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On Jan. This year, according to the video platform, YouTube expanded the YouTube Premium service — initially launched in the U. Moving forward, YouTube Premium will include early access to original, exclusive content as a reason to pay for the service.

YouTube has faced stiff competition in trying to lure paying customers with original content against the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, which spend far more on content. According to YouTube, the strategy of putting originals featuring homegrown YouTube stars on the subscription VOD service worked: That programming drove fans to sign up for the service and giving creators a new canvas for longer-form projects.

Last year, YouTube expanded its originals slate to include ad-supported programming. And on Tuesday, Nov. The movie was produced in association with Participant Media and Concordia Studio. Home Digital News. Nov 27, pm PT. See All. More From Our Brands. Expand the sub menu Film.

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Welcome to Steps To Investing's brand new show. There's something for everyone - from those curious to make their first steps, and those with a more establis. Step by step guide on the 3 best investments to own for life. Learn how to invest your money like a minimalist in the stock market. ▻ My Stock. is an investing education website designed to simplify the world of investing; getting us all closer to our goal of achieving financial.