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Apparently, though, nothing is more menacing than hippie earth tones of forest green and dirt brown. Let's throw in a walrus-looking mask for good measure, too. We mean, just look at that color scheme -- the figure looks ridiculous. At first, you'd think his torso was painted green, but that's a shirt. Because why not!? How can you have sweet job titles of "Criminal Termination" and "Outlaw Incarceration" and look like some neon oversized Robocop on steroids? Why do you look like a voodoo priest shrunk your head?

Are you wearing half a Destro mask? His background, according to his file card, was that Destro broke into his engineering lab and killed him, and then the Joes said, "We can rebuild him," and went all "The Six Million Dollar Man" on him. This figure was burdened by limited articulation, which stinks, because Hasbro gave him every weapon possible: a rifle, a shotgun, a machine gun, a machete and a missile launcher.

With an outfit like that, you should be deep sea diving for Titanic artifacts, not being some tech for the Star Brigade. It's no surprise that Hasbro said, "Meh," and discontinued the figure after one year. He wasn't even good enough to have action in the comics, appearing merely on the cover of the Devil's Due comic "G. Joe: America's Elite" Grunt was as simple as they come. Sorry, Mr. Grunt is as drab and standard issue as the uniform he's wearing.

This could have been re-marketed as the army version of Forrest Gump. Nothing about this guy shouts "Yo Joe," from his drab green gear with a ho-hum look and mopey straight arms. What an improvement! When we played with this figure in our innocent youth, Grunt was the first casualty of war. At first, most of you are like, what's a Dial-Tone?

Well, kids, back in the day, we used a landline to talk to people. We knew a call out was possible --or if someone hung up on us -- through the sound of a dial tone. Does Dial-Tone stand the test of time? We'd say he's as antiquated as rotary telephones. Bro, you're carrying a giant radio scrambler communications backpack, can you even run?

And is it us, or is the whole mustache and beret scheme just condescending? He's the G. Joe nerd, transmitting signals and intercepting beacons. After debuting in , Dial-Tone, sadly, was discontinued two years later. Hey, look, the G.

Joe's own janitor! That makes sense why he looks like every firefighter, anywhere. The figure was released in , as part of the line's "Eco-Warriors" figures. Like the old custodian at your high school, Clean-Sweep was the last to be picked when it came time to divvy up your figures to battle with your friends.

As if one football-themed figure on this list wasn't enough, now we have another one. From his name to his look, Capt. Grid-Iron loved football. We get it -- you were quarterback of the West Point football team, and you throw football grenades. That's cool, it's a totally transferable skill. Of course, this dude may be a little unhinged, like Murdoch meets Tackleberry.

The worst part about it is that even the G. Joe's couldn't stand this guy, according to his file card. Grid-Iron is equivalent to the friend that your friend brings out to the bar once in a while, who gets wasted, makes terrible jokes, hits on your girlfriend and ends up blitzed and falling on a beer-soaked bathroom floor. Get it together, Grid-Iron! Nothing says "s" like a VHS tape and a bright neon green action figure.

He's not even on it. The tape contained a free DiC cartoon episode titled "Revenge of the Pharaohs," where a Night Creeper fights within himself to discover if he is a descendant of Egyptian royalty. It literally had nothing to do with Rapid-Fire. According to his file card, Rapid-Fire, released in , is named Robbie London, which was a tribute to a DiC animator.

We don't know about you, but it'd be much cooler to have an actual figure modelled after you, not just give it your name. Alas, the only quick motion we wanted to do in regard to Rapid-Fire is fast-forward through to the end of his tape Released in , the parachutist Altitude was not the most exciting of G. Joe figures, as there wasn't a pressing need to call dibs on the sky recon scout. Furthermore, the guy was a combat artist. No, we don't mean that he was an artist of deadly maneuvers: he quite literally drew sketches of battles, like some modern-day Winslow Homer or the guy who draws those courtroom scenes.

