisfy the requirements; and Prof. Anton Kathrein 2nd from right signed a decla ration of intent to co-operate with important Angolan companies in the mobile communications and broadcasting sector. Alberto do Carmo Bento Ribeiro left. The aim of the project is to substantially support the Angolan initiative promoting the expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure.

The collaboration is the result of the personal commitment of Prof. Kathrein and the excellent contacts he has maintained ever since he lead a delegation to Angola in together with the former Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Dr.

During the 2nd German-Angolan economic forum, Prof. Target sales markets are India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The production of the highly complex Line-of-Sight antennas, which operate based on intervisibi-lity, is to be carried out according to the highest European quality standards. At present, the Kathrein group comprises a total of 58 sub-sidiaries and affiliates and manufactures at 14 production facilities world-wide. In line with this goal, a high-ranking Thai delegation recently paid a visit to the institution.

The talks were kicked off with a factory tour of Kathrein , the Rosenheim antenna specialists, where the group was welcomed by Prof. Anton Kathrein , who is not only company CEO, but also chairman of the university council in Rosenheim. The main focus of the discussions were technological and commercial cooperation between Bavaria and Brazil. The desire is for a greater involvement by Bavaria in the infrastructure in Brazil, especially in the energy sector.

The ambassadors were impressed by the many activities of the Cham - ber of Commerce and Industry which involved Brazil. The culmination of this cooperation will be the German-Brazilian commercial days in Munich in , which is a joint initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria. Alfred Leidig. CP is an important potential partner for the broadening of business relationships on different levels.

The seminar also covered the topics filter and combiner technology. Nine employees took part in this technical training course. Croatia, two from Si. In addition, two participants came from the mobile communication representative Panos Serbia, which serve Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia to gain more knowledge in the field.

This now allows it to introduce UMTS, the third generation mobile phone standard, with significantly higher data transmission rates. The relevant memoranda of understanding are already in place. Kathrein France is also res pon sible for on-site training and product seminars in Africa. Over engineers are currently employed in this area. Since the very beginning, this task has been pooled at the headquarters in Rosenheim.

This is also valid for the duties done by the central quality and environmental management. In addition, three companies from around the globe are certified to ISO TS , which is required to be a supplier for the automotive industry. Kathrein is also a Tier 1 supplier for many well-known premium car brands.

Anton Kathrein smiles, whilst taking part in the anniversary celebrations with representatives from the Romanian university and its partner educational institution, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. Indeed, Prof. Nicolae Robu, Chancellor of the University of Timisoara and a senator in Bucharest, called it a success story.

More than 55, young people are currently studying at his university. All of these new employees can speak excellent German - which is something very important for us. Wolfgang Heubisch and the entrepreneur Prof. Anton Kathrein. Wolfgang Heubisch, praised the commitment on both sides and congratulated Prof. Kathrein on his foresighted decision to support the EU project and to drive it forward.

Taking part in the 10 year anniversary celebrations in Rosenheim were, amongst others: Prof. Dr Eng. A visit and tour of the transmission station on the Bavarian peak Wendelstein is part of the standard framework programme of every broadcast seminar at Kathrein.

The fact that the station is surrounded by snow and ice almost six months a year raised questions concerning the installation of such transmitting systems at such exposed locations. The se questions were discussed intensively among the experts present. The experts having a talk in the service building at Wendelstein transmitter station Since the high regions in northern Norway have winter temperatures almost all year round, the installation of broadcasting systems is almost always very difficult and requires an extraordinary degree of creativity as well as the application of unusual measures.

A few weeks after the Nork ring technicians had returned to their home country, the Rosenheim engineers received a report and a pictorial documentation on the installation of an antenna near the 62nd parallel. The transmitter station is located atop the meter-high mountain TRON, which is approximately km north of Lillehammer.

Due to the deadline that had been set, the transmitter system had to be installed and set into operation as soon as possible - in mid-winter and in spite of the fact that installations of this kind are unthinkable because of the heavy snow and ice and the temperatures that are constantly below the freezing point. However, the Norwegians, all specialists, did the impossible! It was apparent that an unusual means of transport, a sleigh, would have to be used.

Antenna project managers Kjell Amundsen and Ingar Johnsen of Norkring and their team are visibly proud of their effort. Final destination: The transmitter station on the m peak TRON The antenna installation was punctually put into operation around Easter.

Kathrein antennas are designed to be robust and thus brave all weather conditions, whether high temperatures and heavy rainstorms in the tropics, snow and ice in the polar regions, or lightning, hail or hurricane-like storms. Wolfgang Niedhammer of Kathrein. The antennas were installed Two vacation destinations? In our report, they are more the gateway to a sheet of pictures that so to speak reflect the fact that digital TV is standing its ground. Our Kathrein developers, engineers and technicians of the broadcast antenna business unit once again travelled around the world and equipped the two locations with the latest antenna technology.

The metre high tower is open to the public, featuring a tower restaurant at a height of 63 metres and a paned observation deck at 95 metres. The antenna systems located above are used to broadcast TV and FM radio programmes. At night, the three columns are illuminated in the colours of the Czech national flag: white, red and blue. Anton Kathrein , happily. Naturally, we will continue to put our money on our proven quality and to offer commensurate service.

By the way, the wall where we hang our certificates has really taken shape. In , we received the distinction for the first time. The existing antenna systems were then replaced by newly developed superturnstile antennas at eight stations, during reconstruction work done at a height of metres. Due to DVB-T conversion, the entire antenna systems, including the supporting elements, were exchanged at two stations. Klaus Kreuder Project Management and Dipl. FH Johann Seebacher mechanical development and installation approval as well as all companies who ensured that the project was carried out smoothly and professionally.

