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Ray gun synths, operatic vocals, fake and real strings, and even Celtic melodies adorn this sonic mansion. Its ambition would be laughable if the record didn't actually fulfill it often. Admittedly, such fulfillment was purchased at Guitar Center or its Dutch equivalent ; the record is most touching when it strips down to acoustic guitar on the gorgeously compact Web of Lies.

These two discs, subtitled Planet Y and Earth, are about humanity's disconnect with itself and destruction of the planet. But that's really not important. Music this over the top almost defies criticism. Reviewing it is like reviewing the world's tallest building.

L, a mentally ill man in an asylum. All these exceptional musicians, these great singers with the amazing Jorn Lande yes I know he reminds me of a couple of great guys but he is by far the best damned voice of our days in the center, a story that goes full circle and questions our modern errors and music that speaks to your heart, compose a recipe. It's the formula of a masterpiece.

Keep it up, Mr. L, and don't take your pills!! The formula is the same: a background of relatively complex heavy metal orchestrations intercepted with various acoustic and mellower passages, haunting melodies, relatively virtuous playing, various artists singers including female vocals, spacey majestic though increasingly retro arrangements It almost looks a Human Equation - part 2 and even that is shamelessly not hidden. If the originality chapter certainly needs a great improvement, lyric chapter needs a revolution - it is as retro as embarrassing.

Nevertheless, at few listens the album is as enjoyable and appealing as powerful, as we could expect from Lucassen proficient songwriting, and at least in this aspect he has some merit. In other words, fans of Ayreon have heard almost all of this before. The Good: the music itself is finely produced and tightly performed, delivering lavishly epic i. Vocals are good as always, but do not approach the level of memorability we heard on Human Equation, nor do they display the range on that album.

However, it is still very fun to pick out and identify vocalists you know from other bands belting out Arjen's goofy lyrics. Heck, Daniel Gildenlow's performance here is better than the entirety of Scarsick. As the final piece of his sci-fi opus, 's lyrics put all the pieces together. If you're a fan of Ayreon, then you'll love it. This album explains the entire mythology going on behind the scenes in previous releases and closes the story appropriately. If you're new, than you'll probably be put off by the extreme corn-ballness of what these great singers are singing about.

The Bad: is essentially bits and pieces of every album Ayreon has released up to this point. I don't imply that Arjen is cutting and pasting old recordings into this one, I mean that there is virtually no sonic progression here at all; this might as well be Electric Castle pt.

Additionally, does not have nearly as many WOW moments as one would hope. The music is more subdued, somber even, and as a general thing does not demand much from the listener. Finely played and produced though it is, does not have what it takes to elevate it above the group's other offerings.

Whether it be the Aryeon projects, or his side projects such as Ambeon, Stream Of Passion, Star One or any of his various guest appearances one can always expect a number of things. High production value along with an all-star cast of ever changing musicians that join his ranks make Arjen one of the most dynamic and compelling musicians in the scene. Definitely an acquired taste like most prog music Arjen's focal point here as with many of his albums is on the fans of his stories and styles.

Unrelenting to people who don't like his particular style of otherworldly bombastic progressive metal epics with a folk twinge and overly sci-fi in a good or bad way, depending on your tastes lyrics, Aryeon continues on the worn yet apparently effective path that he's been on since the Ayreon project started.

After the fairly down to earth The Human Equation , which saw the music exploring the human psyche, Ayreon have once again blasted off into space on this album to conclude the saga started over a decade ago. Musically, this one is fairly familiar. Arjen has always said that he's never wanted to ever make a ''better'' album, but rather, always a ''different'' album. And while this one is different from it's brethren in many respects, this one is much closer in style to Into The Electric Castle and can appropriately be seen as a direct follow up to the album.

Indeed, in the storyline of Arjen's opera these two are the ones best connected, however all the other albums spare Actual Fantasy are given reference. It's clear that here Arjen wanted to go ''behind the scenes'' and explain the whole story as it has evolved over the last decade, and the lyrics very much reflect that.

Less character driven and now more society driven the vocalists are divided into two camps, Earth and Y, human and alien. Whereas other albums had a vocalist voice a person or song they now collectively represent different views of the story as it unfolds.

If this comment seems useless, don't worry, I'm getting to my point This allows for the many vocalists represented to be used very dynamically and not limiting them to their own dialogs. On this effort Arjen found a great way to have all the particular vocalists play to their strengths where needed.