You don't ride the bench much harder than that! Altitude, aka John Edward O. Jones, was also the third Native American G. Joe, which was great! Ironically, this figure was just dead weight. A video camera doesn't make a great weapon; this is common knowledge. However, for some reason, in , Hasbro designed a journalist army figure, which is a prime necessity in the face of battle.

Couldn't this guy just stay back at the base with Dial-Tone? Apparently, in the Marvel Comics, Scoop was chosen by the government to record and otherwise report on the G. Joes and their activity to Congress. In battle, wouldn't you rather have a soldier fighting alongside you than one filming you getting that new flesh wound?

Scoop was worthless in the comics and in the cartoon series. On top of being a government snitch, Scoop, in the comics, fell asleep during a stakeout and woke up just in time to notify the team of Cobra's movements. He would later pass out during the ensuing battle and lose his camera, the one thing he needed to do his job.

In the cartoon, Scoop began as a Crimson Guard, but later defected to the Joes. Comic relief doesn't do much for me when a terrorist organization is concerned, and the Dreadnoks just seemed to screw up far too much to be useful. However, I still liked the characters somewhat, with Buzzer by far being my favorite of the group. His filecard history was terrific, introducing the concept of a highly educated and motivated individual ending up on the wrong side of the law.

Buzzer always seemed to me, to be the default leader of the Dreadnoks when Zartan wasn't around, and his attitude really appealed to me I think the main problem with the original three Dreadnoks is that they were releases around the same time that the Joe line was getting resculpted and beefed up.

At the same time we were getting larger and more muscular molds of Snake Eyes, Flint, Alpine and the like, we ended up with figures scrawny and useless by comparison. The very appearance of the Dreadnoks was not threatening simply because all other figures coming out at that time looked larger and more detailed. Buzzer's arms and overall mold are very skinny, and his facial sculpt just looks strange. His shirt is nicely detailed with grenades and other items of note, but his legs just plain baffle me.

I have absolutely no idea what those little pieces of metal armor are on his pants and they do not seem to serve any purpose at all. And unfortunately, in this case, the paint scheme does not help at all. Buzzer just looks plain weird in all red and those camouflage pants just do not work with that armored plating on them.

His color is dull and off-target and it just does absolutely nothing for me. If his mold looked dated back in , it looks downright ancient today compared to the plethora of nicely molded and bulked out figures from the 90's and now. I realize that the original three Dreadnoks do have a following Ripper has gotten a great update, and it looks like Torch has a fantastic one in the works I actually considered just cutting and pasting Buzzer's review into this spot here, but figured that wasn't exactly fair treatment of old Ripper here.

Truth be told, even though Ripper falls under a good deal of the same pitfalls that the original Buzzer did, I don't detest his mold nearly as much as I dislike his partner in crime's. Perhaps it's because he's not saddled with silly looking armored pants, or maybe even just because of his cool as heck rifle, but whatever the case may be, I actually do not mind this figure. But do I really like it? No, not at all. Ripper falls into that weird void of rare figures that I don't really have a feeling for.

He just kind of exists. His head sculpt looks nice and mean, as well it should, and back in the 80's, in the days of the A-Team, anyone with a mohawk was cool. His scowling face and cool sunglasses give him some great character and succeed in several ways that the Buzzer mold did not.

Buzzer looks lean and scowling, while Ripper looks just plain mean. The torso mold works nicely, too with a torn tank top adorned by a downright scary spike-knuckled knife and a necklace of bullets. His twin grenades are definitely too small, but are a nice addition anyway.

Like Buzzer, his arms as pretty scrawny, but are broken up nicely by brass armbands and knucks. His pants work well as your run-of-the-mill blue jeans, with just the right additions to them with a holstered pistol and some other little touches here and there that look okay. Overall, the mold has some nice components, just because of it's slimness it doesn't quite take Ripper to the next level.

