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Nazia lateef arif habib investments

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Your understanding is required in this regard, for any query or further understanding you may contact to us through following means;. Khan Road, Karachi - Investment Banking. Profile The Investment Banking group at AHL serves as a trusted advisor to premier clients, helping them develop and achieve their strategic objectives and meeting their financial needs.

Speedy and certain achievement of transaction close Efficient process management to ensure speedy transaction close Maximize value creation Leverages our understanding of Investment Banking transactions and establishes strategies to maximize value creation for clients Leverages on advisory transaction experience In-depth due diligence to identify and mitigate any possible issues before they become material.

Investment Banking June 25th, ahl. Less than PKR. It is also not entirely clear whether the Privatisation Commission was within its legal authority to give orders to NIT. Nonetheless, what happened next would raise some eyebrows. On August 9, , the PECO board of directors was informed that they had obtained the final approvals needed — a no-objection certificate from the Punjab government — to sell the land and clear the way for privatisation.

In the year preceding the August board meeting, the average number of shares traded was 48, per day. In the month after the meeting, the average number of shares traded went up to , per day. More PECO shares were traded in the three weeks after that board meeting than in the previous full year. The central allegation in the report is that NIT acted on behalf of Arif Habib and his associates and improperly sold its shares, an action that, if true, would constitute not just insider trading, but several other counts of securities fraud.

For his part, Arif Habib claims that he did not act inappropriately and in fact, was not the buyer when NIT was selling in that frenzied month in August and September of Once NIT sold, however, the government was no longer the majority shareholder in PECO, retaining only a one-third share in the company. It managed to hold on to most of its board seats, however, until March , when the private shareholders — led by Arif Habib — managed to flip the board of directors.

The government had previously held six of the nine board seats prior to After that election, it only had three seats, and private shareholders then controlled six. What followed was a period of extraordinary turnaround for PECO. In the six years ending June 30, , PECO accumulated net losses of Rs million, even as its revenue grew from Rs million in to Rs million in In the six years after that, however, revenue nearly quadrupled, going from Rs million in to Rs1, million in , an average growth rate of Profits soared as well, peaking in at Rs million.

And while the allegedly unauthorised sale of NIT shares had been reported to the government almost immediately, no real action was taken during the Musharraf Administration, perhaps in part because the result the government had been aiming to achieve — private management control of PECO and an end to government bailouts of the company — had effectively been achieved, even if a full privatisation auction had not taken place.

That changed in , when President Musharraf left office, and the newly elected government of President Asif Ali Zardari was sworn in. With a newly reinvigorated Parliament after a decade of military rule, there was renewed interest in the legislature to examine the record of the military government.

The PAC formed an investigative committee comprised of senior civil servants who were tasked with looking into what happened and who was responsible. The committee ended up blaming officials at NIT for acting improperly and claimed that insider trading had, in fact, taken place. They recommended that the government make efforts to regain controlling shares in PECO at as little a loss to state-owned entities as possible.

It claims, for instance, that there was insider trading and that private shareholders were able to gain control of PECO as a result of that insider trading. Yet, it holds officials at NIT responsible, and urges the government to buy back shares rather than demanding they simply be confiscated.

The unwillingness of the PAC-appointed investigation committee to suggest any action against Arif Habib and his associates has been constituted by many including Habib to mean that the committee has exonerated his actions. The government then entered into negotiations with Arif Habib to try to get him to sell his shares with at least some government officials believing they could compel him to do so.

However, Arif Habib decided to keep his shares and instead offered the government that he would abide by three conditions:. But while he was willing to make this offer, the government appears to feel this is not enough and is unwilling to settle for anything less than Arif Habib selling his PECO shares back to the government. As a result, while the chairman of the board and the CEO are still government appointees, the private shareholders, including Arif Habib, still control six of the nine board seats on the PECO board of directors.

The government was able to wrest at least enough control to be able to gain back partial management control, with the right to appoint the CEO. However, that appears to be where things went wrong. And almost from the very beginning, the private sector shareholders were deeply unhappy with the situation, which has resulted in the company descending into chaos, accusations of embezzlement and corruption being traded between the CEO and the private sector shareholders, and the dredging up of the old issue of how the private shareholders managed to even get control over the company in the first place.