Speaking of guests, let's get into that a little bit. There's a good amount of talent here. Not quite the all-star cast that The Universal Migrator Duo possessed but still strong, there's vocals featured here by the likes of many. As usual, Arjen is able to wrangle all of these talents and mold them into something that really suits his style. As far as the songs go, on this effort Aryeon really managed to capture the sounds that they were seeking. At times metallic and cold yet at others organic and welcoming.

The heavy metal songs on the album sometimes have a beat and rhythm that could seemingly match that of a machine. Coming to mind is the trudging standout Liquid Eternity , the speedy Ride the Comet and the excellent Unnatural Selection. If course, an over the top double album would be a little monotonous if it was a heavy metal blast-fest the entire way through, so Arjen decided to put in some slower moments.

It's common knowledge that I am someone who despises a slow song that breaks the momentum of an album, luckily that doesn't happen here. Any time there's a slow song to break up the constant bombardment of noise it's an incredibly welcome addition.

Exceptional standouts on the album include the points where Arjen's Tull influences start to shine through a bit, adding a human touch to the machine. The folk melody behind Connect The Dots adds a harsh contrast between the darkly real lyrics. However it's a couple of ongs off the second half that really make the album. As much as Arjen himself hates to sing on his own albums, he does a freaking good job when he does. One of the album's greatest achievements is the Arjen voiced The Truth Is Out There which shows huge folk touches with flutes and melody to back the delivery.

River Of Time is much to the same effect, with a very upbeat yet dark tempo. Reluctant to give this one a 5 sheerly because it's a hard album to recommend to everyone, this one gets a shining 4. Some people may not enjoy this album if they're not way into the concept since it's the concept that drives the album, but if you're someone who wants a wild space adventure this is definitely an album for you.

Certainly a hard album to ingest, this one takes about 4 or 5 listens until it finally clicks thanks mostly to it's length. Regardless, this is an excellent album from a talented performer which would interest any Space Cadet. So is this the Ayreon Magnum Opus? Well, every time I hear a new album I really want to say that but this time I am not going to count my chickens before they are hatched because he will probably find a way kick it up another notch on the next release.

Clearly, this is one of his best albums. In typical Ayreon style, he put together an incredible cast of characters to contribute and every one of them honored to get the call from the master of the modern day rock opera. I was lucky enough to receive the limited edition from the man himself.

Again, his down to earth personality just blows me away for a person of his stature in the world of music. He is successful because he is real and remains so, not only because he happens to be an incredibly talented and respected musician. The first two discs is the entire story with some the of best prog-rock you will hear this year and the third disc is a DVD that takes you through the behind the scenes recording sessions and all the people that participated including interviews with all of them and their thoughts on the project and how they feel about Arjen.

There is also a 5. I cannot take anything away from the stereo version though because it is outstanding. Arjen knows exactly what he wants during the recording process and is simply brilliant producing his own work. The separation of instruments is fantastic and it sounded great on my surround system, it really just blew me away entirely.

There is also a section of bloopers on the DVD that is riot. That is what Arjen is all about; he never takes himself too seriously. I enjoyed the entire recording but I did have some favorites. The theme is typical Ayreon, with songs based on our dark future and what it will be like because of our poor stewardship of our surrounding environment and where technology rules our every move.

This is an environment that he thrives in, getting the energy and input from all the participants. The only drawback with projects like this is that it is highly unlikely you will ever see it hit the road. Not only is it a logistical nightmare, everyone has his or her own bands and projects they are responsible to return to. Perhaps someday I will have the chance to see this legendary musician perform but until then I have his entire catalog to dive into and enjoy and that is quite satisfying to say the least, is another template for his peers to judge their success by, if anyone can come close to matching this superlative effort they would have released a fine album.

Of all his AYREON albums, not one of them would receive less than 3 stars from me, and most would actually reach the best possible rating. So it's no surprise that "" is another success in a long line of excellent records.

Coming off the heels of fan-favorite "The Human Equation", this album had very big shoes to fill. Lucky for us, the end result is as good or even better from my perspective that its famous predecessor. Don't expect any dramatic changes in style. Arjen manages to blend all these styles with some folk melodies and dances, enhanced orchestration, and unusually large casts of singers to create the AYREON sound, a sound that is so unique to him that is quite difficult to mistake his music for somebody else's.

The music in itself is hardly complicated. What is amazing is that, with such, let's say, "traditional" elements, Lucassen achieves, album after album, the unlikely: to create a collection of songs that never sounds repetitive, boring, that always has something for everybody, and that is atmospheric, spacey, cosmical enough to make us fly with him while we enjoy it.

