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In order to compare the groups of dentitions from different populations of peo- Caries develops when bacteria and plaque, which is a ple, the state of completeness of the examined material, deposit containing sugar, mix with saliva, and form specifically the relationship between examinable teeth acids that attack the enamel Teuber Beginning with the enamel surface, the The first molar in the upper jaw On the other was restricted to visible lesions without consideration hand, the incisors and canines as well as the lower for severity or location.

Carious lesions were found in premolars and third molars are only seldom af- 76 of the adult individuals or a frequency of Of the 2, teeth available for Carious lesions are most prevalent in the cheek examination, had carious lesions including 84 in the teeth, which is a typical pattern for caries Caselitz upper jaw and 67 in the lower jaw, which translates to a The predisposition for the high rate of car- prevalence of 5.

The teeth of the upper dentition are ies observed in these teeth is attributed to various slightly more affected by caries 7. Their position at the distal part of the jaw lower jaw 4. A closer look at the individual tooth reduces the amount of physiological self cleaning types shows differential caries burdening Tab.

Palaeodemographic and palaeopathological aspects to the late medieval village population of Diepensee 95 Fig. Molars are also the largest teeth and therefore Caries burden cannot be effectively or accurately esti- have larger surface areas available for attack by mated based solely on the frequency of carious teeth. A cariogenic processes. The first permanent molar better method for assessing the caries stress experi- already erupts at an age of around six years and it enced by each tooth type is conducted using the caries is usually the tooth most affected by caries since it and extraction index abbreviated as I-CE.

Prevalence has been used for mastication and exposed to car- is established with the sum of the percentages of cari- iogenic surroundings and abrasion the longest. Several differences are shown in a comparison of The figure calculated with the I-CE for the Diepens- data from other medieval populations from Mark ee series is The greatest caries stress on a Brandenburg Fig.

The caries incidence sinks pro- are affected most often by caries at Diepensee. The The medieval inhabitants of the city Liebenwalde lowest value was found for the canine 6. In contrast, the village population from Treskow Caselitz indicates that the I-CE is an ap- Garz and the urban inhabitants from Ber- propriate index for population comparisons Fig.

When the results from Diepensee are compared of caries experience, especially the molar teeth. Periapical abscesses were identified similar caries stress for each individual tooth type on the first premolar and first molar of the left up- becomes apparent which also indicates a regularity per jaw Fig. Only the second and third mo- Abscesses and infections of the periodontal tissues lars in the Diepensee series exhibit a clearly lower usually lead to serious health problems. Complica- caries stress.

In all, the molars in all populations tions involve spread of the infection to surround- show the highest caries experience, which results ing tissues resulting in life threatening situations primarily from the reduced self cleaning ability in and possibly lethal consequences Alt et al.

The prevalence of infections and abscess is have the least amount of caries. A profound, large carious lesion often results in Table 6 lists the individual results attained from differ- the opening of the root canal, which can then be ent medieval skeletal series from Brandenburg. Results from the both pressure and pain. This fistula forming in- Diepensee series place it in the lowest range of caries flammatory condition at the tooth root was identi- experience.

A comparative study by Caselitz in fied in The Middle Ages show a slump in this Figure 17 shows a fistula near the left, lower first trend and only after AD is there a clear rise in molar of a year old woman from Burial There is no apparent difference between the diets consumed by rural and city inhabitants.

Medieval nutri- There is a consensus in dental medicine that diet plays tion was dominated by grain foods and eaten primarily a decisive role in the genesis of caries and did so also in in the form of bread and gruel. Nutritional variety was the past. The main cariogenic factor is that a large part significantly more limited than it is today and foods of the diet includes simple sugars capable of rapid oral such as vegetables hardly played a role in the diet. Diet pH depression with a long recovery time.

People whose in rural settings was self supplied. Improved roads and subsistence depends primarily on plant foods, particu- extensive trade routes ensured regular access to luxury larly grains, exhibit a higher incidence of caries than goods such as exotic spices, rice, dates, figs, and raisins populations where the nutrition is comprised mainly of Behre Garz views the caries burden tion of animal proteins. On the contrary, the village of found in the inhabitants of the village Treskow as typi- Tasdorf showed greater reliance upon a vegetable diet.