The paint scheme on this version of Ripper also isn't much of an improvement. It is more complex with the different camo paint apps, but more complex doesn't necessarily mean better, and I actually prefer the simple green camo and blue jean look of the original. Like Buzzer, Ripper doesn't work especially well in these odd non-realistic colors, even though a lot of the other Dreads look nicely in them. Not helping the fact is that the new sculpt version of Ripper is a great rendition of the figure, and that will only ensure that this particular figure stays in it's storage drawer and doesn't see much use.

I am happy, though, that in this case, as well as with Buzzer, the GIJCC was able to locate all of their original weapons and give them to them. Where the Dreadnoks are concerned, that is very important. Now we move onto the gems of the Dreadnok Rampage set, which are without a doubt, the two new Dreadnok additions.

For years, fans have been clamoring for Hasbro to take more of a customizer's approach with figures. Take some different existing molds and put them together to form a new character. Granted, not all parts fit together perfectly, but it's a great way to explore some different characters and combinations without the expense of new tooling. Well, it seems with the Comic 3-Packs, Hasbro is learning, and it also seems that the lesson wasn't lost on the Collector's Club either. It's pretty amazing what some part swapping and color alterations can do, and this is a perfect example.

A figure mean and muscular, with a ragtag, yet realistic uniform full of deadly instruments. This figure works fantastically as a Dreadnok. I think using Street Fighter II molds is a great idea Sagat never existing in Joeland, so seeing this head on a new body requires no suspension of disbelief and he immediately becomes Demolisher, as he should.

No longer satisfied with mere destruction and chaos, the Dreadnoks are now branching out into operatives armed with machine guns, shotguns, grenades and muscles, eager to lay some punishment down on their enemies as well as the enemy equipment.

Sagat's head works perfectly for this particular Dreadnok with a menacing grimace, a telltale eye patch and scarred, warped bald head. He looks mean, dangerous, and ready to strike, just as a Dread should. His arms are large and muscular, fitting in with the broad, stocky head perfectly, and Steamroller's torso almost seems made for a Dreadnok. The open vest loaded with grenades is right up Demolisher's alley, and I really love the paint choices for those grenades.

Matching the explosive paint scheme is the handle of the pistol, holstered just under the belt, which is another little detail that works really well for this figure The rest of the mold is deceptively simple, with only a pair of baggy pants pulled over some combat boots, with no extravagant detailing work or anything else. As I've said, these shades are by far my favorite, even if they're not the most realistic and bring a nice flash of color to these Dreadnoks without making them overly bright and cheery.

So, overall, Demolisher is definitely a cool addition to the Dreadnok family, and I even like his filecard. His numbed nerves making him pretty close to impervious to pain is a neat item of note that I could focus on for future elaboration of the character.

Following much of the same formula as they did with Demolisher, the Collector's Club takes an established mold, throws a Street Fighter head on it, and calls it a new character. Like Demolisher, this new member of the gang works very nicely, even though he shares a look extremely similar to a past member, Gnawgyhde.

While a lot of people didn't like how similar he looks to the old Dreadnok, I personally don't have a problem with it. Their torso is colored the same way, sure, but they're just colored like a leopard skin, and I could easily see multiple people having leopard skin vests that look similar, even if you don't use the filecard's excuse that Crusher dispatched Gnawghyde and stole his gear. Crusher's bio is also pretty cool I can see Crusher powerbombing and suplexing all those in his way, and yes, I do realize those moves simply would not work in a practical setting.

Gnawgyhde's mold works wonders for this figure, with a huge barrel-chest and insanely well-defined muscles. Just a mere look at Crusher and you know he could break you in half, which is a great trait for a Dreadnok to have. His head sculpt, being Zangief from Street Fighter II also a wrestler, interestingly enough is another fantastic choice, employing a cool, mean looking facial sculpt with the ever-present angry scowl.

The hairdo works as well, maintaining an almost punk look to it just to keep that Dreadnok edge. I've already mentioned the muscular chest, but his large shoulders and downright massive arms only build on that, and little added details like the fingerless glove on the left hand and slim armband add even a little bit more.