For that's what AYREON's albums sound like: a trip through space and time, a voyage through history being carried by the wind at a speed much slower than light yet celestial enough to let us see that burst of energy.

His amazing scales and figures, followed by Lucassen soloing himself in guitar, make one of the best moments in this outstanding record. The story is, as always, very cohesive and coherent. Inspired by Lucassen's own previous ideas, the picture he paints for us, one of impending doom and ruin for the planet and the species, may not be his most immediate one, yet, arguably, is the one that tackles with a greater dilemma maybe only behind "The Human Equation".

Lucassen tries to fuse all his albums into one in terms of story and he manages to do it even though at moments it feels forced. There's not much of the pure-metal of "Flight of the Migrator" to be found here even though this album contains probably one of the heaviest tracks in AYREON yet and there is a bigger emphasis on choruses and hooks than in "The Human Equation". Lucassen has surprises every now and then, and the final song, "The Sixth Extinction", takes the shape of a true musical halfway down.

A final word about the cast. The group of singers here is one of the best in all Lucassen's albums. There's two more vocalists worth mentioning: Phideaux Xavier, mastermind of the band of the same name, with a very effective soft tone, and Ty Tabor, of KING'S X, probably the weakest singer in the group. Of course, Lucassen wouldn't be true to his roots if he hadn't included a few numbers for himself to sing, something that we can't complain about as his voice, a little bland and soulless, is overly effective and sedative, ethereal and narcotic.

All in all, another success by one of the best "bands" in progressive-metal, another brilliant album by one of the genre's true master artists, and an essential album in any prog-metal fan collection. For progressive-rock purists, you may also find a lot to enjoy here, maybe not in form, but in spirit, as Lucassen really carries the torch of a long-gone decade in his music.

Released about four months ago I was one of the many fans that eagerly jumped to the roof to buy this long awaited album. The next step in the climb to amazingness by Arjen A. After listening to the album a few times I sit comfortably at 4. I hate mediums. The album is intriguing, lacking in experimentation, and very heavy. A lot of layers are present in the album: complex story, vocals up to your eyeballs, heavy riffs, violins that sing through, and a dark feeler from some of the other albums.

A good lesson, 2 CDs, the length of CD isn't too long or too short, but fits the length of Ayreon albums. Standing Alone: Standing alone as if a person was to just pick this up , this is a great album. With heavy, spacey riffs filled with good vocals and classic choruses--possibly now cliche with how many albums Arjen has done. Most of the Album is prog metal in it's true form, very heavy. Only growls once, and that's in the grand finale song, which is amazing and very moving.

The concept if picked up for the first time might be ignored or will just be confusing Above all, this may just be considered a great introduction to Ayreon. For most people it takes some time for Ayreon to grow on them, this album could ease them in a little softer than some of the other albums, including Human Equation.

List and variations of vocals are great and each song adds in its own way to make this an incredible listen anyone could enjoy if they are musically open minded. Compared to Previous Albums: Arjen's work in the album, musically, just isn't up to par.

New sounds, heavy riffs, but not enough exploration exemption from the concept. His music in this isn't nearly as diverse as the other albums were. However, don't get me wrong when I say it's not up to par it's trailing closely behind Electric Castle and Human Equation. I do think that is enormous list of artists is more of a killer than a builder.

Huge name artists like Pain of Salvation, Epica, Katatonia, Phideaux, Kings X, Within Temptation, Evergrey, and a whole bunch more just don't get as strong a spot light as they could've. Especially Phideaux and Pain of Salvation. Some of the vocals sound so close together it's hard to tell who is who.

His collections of vocals is amazing, but maybe a tad excessive. Despite all of these reasons that this album just isn't up to par with Human Equation and Electric Castle. The songs are still just soooo good! Enjoyable and a heavy listen, if you were hoping for something maybe a little heavier you won't be disappointed, but if you were hoping for some of Arjen's well achieved diversity as played through in Human Equation you might not be so impressed.

I love both, and I feel like I now have two sides of Arjen, heavy this one , and experimental goodness Human Equation. The concept is incredible as takes a broad perspective and connects all the dots of his albums together. Looping the story like all his other albums had alluded, Y is a complete story with great lyrics and very deep story. He progresses the story smoothly it short interludes throughout the album of human life.

Some songs only work for story purposes, but many are good to stand alone for a good heavy listen--something Human Equation may have possibly lacked, especially on the second CD. He proses some of his best quality lyrics and really uses the vocalists wisely to help cut out excessive dialogue drone.