The increased consumption of Tooth type Total sugary foods may have lead to the elevated caries stress. Nutritional differences between populations are not de- Incisor 1 3. Carious lesions are also more seldom in the city population of Liebenwalde Molar 2 2. The question arises whether the cause in Molar 3 2. Because Total 3. Therefore, the low frequency of carious lesions mastication were recorded for each individual tooth ac- recorded in these populations might reflect the influ- cording to the amount of enamel present.

Five different ence of fish meat in the diet. Czarnetzki et al. Assessment of the average level of are difficult to assess Wahl However, it can be abrasion was conducted by multiplying a level with the asserted that the dental health of the medieval Diepens- number of times that particular level was recorded.

The level of abrasion was scored in adult individu- Occlusal abrasion als and totalled teeth. Every adult dentition, rang- ing from adult to senile age class, was affected by abra- Throughout a life time and beginning shortly after sive tooth wear.

The average levels found are presented eruption of the teeth, the human dentition is subjected in Table 7. The abrasive quality of nutri- The anterior teeth are most affected by dental abrasion, tional components is responsible for most tooth wear.

Dental abrasion for the The level of abrasion is decisive in revealing informa- whole of the Diepensee series is 3. To paratively high result. The average level of abrasion what extent hard fibres are consumed as well as the found at Treskow was 3. The moderately high level of powder from milling stones or wood ash mixed in with abrasion indicates that the diet was comprised of hard the food both influence the level of wear incurred upon food stuffs that required a long masticatory period.

The the teeth Brothwell Tooth wear is also depen- nutritional components must have included a large por- dant on biological parameters such as enamel hardness tion of hard fibres with lots of abrasive particles, and Czarnetzki Different stages of horizontal wear therefore was probably mainly vegetable in nature.

Palaeodemographic and palaeopathological aspects to the late medieval village population of Diepensee 99 Age class adult matur senil Abrasion level 2. The main cereal products at Teltow were probably rye, barley, and oats Bohm Oats and barley in par- ticular both contain a high concentration of silicic acid and copious amounts of husks that are difficult to re- move by threshing Netolitzky The carbohydrate rich grains build the basis for the production of bread and gruel.

Bread was usually backed in large quantities in order to provide a week supply Greth This Fig. Diets that primarily incorporate less abrasive compo- nents like animal based products and refined flour without husks slow down the abrasion process teeth are exposed to. Increasing age is accompanied by a rise in the level of tooth wear Tab.

Heavy dental abrasion can lead to the opening of the Fig. The lower teeth of a year old man from Burial exhibit an irregular wear pattern. The pulp cavity of the right first molar is exposed which resulted in the formation of a periapical abscess Fig. The entire upper dentition of a year old man Burial has been worn down to the root. Because all of the pulp cavities are filled with secondary dentine the assump- tion follows that the attritional process was slow and progressive Fig.

The deciduous dentitions also showed signs of wear. Both incisors generally weaning was completed can be approximated by a displayed the most wear Fig. At what point with advancing age, particularly on the incisors. A years, and on the cheek teeth between the ages of closer examination reveals a clear pattern of wear that and years.

At the age of four years the influence of is probably related to some handcraft. This type of me- hard abrasive foods are clearly observable and were no chanical abrasion has been evidenced, for example, in doubt consumed some time earlier. The exact cause of these non-alimentary wear sis, a figure that is probably comparable to Diepensee.

Rateischak et al. The presence of Lastly, the presence of dental abrasion in the form of calculus indicates poor dental hygiene and predisposes grooving resulting from activities not associated with periodontal disease. Population of calculus with micro- eating on the dentitions from six skeletons in the Buri- organisms can cause heavy irritation of the gingivae, als , , , und deems mentioning.

Because the structure of cal- culus is fragile and susceptible to damage it is often lost to some extent in historical skeletons already during ex- cavation and the actual original amount of calculus de- posits are difficult to assess Schultz For this rea- son only the general presence of calculus in each dentition was scored and recorded.

A total of All of the teeth belong- ing to the year old woman in Burial had supra- gingival calculus. The garland-like border of the calculus along the tooth root is clearly visible in Figure Con- siderable calculus deposits are seen on the right half of the dentition and the cheek teeth of the lower and upper Fig. Even year old woman Grave There was no evidence for the cause of this extreme case of calculus. In contrast to caries for which a chemical process is responsible, periodontal disease is caused primarily by irritation: calculus and bacteria irritate the gingivae and catalyze an infection Teuber This results in destruction of the alveolar rim, which takes on a smooth or slightly wavy appearance Schultz The dentitions from the Diepensee population showed a prevalence of alveolar destruction characteristic of peri- odontal disease of One remarkable example of a late adult age senil woman with severe vertical bone Fig.