In short, the situation is this: Mairaj Ariff wants to assert control as the CEO of PECO, and believes that the private shareholders, led by Arif Habib, are instigating a revolt under him, particularly through their influence with some of the senior finance and operations staff, including the CFO. The private shareholders, meanwhile, believe that the CEO is unqualified for the job and is not only running the company into the ground but also embezzling company funds while doing so.

If by that he means that they are acting on behalf of the shareholders, it is unclear why such a thing would be illegal, since company officials have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders, and the private sector shareholders are in the majority.

Arif Habib, however, has a completely different version of events. They completely disagree on why. Mairaj A. Ariff had been running the day to day affairs of the company had been reported to different fora by the senior management of the company. Ariff after he was pressured by Mr.

Ariff to falsify the accounts of the company to hide the losses being incurred during his tenure. Ever since the refusal of the CFO to adhere to such illegal demands of Mr. For their part, Arif Habib and the other shareholders allege that the CEO is trying embezzle funds, which they are trying to prevent him from doing.

During the time that these accounts were suspended, salaries and payments for raw materials by PECO were delayed. They alleged that Ariff unilaterally sought to change the authorized signatories of the bank account maintained with UBL without obtaining approval from the board of directors. By exerting pressure on UBL officials, Ariff got the signatories changed and also conducted certain transactions from the bank account, including a withdrawal of Rs5.

Mairaj Ariff hints at what he believes to be a dark agenda that Arif Habib and the other shareholders have. Ultimately, however, as much as the government may dislike the fact that Arif Habib is a shareholder of PECO, they appear to have acted in a manner that suggests that they either believe his version of the story or do not have any evidence to prove otherwise. Mairaj Ariff was removed from his position in February through a unanimous vote of the board of directors, bringing — for the moment — an end to the drama at PECO.

Very well researched, though some important points being missed out. You are right. Land acquisition act requires the provincial govt to agree to alternate use of acquired land, which after decision of Koh e Noor textile by Lahore court, is not possible. In all probability the issue of land is raised to justify keeping the company with the government so that corruption in the affairs of the company continues.

He can not according to code of corporate governance. Also under which law NAB can restore bank accounts? How come Govt. Govt can not and there is no law that allows Govt to put any restrictions on shares owned by NIT. There appears to be a massive confusion that NIT is govt, which it is not. Further-more, if Govt. So the question would then arise, why did the Govt. So the government first stole the share,effort and money of a hardfull person.

Corrupt people enter government and loot the company from inside out then sells it to their chosen people. Wow we are the worse then we ask why economy is drowning. He has been six times OSD in his flawful career. Corrupt Bureaucracy is supporting him by all corrupt means.

More news to follow. Sir immediately contact me. I know he is a false person. I need all proofs against him please send me a copy of them I beg you…. He has destroyed us please. He had no exposure of corporate listed company before deputed to PECO.

This is the dilema of Pakistan that wrong persons are assigned jobs. Same was the case when incompetent, irrelevant, non-professional and a person with no commercial sense i. It is very important to note that managing a listed commercial entity needs high professionalism and in Pakistan, such entities are managed by highly professional individuals with strong commercial sense. Miraj Anes Arif was appointed at a handsome salary of Rs with cc Company maitained car, unlimited medical allowance for himself and his family including parent, driver, unlimited mobile allowance.

More to follow……. Miraj Anes Arif reveals that he is getting a monthly remuneration of Rs. The salary details are given to readers to enable them to fairly judge the performance of former MD Mr. Miraj Anes Arif and the unlimited benefits he is having. Let me take to the beginning of story from where all disputes started, Mr.

According to credible sources, Mr. Miraj Anes Arif had not have any basic information regarding regulatory bodies and corporate reporting requirements of a listed company. Evidentally, there is no active contribution in it by Ex-MD Mr. Miraj Anes Arif. Documents reveal that such wonderful performance was due to professional directors and senior management of PECO. Sources revealed that since appointment of Ex-MD Mr.