Good listen indeed. Songs that standout: Unlike Human Equation, Y doesn't seem to have as many standout songs. There weren't many powerful singles like Love or Loser. The rest either seem to just meld in or are his typical format and style of song. Ride the Comet and Walking Dreams are like that, but they both have some interesting features that are worth the listen.

Both Liquid Eternity and Unnatural Selection are excellent head bangers. Comatose and Connect the Dots are good semi-softies. And the rest are just great progressive elemental songs. Its Ayreon. As of last, I still sit pretty strongly on a 4. Can't wait for the next album, hopefully it'll beat this one and top Human Equation No offense, but Human Equation is a masterpiece upon all Progressive made albums, I don't know if Arjen can top the album ever again.

Check out this prog metal amazingness of doom quite literally too and see what you think. It has so many different sounds and different musical styles within it that no matter what kind of musical taste you have, there will be at least one point on the album that will appeal to you. It covers so many aspects of the musical spectrum that it is a sheer delight for my ears.

The lyrics themselves unravel a tale in an operetta form. This, in my listening history is the closest albums to come to an actual opera I've ever heard. This includes "Tommy" by 'The Who', simply because this has a cast of characters dictating the story. The story itself is not overly that original in terms of a 'sci-fi' sense; Original planet dies, new planet inhabited. The story of course is much, MUCH deeper then that, but that is the basic idea.

Now for the rating: A solid 4 stars from me. There are no songs that I can't listen to and the album offers more then just great music. That right there is enough for a 3. So what picks up the other. Most songs not all are superb. They build up and produce amazing atmospheres of sound. The whole feel of the album is grand and magnificent. I love the Celtic feel to some of the songs 'New born Race' on disc one and 'The Truth is in Here' and 'River of Time' on the second disc ; it's so rare to find integration of such a vast musical style such as Celtic in a 'metal' section.

All the songs on here are monumental, but there are some that I tend to skip after I hear the album a number of times. I tend to skip over 'Comatose' some times 'Connect the Dots' and even though it features my hero Phideaux Xavier 'Web of lies' from the first disc, and from the second disc 'Waking Dreams'.

One thing I do need to say and point out is: 'Ride the Comet' is so '80's big hair band' stupid that I can't help but love it so much. I know funness is not a word, but it's the best way to convey the feeling. Well this review is getting a little lengthy, so I'll sum it up with this: It is a beautiful album, although the length is needed to properly convey the story and the feelings needed for the music as a whole, there are points that could have been left out, or 3 songs or so made into one.

There is also no great and grand moment for me on the album which is needed for a true masterpiece. Although The sixth Extinction's end is true beauty who know you can hit that gap in between keys on a keyboad? But the integrated use of mechanical sounds with an atmosphere of drifting space, all rapped up in a Celtic Metal Operetta is one that has found a very special spot in my music collection.

It's riding the comet for 4 stars. However, this album will lead me to check out more of their efforts. During my first listening, I was a bit distracted by the use of the different singers, especially since I don't pay much mind to the lyrics. But I was drawn in by the overall production. Well this may not be the most complex playing you'll ever hear, the arrangements and engineering displays the music and playing very well. Each play of the CD's dragged me in further and further, especially disk 2.

My favorite track would be the final track 'The Final Extinction' thanks to it's rhythmic pulse of the bass and drums and the interplay between the melodies and singers. I haven't heard any of their past efforts, but I'll be looking for them. No harm with putting the main story to the album so that each song in the album contributes to the whole story. Having the story as the main idea for the album might inhibit full exploration of the music as it is limited by the chapters of the story - unless the whole story comprises radical ups and downs that allow the music flow wildly.

Unfortunately, it does not happen here with this Ayreon because there is practically little varieties in style and mood from one song to another. I actually reach "boring" state at the later part of the first CD. There is basically no surprise and the music can predicted - no challenge at all. And also, the album title is hard to memorize it's using "binary" numbers known by computers.

However, as usual, Arjen Lucassen has gathered many musicians to contribute in this album. A predictable stream of music. We Are Forever" It's a nice track which relies heavily on groove and beat as the music flows. There is nice part with acoustic guitar work which remarks the "We Are Forever" part.

I like the ambient part with thin guitar solo during the female vocal portion. It's quite good to open the album and set the overall tone. The music comes back into upbeat style with good violin work. No more repression. No need to feel the pain, No need to feel betrayed, No need to feel inane, No need to feel afraid. The keyboard loop still appears hear and seems like to be used in any other segment.

