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Between the hardware, the software and selecting a mining pool it took a bit more time than we thought it should. The tutorial below can take anyone from hopeful cryptocurrency miner to successful mining rig builder and miner. This is a multi-part series. This is what the GPU mining rig will look like when it is just about complete. They are both good technologies.

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Core data sqlite vs binary options

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This is the place where iOS stores all kinds of sensitive user data like usernames, passwords, certificates and more. If you have secure data that you need to store somewhere, the keychain should be your place to go. I personally use the keychain to store things like OAuth tokens that authenticate the user against a web service. Apple themselves use the keychain for much more than just tokens, they even store entire security certificates in the keychain.

On iOS, the keychain is probably the best-secured place for you to store data. However, like everything on a device, the keychain can be cracked and you should keep that in mind. If I can avoid storing passwords, I will. The good news is that there are wrappers available on CocoaPods, Carthage and Swift Package Manager that make using the Keychain much, much easier.

I personally like KeychainAccess by kishikawakatsumi a lot. Databases are very good at efficiently storing large amounts of structured data. If any of these objects have large binary blobs attached to them, like images, you might want to consider mixing disk storage and database storage by writing the large blob of data to disk and storing the path to your data in the database.

Databases on iOS are stored on the device, often in the documents directory. As always, be very careful with what you store and avoid storing any sensitive data like usernames, passwords, and access token. The Keychain is a better fit for these kinds of data.

Depending on the database of your choice you will use SQL queries, predicates or something else to access and filter the data in your database. You learned that the Keychain is the most secure place to store user secrets. User defaults are great for simple key-value pairs that represent user preferences. File storage is great for storing large blobs of data and lastly, databases should be used to store structured data.

I hope this blog post will help you to make informed decisions about data storage. Thanks to Ahmed Khalaf for suggesting that I add notes about the max storage for user defaults and that it's loaded into memory when your app launched. Learn everything you need to know about Combine and how you can use it in your projects with my new book Practical Combine. You'll get thirteen chapters, a Playground and a handful of sample projects to help you get up and running with Combine as soon as possible.

I know. This is a clickbaity title. And yes, I know that this list is not relevant for everybody. I know that not every iOS developer has to learn everything on this list. That said, Read more…. As developers, we constantly deal with layers of abstractions that make our lives easier. We have abstractions over low level networking operations that allow us to make network calls with URLSession.

Core Data provides an Read more…. The prospect of having an easy to integrate set of over 1, icons that Read more…. Deciding where to store data Published by donnywals on November 25, November 25, Stay up to date with my weekly newsletter Email Marketing permission : I give my consent to donnywals.

Practical Combine Learn everything you need to know about Combine and how you can use it in your projects with my new book Practical Combine. Viewed 94k times. Improve this question. Jonas Jason Medeiros Jason Medeiros 5, 3 3 gold badges 23 23 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Could you please add a link to en.

Note that Core Data is not and should not be used as a database! Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Priyank Jotangiya 7 7 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. Barry Wark Barry Wark k 24 24 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Excellent answer. FMDB has moved to github -- github. With iOS 5. Try www. More: mjtsai. Joel Levin Joel Levin 2, 1 1 gold badge 19 19 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. Peter Mortensen The Overflow Blog.

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That is the most important difference because there is very little to compare. Core Data and SQLite are solutions to different problems. An object graph is nothing more than a collection of interconnected objects. The framework excels at managing complex object graphs. The framework is responsible for managing the life cycle of the objects in the object graph. It can optionally persist the object graph to disk and it also offers a powerful interface for searching the object graph it manages.

But Core Data is much more than that. The framework adds a number of other compelling features, such as input validation, data model versioning, and change tracking. I already mentioned that Core Data can use a SQLite database as its persistent store, but it also has support for other persistent store types, including a binary store and an in-memory store. The database schema of the SQLite database used by Core Data is an implementation detail of the framework.

It isn't publicly documented and liable to change. What should you use? Core Data or SQLite? Once again, that is the wrong question to ask. If you need a lightweight solution and don't need Core Data's feature set, then SQLite may fit your needs. It provides an object-oriented wrapper written in Objective-C.

Can the feature be implemented in a portable fashion for all the currently supported versions of the. Does the feature fit well with the current design of the project? How much time will it take to design, implement, and test the feature?

Will the feature benefit the entire community or only a tiny subset thereof? NET Framework 2. SQLite assembly. NET Framework 3. Linq assembly. NET Framework 4. EF6 assembly. All sub-projects are fully supported with the. Currently, Visual Studio , , , , , , and are supported, including the "Express" editions; however, in order to build the entire solution, including the necessary native code, the "Professional" edition or higher is required. The design-time components are no longer supported for the Express editions due to licensing restrictions.

These are the primary NuGet packages: System. NET provider. These NuGet packages may contain "beta" code and are not intended for production use. Beta : Just the managed ADO. Beta : Just support for Entity Framework 6 using System. This package targets the desktop. NET Framework. This package targets the. NET Standard 2. These NuGet packages may contain pre-release code and are not intended for production use.

Test : Just the managed ADO. Test : Just support for Entity Framework 6 using System. Finally, there are legacy NuGet packages for backwards compatibility. If possible, projects using these should be updated to use either the "System. SQLite" or "System. Core" package instead of using these legacy packages. These legacy NuGet packages should not be used for new projects and may stop receiving updates in the future. NET provider all rolled into a single mixed-mode assembly for x This is documented on the build procedures page.

Alternatively, there is now a pre-built binary package for Mono on the download page. This is documented on the release procedures page. Strictly speaking, there is no need to install System. SQLite on any development machine e. The recommended way to use the assemblies is: Download the precompiled binary package for your target framework and processor architecture e.

Extract the package to a directory named "Externals" inside your project directory. Add a reference to the "System. SQLite" assembly from the "Externals" directory. If necessary i. Linq" assembly from the "Externals" directory. EF6" assembly from the "Externals" directory.

Alternatively, when using Visual Studio or later, you can simply use the NuGet package that corresponds to your target processor architecture. Installing the assemblies into the Global Assembly Cache is not recommended as it may cause conflicts with other applications installed on the machine. SQLite on any end-user machine e. The recommended way to deploy the assemblies is "application local" i. Either the named dynamic link library DLL cannot be located or it cannot be loaded due to missing dependencies.

Make sure the named dynamic link library is located in the application directory or a directory along the system PATH and try again. The named dynamic link library DLL contains native code that was built for a processor architecture that is not compatible with the current process e. Another explanation is that the named dynamic link library was built for a later version of the CLR than is available in the current process e. Because the assembly was built for the.

A mixed-mode assembly is a dynamic link library that contains both managed code and native code for a particular processor architecture. Since it contains native code it can only be loaded into a process that matches the processor architecture it was compiled for. Also see this StackOverflow question. The "bundle" packages listed on the download page contains the System.

SQLite mixed-mode assembly in a file named "System. The "Setup" packages are designed to install the necessary files, optionally installing the assemblies into the Global Assembly Cache, generating native images for the managed assemblies via Ngen, adding Start Menu shortcuts, modifying the. NET provider, and installing the design-time components for Visual Studio. The "Precompiled Binary" packages are simply ZIP files that contain all the binaries compiled for a particular.