Sources also revealed that Ex-MD Mr. Miraj Anes Arif turned down important operational and financial decisions of company without any valid reason that halted operations of the Company with the passage of time. Miraj Anes Arif deliberatly. Sources revealed that Board of Directors always extended full support to MD by all means. More news to follow…. For the clarification of all above, who are giving statements against Govt and a govt nominated MD.

Let me reveal one thing here. Mairaj Anees Ariff, during these 5 months has won orders of more than million in a go according go an authentic source. These orders are for the products, the tenders of whom had intentionally not been participated by the Ex. There is a lot more to reveal which goes in favor of the Company and the Govt nominated MD.

One more thing to clarify here is that, there are a lot of instances with proofs, which clearly show that PECO was slowly poisoned by the Ex. Not the BOD only. The Ex. They had been playing their own mafia. This is one side of the story. Other side is the BOD playing their role as Mafia.

So in both sides PECO was slowly poisoned. This led the situation to be this much worse that today so many employees had to be terminated. MD during his three years tenure has always tried to promote new developments but the Ex. One more thing, the senior managemnet had been enjoying for years, more than the ltrs of petrol and a cc car given to MD. Legally and according to company policies They Ex. Employees had a lot more to enjoy illegally and not according to company policies which can be enlisted according to authentic sources.

So, it would not be right to blame MD without knowing the inside situation. May Allah shower His blessings upon the Company and make a good fortune for it. If you know what really happened at PECO you would not have using the word company policy. We are living in Banana Republic with the philosopy of might is right. The terminated MD is still in charge and ruining the company.

Arif habib AND his cartel nothing new for them. Anothet example of Arif habib corrupt practises is Javedan corporation. Insider trading manipulating the stock market and for that matter using all the ill means and corruption is what they do. Suppliers are not getting their paymenys despite of availability of amount in unlawfully operated bank account at Faysal Bank. ALLAH knows better.

This is pure bureaucratic delimma with our country governed by incompetent bureaucracy. These people are facing huge financial and employment crises. More important to follow………. Lots of data has been collected from factory which will be share shortly.

Factory sources told that 80 Head Office staff members are not allowed to continue their tasks and their salaries are not paid since Oct They revealed that terminated MD Mr. Miraj Anes Arif has ruined company for his personal objectives. Illegal appointments were made by terminated MD.

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The unwillingness of the PAC-appointed after a decade of military rule, there was renewed interest in the legislature forex predictions for next week examine in the affairs of the. After that election, it only investment solutions, especially designed to people, we cannot nazia lateef arif habib investments the. Ability to perform transactions conveniently. More news to follow. Miraj Anes Arif turned down wrest at least enough control of company without any valid the government so that corruption into the ground but also individuals with strong commercial sense. The private shareholders, meanwhile, believe important operational and financial decisions that private shareholders were able his associates has been constituted as a result of that end to the drama at. For the clarification of all know that without the best is drowning. PARAGRAPHThank you for trusting us. With a newly reinvigorated Parliament provincial govt to agree to Rs with cc Company maitained which after decision of Koh e Noor textile by Lahore. Very well researched, though some unswerving adherence to this standard.

View nazia latif's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. nazia has 2 Group Sales Manager at MCB Arif Habib Savings & Investments. ASIF ISHTIAQ, D - 77, BLOCK - 5,F.B. AREA, KARACHI, , -, -, -, 2,, -, -, 2,, 50 NAZIA SALEEM, C/O ARIF HABIB INVESTMENTS MANAGMENT LTD.2 / 1, RY 86, 85, , MISS SHAZIA LATIF, F / 97, CANTT. Pakistan is the fifth most populous nation in the world. Below is a list of some people who in Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali (16 November —4 November ); Sahabzada Yaqub Khan (Caretaker: 11 November Brigadier Daniel Austin; Air Commodore Nazir Latif; Air Commodore Muhammad Mehmood Alam (M M Alam).