The key attraction of this track is on violin solo performed by Ben Mathot in the middle of the track. The chorus part is quite OK. We are dying for tomorrow, we are living for today. Floydian guitar work is nice. This track comprises five parts. It comprises six parts.

Disc one concludes beautifully with nice acoustic guitar and violin work accompanying female voice "Web of Lies" Disc Two kicks off with "The Fifth Extinction" where the intro part is a spacey nuance created by long sustain keyboard and guitar fills. This opening track comprises five parts comprising soft parts and heavy ones with guitar riffs. The guitar solo in the middle of the track combined with keyboard solo are all stunning. The album concludes nicely with "The Sixth Extinction" which comprises six parts.

I like parts with growling style. Overall, this is a good album with good composition typical Ayreon music. Unfortunately there are many similar riffs that tend to bore me if I listen to the whole CD in its entirety.

Keep on proggin'..! Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW i-Rock! I remember when I was a kid i used do detest any movie that was a musical. You know the deal, instead of the actors speaking their lines to each other they would sing them gag. Anyway my tastes in that regard haven't changed whatsoever.

Another problem I have is that Jorn Lande is the most prominant vocalsist. This was by design of course. Arjen has suggested that with Jorn's strong voice and versitility he was an obvious choice to have a lead role. I do like Jorn it's just that he reminds me of David Coverdale too much. Not a fan. Very cool. Another aside is that Roy Khan was supposed to sing on this recording but had vocal problems, Arjen couldn't wait for him to get better so he had Daniel Gildenlow do his parts.

Arjen has also stated that with 17 vocalists it is difficult for them to have enough time to fully display their talents unfortunately. So we have a double concept album here with a wide array of vocalists and instrumentalists. I wish they had broken down who sings on what songs in the liner notes. I know it's obvious at times but still. I still think Anneke is the most amazing vocalist on here.

Floor Jansen is another vocalist I never tire of. It opens with the sound of a car starting then a beat with vocal melodies comes in. I just love the male reserved vocals on this one. I like the drums and female vocal melodies in "Ride The Comet". Again this is far from a Metal song but I find it so refreshing. Anneke is refreshing too. Excellent tune. This is good, but in my opinion it's not good enough to give it 4 stars.

There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be good, but having been so used to masterful works such as 'The Human Equation' and 'Into The Electric Castle,' I was worried that this third double album wouldn't match up to the other two. Upon listening to the finished project in it's entireity, it was a pleasant feeling to realize that not only was this a good album, but it was more or less on par with the other two double albums which exist as the defacto core of Ayreon's repetoire.

What Arjen has done here is apparently wrap up his epic Ayreon storyline with an equally epic album, that uses a relatively unique style of storytelling to get the plot across. Instead of having recurring, filled-out characters, each singer, or 'character' is used to compliment the whole, instead of take a shape of his or her own. While this different conceptual approach took a while to get into, it ends up working well for the story Arjen is trying to tell. For those unfamiliar with the Ayreon concept, a race of alien beings called 'Forever' populated Earth with lifeforms in their own image humanity in order to experience emotions and primal feelings once again.

However, in their blindness, they let humanity become too advanced and in the process, mankind destroys itself in a great war. While the concept is a little morose, it has a profound social message to tell, and that added dimension makes '' a really moving experience. Despite the fact that most of the singers portray alien characters, there is a resounding feeling of humanity that emanates from each performance.

Despite each Forever character being named as nothing more then a symbol such as a heart or pentagram each character manages to forge it's own distinct personality. The music itself passes off as being darker then alot of Ayreon's previous works.

Elements from electronic and folk music are used alot here. There's a strong metal influence here, second only to the metal-centric 'Flight Of The Migrator' album. The heavy use of synthesizers adds to the science-fiction theme, and the concept. Of special recognition is the beautiful Thomas Bodin keyboard solo in the song 'Waking Dreams. The compositional talent required to write four-plus singing counterparts is massive. Arjen Luccassen does not dissapoint on this album.

In the many albums that have provided bits and pieces of different storylines, this album, is the one that ties them all up together, Completing the circle as Forever has said before. This technique makes it all the more epic, as well as holds a whole new creation mythology that spawns through different times. The great things about this, and all Ayreon albums in general, is the wonderfully creative music, the captivating sci fi fantasy adventure storylines, and the list of virtuostic musicians who come together to make it so amazing.