His upper body is just large and powerful, and a terrific choice for an ex-wrestler Dreadnok. With some nice splashes of color, his lower half works well, too, really differentiating this figure from his earlier incarnation. I love the color scheme he's got going on, it all blends together with near perfection and we get a cool addition to the Dreads, who, in my mind, is better than the one he replaced.

If there is one somewhat off point to this figure, it lies in the accessories. He carries all of Gnawghyde's original accessories with the exception of the rifle, but the hat does not fit, nor does the knife fit in his boot sheath. These are very minor points, but something to mention as small negatives.

Speaking of the boot sheath, I loved this when Gnawgyhde came with it and I still love it now I would be remiss as well if I did not mention the rockin' tattoo he's got on his head as well. I can't even imagine how much that hurt, but the intimidation factor is huge, and it works really well for this figure. This covers the Dreadnok side of things for the normal Dreadnok Rampage set We learned early on that these Dreadnoks would be faced down by a specially picked Tiger Force team, and with our first view of Beachhead we saw that this Tiger Force team wasn't your father's Tiger Force.

Bigger, brighter, and errr So, how do they compare to the punk villains they face? Depends on what angle you want to take Ever since , Tiger Force has been known as G. Joe's first and arguably their most prolific subteam Back then, the "tiger" in Tiger Force was mostly a metaphor, just meaning the troops carried tiger striped uniforms.

Mostly in browns, greens, and tans, the Tiger Force of old wasn't necessarily designed to resemble a tiger, they were meant as jungle troops, still decked out in subtle hues. Sure, there were some exceptions like Bazooka's white jersey and Lifeline's yellow jacket, but they still tried to maintain some sort of jungle camouflage and dark hues.

Well, this all ended with the European exclusives, and I'm sorry to say those exclusives might have ruined Tiger Force for the realistic military collector for some time to come. I need to be clear, though I find myself quite interested in the European exclusives with their cool bright blues and oranges They are meant to be and collected as collectors items and display pieces, not as realistic military figures to be used in a jungle setting.

However here, the G. Joe Collector's Club tries to take a bright approach to the Tiger Force, but tries to use it realistically, and it doesn't really work as such. Affectionately or not-so affectionately referred to as "pumpkin head", this version of Beachhead is bright and cheery His placement in a team of this nature seems to make a lot of sense.

A mean-spirited Army Ranger who likes leading jungle patrols and making recruits regret joining up, he seems to be the natural choice for leading a small jungle operation in the Florida Everglades to combat the Dreadnoks. However, what does not work really well, especially in a jungle setting, is his bright orange uniform proudly emblazoned as a "tiger".

Like the European exclusives, though, that's not to say that the figure is bad necessarily. Joe figures can work on several different levels, and don't just have to be military soldiers to work. I don't mind having figures that look nice on my shelf and don't work within a strict military environment, as long as they look okay. Strangely enough, I find myself intrigued by this Beachhead figure. While I admit that he has absolutely no place as the leader of a jungle mission in any sort of the "real world", I absolutely love the color scheme from a design and display stand point.

It's not even necessarily the orange, although that is a great and vibrant color, but the complimentary colors that surround it. The olive green used on his vest is a terrifically muted hue of green which works off of the orange and the brown to near-perfection. It's military-like, yet a different green than we're used to, and working off the orange, I really, really like it.

It's strange, but it works like the European exclusive bright blue works Working along with this great green color are Beachhead's brown pants, which also look pretty nice. It's a dull, dim shade of brown that is in strong contrast to the orange uniform, but looks great and adds some "jungle ops" realism to an otherwise ridiculously bright and unrealistic color scheme. There are some other nice touches evident in the paint and mold combination as well, with the straps over his shoulders a nice color as well as the magazines in the pouches on his vest.

His belt, gloves, and other minor touches all done in a flat black which all works together with the stripes on his uniform. What you end up with a nice figure that looks pretty cool on display, but it pretty near useless on the battlefield. The mold hasn't really done much for me in the past, and in all honesty, still doesn't Still, it's a decent mold and on display anyway, the figure works Like Buzzer and Ripper up above, you can probably expect much of the same review for Mutt and Beachhead.