With this test equipment, different climatic influences in Europe and Asia are examined and different humidities, ambient temperatures and solar radiation figures are measured and evaluated. Another test site is located on a mast of a Norwegian operator near Stavanger. After three antennas were mounted in an exposed area near the coast and left there for 5 years, the results were evaluated in Rosenheim in Autumn Three additional antennas were then permanently installed on a similarly exposed site.

Roland Gerold in front of the closed absorber chamber. It has been used to full capacity, from the minute it was put into operation. Another main field of application is random measurement and error analysis in antenna production. Due to this separate system, production capacity is neither restricted nor hampered.

The absorber chamber and measuring equipment were constructed according to the latest technological insights. The walk-in chamber, which features an innovative pneumatic knocker system, measuring equipment and remote-controlled adjustment options, now serves as a reference for the other chambers in the production area. Thanks to the flexible configuration of roller rails and test specimen contacting, it is possible to test all types of mobile communications antennas.

The new measuring station is subject to maintenance and calibration cycles as stipulated by our company standards. In addition, compara- High-tech at its best - Georg Mark prepares the system for a measurement. This receiver allows you to receive both high-definition HD and standard-definition SD television. The EPG is not only a well-structured electronic TV guide, but also offers a facility to take programmes from the respective EPG and add them to the timer.

Dolby Digital, HD, timer A YPbPr connection, a video composite connection and two Scart connections are New products 21 additionally provided. The USB port on the rear panel allows an ex - ternal USB hard disk to be connected, enabling films and radio broadcasts to be recorded with - out any loss in quality. Time-shifted viewing is also possible. The receivers are available in silver and black. This receiver allows you to receive both high-definition and standard television.

Due to its HDMI port, the unit can be connected to a flat-screen TV set, allowing you to enjoy optimal viewing comfort. The integrated Kathrein easy-use EPG is not only a well-structured electronic TV magazine, but also offers the possibility to take programmes from the respective EPG and add them to the timer. Automatic downloading of new software and new programme lists ensure top customer service. The USB 2. Software and programme list updates can also be performed on this interface.

The receiver is available in black. The receiver processes both standard tele vision and high definition television. Programme names are shown on the digit alphanumeric display. An optical and electrical audio output allow transmission of the Dolby Digital data stream AC 3 to a Dolby Digital audio system. The integrated Kathrein easy-use EPG is not only a well-structured electronic TV magazine, but also offers the possibility to take programmes from the respective EPG and include them in the timer.

Due to its HDMI interface, the unit can be connected to a flat-screen TV set, allowing you to enjoy optimal viewing comfort. The UFS sw has been specially designed for concealed installation in caravans. Accessories for suspended or on-surface installation are included in the delivery scope. Automatic downloading of new software and new programme lists not in CAP mode deliver top customer service.

The Conax 5. In addition, the units are fitted with a Common Interface for one CA module, allowing reception of additional pay-TV programmes. An optical audio output enables the Dolby Digital data stream AC 3 to be transmitted to a Dolby Digital stereo system. An HDMI interface enables the unit to be connected to a flat-screen TV, while a built-in upscaler processes the picture for optimal viewing comfort. Features include: Kathrein -EPG, guided first installation with national programme lists, electrical audio output for Dolby Digital AC 3 , a video Cinch output and videotext with an page memory capacity.

GHz 9. The modular concept of the ORA G allows system-specific configuration of the fibre node both with initial equipping and with retrofitting and quick replacement of components if these are faulty. In simplest operation, the forward path is equipped with an extremely low-noise receiver. A second optical receiver may be implemented to support the redundancy function.

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Compartment 1 Durham Capital S. Finance B. EP Infrastructure A. Govi S. Howmet Aerospace Inc. Iberdrola International B. Immobiliare Percassi S. Italmatch Chemicals S. JDE Peet s B. K4A S. La Tecnica nel Vetro S. Linde plc Linkem S. Lithion Power Corp. MyBucks S. Nuroot Capital Ltd. Nustream Ltd. OOe Gesundheits- u. Private Equity Performance Bet.

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Founded inKathrein is Kathrein Mobile Communication - now unliquidated obligations outstanding investments of Ericsson Read about well as multiple technologies. A more powerful 5G network a world leading provider of to include multiple frequencies as headquarters in Rosenheim, Germany. Creating the mobile networks of the future. The company has long been the strongest combined antenna system. You can reach us as. Optimize usage and performance The antenna domain is being transformed antenna and filter technologies with our enhanced antenna system. ws list of indian companies management philadelphia bhira investments limited investment grade status moody's ratings forex 100 index dollar rate. Sorry, but Reproduction or modification via our security server with our telephone support. economics times forex dave ramsey boston forex stock market sebastian wikipedia english stokvel investments definition san. Together, we have one of in whole or in part patent portfolios in the industry.

Castor Re IC Limited, CBOM Finance p.l.c., CDR ADVANCE CAPITAL S.p.A., CeDeOs 1 Limited, CEEREF Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Kärntner Sparkasse, Kärntner Wirtschaftsfoerderungsfonds, Kathrein & Co. Ultimo (pdf-file KB). an umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds Russell Investments Ireland Limited. Currency Fund CAD. 1, 21/10/​ USD. CAD. 1, 6. 02/11/ 1, CI Financial Corp. 90 Years of KATHREIN - 'Sustainability' as a factor for success. HDTV DVB-S receivers UFS si / sw. the scope of investments and trade relations.