This album in particular sounds a lot darker than the rest, but it's certainly just as good as any other. Disk 1 takes you millions of years into the past on Planet Y, where the ancient race Forever is missing emotions and comes up with an experiment to relive their past by creating human beings on planet earth. Disk 2 Takes the listener through the Forever's human race, toiling through their hardships, experiencing old lost emotions, and the effects of a high increase in human intellect, which ends up in the far future, at the end of the peak of human civilization.

Elements on this album come from symphonic, progressive, metal, and electronic backgrounds, and also have that hint of Arjen in them that you can hear in whatever he writes. Like all other Ayreons, the additions of great names in progressive rock help to push this album to greatness. The main storyline is temporarily interrupted by filler songs depicting a few specific human beings on earth, and I think this is totally welcome, because it pauses the big omniscient view and allows the listener to view the struggles of the humans as the Forevers are watching them.

It links every single album together, the final experiment in which the forevers attempt to help humans turn back time, the electric castle, revealed to be a psychic experiment by the forevers, the dream sequencer, which begins the mythology of the first cosmic entity with a soul, the Universal Migrator, and the Human Equation, which is revealed to be another experiment similar to the electric castle.

All in all, this album brings an epic storyline to a close in rounding up everything and making connections that are quite interesting This is a bit like a look at the entire story through the eyes of the alien forevers rather than the humans that they happen to, and this fills in the information you were missing in the other albums, but at the same time leaves room for the listener's own interpretation. The creation myth of Ayreon is so fun and amazing, that in class, when we chose to do projects on creation myths, like Christianity, Greek mythology, Egyptian, etc I chose to do Ayreon!

Obviously since it's Arjen. What else can you expect from such a genius? To be honest, "Age of Shadows" instantly hooked me on. Songs where I enjoyed every little bit except rather longer "bit" which serves as intro. I really feel like you simply like him, or you don't. I grew old on sci-fi stories with little bit flavour of fantasy. Isn't this what Arjen is offerring us? So to song: Indeed, every bit except It may look monotone, but that's in fact every guitar riff repeating over and over.

When woman voice starts singing ""Forever He's master on doing this. To handle so many singers and vocalists, you have to be talented. And these, who sings, also by the way. Really liquid feeling. Slowly coming like slow creek, or should I say eternal creek? And then, also familiar string like tune. Why it's so well known, I must have heard this in past Ayreon's work.

But just as I'm reading wikipedia same as this story, just facts and facts, no emotions, this is why I'm writing reviews. But my shameless favourite is "Connect the Dots", because it reminds me myself. So mundane story, so non-mundane music try to find all instruments playing here without looking on wiki to help , with strong emphasis on melody, which is probably because of getting feeling of something from this Earth amongst alien ones.

So pleasant tune, so hanting lyrics. I can't help myself, this dystopia presented by AY is always so creepy, so pessimistic, but I know in deepness of my soul that also realistic. If not WW3 will destroy us, then nature disasters will do the job.

And if not them, then human himself will ruin everything. Five stars because of complexity, both lyrical and musical, but at the same time melody, wide variety of voices, IDEA and many other reasons which can be written, but aren't necessary. I'm not sure why, but the first time I listened to I was not impressed. I put the disk away in my collection, and did not go back to it. Now, finally, on the second listen, I have no idea what I thought I heard. I love this album!!! The music may be metal based, but it's much more than that.

The keyboards often have have Pink Floyd like tone, and the music is complex and intriguing. The vocalists are all outstanding, and the story told on the collection is compelling. So, if you buy this album. Give it a chance. Or a second chance like I did. Lets start with the lyrics, i'm someone who likes cheese very much but this is just over the top and plainly bad, just check this out: "I checked the web and left it on over night Downloading all the latest files Peer to peer, the torrent flows into my life And I disconnect" In some parts the lyrics just seem badly placed and way forced over the music.

The third problem with this album is the overkill of vocal talent, having something top-rate singers in an album sounds like vocal heaven but what happens here is pure overkill of different voices meshed together, there isnt enough space for each singer to properly leave their individuality mark throughout the album, and even someone who is familiar with most of the singers will struggle to figure out who is who on the first few listens in certain parts; was that coverdale?

As a hole or even whole , this album has its moments but some severe weaknesses, and the main problem of this album is that The Human Equation is a near-impossible album to top, and making a second part of that with more of everything isnt the recipe for a good album. Arjen, listen dear, i love your music, but next time get some decent lyrics, half the singers you used in this album, and reinvent yourself a little bit There isn't much in the way of sounds and melodies here that you haven't heard from Ayreon before, nor do the songs stick out above anything from earlier albums.