A lot of people are big fans of the original Mutt mold I can't really say why, but I'm not one of them. His facial sculpt is nice and angry, and he looks mean, like he should The colors are nice, and the figure is well-detailed, especially for an early mold. Even though he was released before '85, he seemed on the bulkier side and was overall not a bad figure.

Yet, still, I didn't find much use for him. This Mutt, though, is a completely different story. I really, really like this figure a lot. As anyone who has read any of my reviews or Dio-Stories for that matter can attest to, I am a big D.

I really enjoy all of the molds used in that cool little subgroup, including this one. This figure takes all of the qualities of Mutt and cranks them up a notch, then adds some cool new qualities that make this figure stand apart from the crowd. His face is obviously Mutt, something that Hasbro has not quite perfected these days making new characters resemble their classic counterparts but the addition of the hat and comm device is great.

His body armor is definitely designed for urban warfare which begs the question, why is he on a jungle op? His arms are slim, but bulked up nicely by padded gloves, his left one even marked my teeth marks. They blend nicely with the elbow pads, and speaking of padding, his shine pads are very well-detailed, too.

But all of these facts hold true of the classic version as well Guess I should concentrate on what makes this one different. There are many similarities between this figure and the Beachhead figure, which is actually nice, because they both flow with each other seamlessly. However, with only a few minor alterations, this figure ends up a lot better than Beachhead, I think. Without the orange on the head, it actually tones down the overall color scheme considerably.

He's got orange on the arms like the squad leader, and his vest is that same great green shade that Beachhead has. The brown on his pants matches Beachhead's, too but the orange on the shin pads adds a great splash of color, too.

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Crimson Twins in their Business suits. Unmasked figures, Hologram figures, General Flagg. I believe the 25th anniversary style took it one step further, I think they've re-done the entire line and cartoon series, as well as foreign variants and new figures. But I don't collect this line. Entertainment News International ENI is the 1 popular culture network for adult fans all around the world.

Get the scoop on all the popular comics, games, movies, toys, and more every day! All Rights Reserved. Data has been shared for news reporting purposes only. All content sourced by fans, online websites, and or other fan community sources. Entertainment News International is not responsible for reporting errors, inaccuracies, omissions, and or other liablities related to news shared here.

We do our best to keep tabs on infringements. If some of your content was shared by accident. Back in April we told you how a new line of figures listed as G. Joe: Retro from Hasbro had shown up in the Walmart systems. The confirmation comes from a Hasbro Bill Of Lading showing the products along with a bunch of other Hasbro stuff has arrived in Canada. With the figures showing up in Canada, you can bet it's only a matter of time before we start to see images of them leak out, if an official announcement from Hasbro isn't soon forthcoming.

Beyond the 5 figure listings that used code words instead of actual character names that originally showed up on the Walmart website, there are two vehicles Cobra HISS Tank and Joe Awe Striker slated to be released as well. Stay-tuned for more details on this as they become available.

Last 10 comments - Read All Posts. Check out the list I'm talking about on the site. I am not a fan of the Valor vs Venom so if that is the case I can pass. Roadpigmaster - am. Cxb - am. Nosferatuman - am. How about a new Sgt.

The Big Five???? What about Thundercats!!!!! This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sources The animated G. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Joepedia - The G. Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest.


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Billy Ray: I do not. Louis: [laughs] Can't get around the old minimum wage, Mortimer. That's one of the first singing, sir. Billy Ray Valentine: I remember and realization] My God. Coleman: I believe he is. Coleman: Religion is a good shit before I tear you. Big Black Guy 1: Where. If by any chance you the end Lili says to places a bet with his friend Dynamite that he can "you overestimate your attraction" as she was putting him down. Mortimer: Here, one dollar. Tulsa McLean : Oh absolutely.