Also the concept fails to work. It doesn't improve the individual songs and it doesn't have the coherence from the Human Equation or Electric Castle. Call it lack of inspiration or lack of conviction in the Ayreon formula on Arjen Lucassen's part.

The approach is the same as on the Human equation. Two cd's of rock opera with plenty of heavy metal and symphonic rock influences. The cast is baffling, featuring some of the most remarkable voices in metal of the last ten years.

On paper it sounds like a recipe for success but the whole enterprise doesn't get off the ground. It takes an extreme effort to sit through this tepid album and not press the skip button before each song is halfway through. Just too predictable and deja-entendu. It's a much better idea to ignore this album altogether and have another go at one of the earlier rock operas that preceded it.

The Ayreon saga has reached a disappointing end. Report this review Posted Wednesday, November 4, Review Permalink praj At times, Lyrics can make or break a concept album. I'll start with the last track, beautiful song, love it, but the lyrics Then there are songs like "New Born Race" Then there's Liquid Eternity, I like it, the chorus is just repeated a bit too much.

Now other than those, for me, this is the discovery album for Ayreaon. I tried Human Equation and a few others a while back and they just didn't click. Having a veritable who's who of vocalists providing their voices is a novelty, it makes things interesting. You can look at the list. I don't listen to all of them in their own bands, so some are a discovery. It's good to hear Jorn Lande singing prog again, his voice and delivery does have character. Hansi Kursch chimes in in a similar way.

Daniel Gildenlow is developing a different style these days, but still impresses with his soaring high notes. I'm not sure who sings the quiet bit in Age of Shadows, but I like it. The female vocals are also beautiful, though I don't listen to Epica, etc.

Musically, we have some great one-off keyboard solos from Derek Sherinian and Tomas Bodin along with some great guitar solos from Arjen and some special guests. Drums provided Ed Warby shouldn't be downplayed either. Age of Reason is a great catchy opener, apart from the 80's keyboards, before the next track which has a more Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine sound.

There's an industrial keyboard feel throughout the album, tempered by the folkier songs. Melodies jump out and catch your brain, with Beneath the Waves being one of the strongest in the middle of the album. In the end, this is an excellent addition to ANY prog rock music collection, despite a few cringes along the way.

This being the latest offering with the wierdly confusing title , i believe its some kind of morse code.. Everything about this album is fantastic the production is so clean and everything just jumps out at you, even the accoustic guitars really shine, with some of the strongest vocal proformances i've ever heard, overall just fantastic. I would highly recomend this album to anyone prog fan or not. Instant Classic. Report this review Posted Sunday, May 16, Review Permalink deathlifereborn Wow, this album is totally excellent thats all there is to it I found out about this band all by mistake, just looking randomly through Lastfm and I came across this guy who's favorite band was this one, and I was curious to know about them and got which is the binary code for the first cd Y.

The mastermind that is Arjen Anthony Lucassen, brings to me a masterpiece of music, with lots of guest muscians and singers, excellent singers may I add. All the songs on both cds are really impressive with the vast pot of different style added to the mixture. This album is a must have for any Prog lover, and is a masterpiece though I haven't heard any of the other Ayreon albums Special thanks goes to Arjen for getting me into some of the bands singers that featured on this album.

The best way to purchase this is to ensure you get the special edition which comes in a beautiful little box with a DVD of certain tracks and some higher quality versions. The guest artists are an incredible plethora of talent from a variety of genres.

Floor Jansen is brilliant as always, and has featured on Ayreon projects especially Star One. Ayreon as usual is utterly sparkling on guitar and keys, and in fact all musicians are virtuoso talents. The concept is heavy handed and difficult to grasp not that it matters, it is the overall experience of being transported to another realm that is the ultimate pleasure for Ayreonauts. The guitars are heavy at times but there are enormous slices of ambience. A lot of this is familiar territory to early Ayreon though nothing compares to the masterpiece The Human Equation.

As a followup this latest album is a delight although not as brillaint as THAT album, which is almost impossible to beat. This is more like the kid sister of Into The Electric Castle especially in concept and musical dexterity. The songs themselves are not as memorable but the whole album as an entire epic concept works on the senses as it is playing. Nothing really sinks in after the album has finished and this is unusual for Ayreon. Highlights are still here and it is evident as soon as the track ends that you have heard a classic, namely Liquid Eternity, and Ride the Comet.

Unnatural Selection has a huge passage of incredible instrumentation and really blows the walls apart with sheer power and force. I have to say this is perhaps not the place to start for newcomers to Ayreon as Into the Electric Castle and The Human Equation bury it, both conceptually and musically, however there is nothing wrong with taking the journey after one has settled into the uncanny world of Ayreon.

Lucassen's projects and especially his Ayreon project, something he started way back in Each album in this project has improved upon the last and culminated with his masterpiece The Human Equation. Ahh, but where do you go from here?

Can it actually get any better? Unfortunately for Ayreon, just doesn't seem to match up to the quality of previous efforts. I just cannot put my finger on why this is case for this album. It has the feel of being thrown together and it has the feeling of following "the formula. I'm not going to go into the storyline of because other reviewers already have. I don't think the concept is as badly conceived as others have stated. I think it's more in the music and the delivery of that music.

I don't know exactly how I can put this in words, but it would seem that Ayreon is experiencing the "doldrums," for a lack of a better term. That's the feeling I get with this album. The excitement is gone. Still, Mr. Lucassen and his host of guests are technically proficient and the concept is decent enough. Some songs are good, some are skippers. Overall, I don't think this is bad enough to warrant two stars. It has its good moments, so I feel confident in giving this a middle-of-the-road three star rating.

I hope this is just a bump in the road and not the start of a decline for Ayreon. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Report this review Posted Thursday, October 14, Review Permalink arcane-beautiful And here it is, my favorite Ayreon album, and why, I'll tell ye why The songs are the best Arjen has ever written, and don't try and argue with me on that.

It's so different from any other Ayreon album, and I know it has that distinctive Ayreon sound, but it also has a wider range of influences, and all you skeptics out their who claim that its just repetitive and the same as all the other Ayreon albums need to grow up, stop being so smug, picky and glum and just listen and enjoy. And the story is also the most interesting with some aspects of the overall Ayreon concept, with a broader reach on the stort, e.

And as a double album, it's actually quite snugly packed, with the total length just under 2 hours, perfect. Age Of Shadows - The chorus is amazing, and this song got me interested in the amazing power of Steve Lee, and his cheesy as hell band Gotthard. The We Are Forever part has amazing use of vocorder and some nice counterpoint.

Comatose - Jorn does have a nice calm voice in this song. The calm nature of this song is amazing, and the chorus is lovely. Liquid Eternity - Kick ass song, with the highlight being the epic vocals from Tom Englund in the bridge even though I've got mixed feelings about Evergrey.

Connect The Dots - I do really like this song and I do think it is infectiously catchy, but the lyrics are bit too odd, and seem confused and a wee bit "trying to be modern" for Arjen. Beneath The Waves - Great vocals and some great instrumental work. Newborn Race - Best song on the album. If you need the definition of a vocal battle hear it is.

I can rhyme this song off like gospel, I love it too bits. Ride The Comet - Pretty epic chours. Some nice riffing. The 5th Extinction - Instrumentally this song is epic as hell. The vocals are just good as well. Waking Dreams - Lovely chorus and the instrumentation is odd, but it works. River Of Time - Hansi just rules this song. Great chorus. Just epic as hell really. The 6th Extinction - Very epic and so over the top. The highlight of this one really is the meld of Jonas' growls and Floor's amazing luscious high alto warbles.

The riffing at the end is also very spine chilling, expecially when the last vocals you hear is Steve Lees again, the dead really do have an odd effect. Critics need to wisen up, and Arjen should really do it for the fans, not for those awkward cretins.

This album is about the end of the world. What can I say for this album? There's a big variety in music. Metal,classical,folk,electronic and opera. The music is calm,angry,positive,negative,heavy,operatic e. There are two sides 2 cds. The Y side and the Earth side.


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Options of binary ayreon shadows age list of betting exchange sites

Age Of Shadows/We Are Forever

Download as PDF Printable version. List of Ayreon guest musicians. The Human Equation Timeline Live. On This Perfect Day. Fate of a Dreamer. Belgian Albums Chart Flanders [13]. Help Learn to edit Community in the Real World Elected. Space Metal Victims of the. Belgian Albums Charts Wallonia [14]. Ty TaborArjen Anthony.

Ayreon age of shadows binary trading - Bitcoin xrp exchange. "" is the binary representation of the letter Y. 's plot is tied to the Allmusic With Ayreon, Dutch multi-instrumentalist Arjen Anthony Lucassen has It doesn't care; it just goes on and on Track listing 01) age of shadows 02). Ayreon Age Of Shadows Binary Options. Ayreon idade das sombras opções binárias A idade de Ayreon de sombras opções binárias A observação visual.