Evidence of nut r itional def iciency and stress markers Several deficiency disorders leave traces on bones that can be detected hundreds of years later Schultz Included here are vitamin deficiencies that cause rick- ets and scurvy. Deficiencies can have different origins, for example, inadequate supply, consumption of unfor- tified foods, intestinal malabsorption, impaired syn- thesis or increased demand. A closer look shows that the role malnutrition plays is Fig.

Deficiencies are ease Schultz A vicious cycle is initiated because more readily noticeable in children than adults be- infections cause deficiency disorders through blood loss cause they are still developing physically and mentally or intestinal abnormalities Grupe et al. Cribra orbitalia Welcker first coined the term cribra orbitalia to describe the porous bone changes seen on the lamina externa of the orbital roof, a feature often noted in ear- ly populations.

Cribra orbitalia can be viewed as a non- specific feature of malnutrition, whereby the causative Fig. The orbital roofs of 69 children in the age classes infans I and II were examined in the Diepensee skeletal mate- rial. Lesions considered to represent cribra orbitalia were diagnosed in 28 cases An indication of lesion severity was not made.

In the absence of differ- ential diagnostic methods the exact pathologic cause of the various forms observed, which range from large pore lesions Fig. In comparison to other medieval populations the prev- alence of cribra orbitalia at Diepensee A similarly low prevalence was detected in Altenerd- ing with There are however, no clear tendencial patterns in the prevalence of cribra orbitalia observable between the different populations on either a regional or chronological basis.

Zink Fig. Signs of defi- holes and reactive periosteal bone layers scattered bone find. Most cases of cribra orbitalia from Enamel hypoplasia the Diepensee series were diagnosed in children older than three years of age with prevalence peaking be- Enamel hypoplasias result from an irreversible inter- tween the ages of four to six years Tab. In addition to de- the dentitions examined only one clearly defined fur- fects related to local disturbances such as trauma or row was visible Fig.

Table 11 presents a comparison of information from Generalized disturbances result in the symmetrical ar- Diepensee with data recorded for other populations in rangement of hypoplasias on homologous tooth groups Brandenburg. They are usually viewed as unspecific indicators caused by infections and temporary nutri- Documentation from a number of historic populations tional deficiencies Schultz et al. Of these, 56 in- urban from Liebenwalde, Bernau and Berlin.

The low- dividuals None recorded and without an indication of whether the de- were observed on the deciduous dentition. Therefore, the actual prevalence cannot be accurately An average of 2. This comparison of rural populations Berlin, by contrast, represented important and densely shows that Diepensee in fact had the highest rate ob- populated cities in medieval Mark Brandenburg.

The served. Based upon standard schematic illus- Even though Liebenwalde was lawfully considered a tration of dental development e. Massler et al. The result from a de- velopmental standstill in rapidly growing long bones Most of the hypoplasias recorded for the Diepensee McHenry and are most often detected on the population were formed during the ages between two tibiae Schultz b.

They are evidence for times of and three years. The frequency remains high up to an crises that the organism survived such as hunger, mal- age between four and five years and then sinks again nutrition, or disease. No hypoplasias were formed during the first year of life or after the age of seven to eight years. As mentioned earlier research project by Felsch at the Free University see Child mortality. Several excerpts by the age of years.

This period of increased risk of these results are presented here. In all, 44 tibiae from and physiological stress is no doubt reflected in the a total of children from burials in the age classes large prevalence of hypoplasias observed in this age infans I und II were available for radiographic exami- group. The low number of hypoplasias exhibited in the nation, and of these 34 exhibited Harris lines.

Bernau series indicates that children in this age brack- et were at lower risk for health hazards. The chances of surviving this critical vived times of physiological crises during developmen- phase were apparently better in the city. On the other tal years. The average stress burden seen varies decid- hand, urban children were more prone to contracting edly between the different populations.

The most Harris infectious diseases because of the densely inhabited lines formed in the children from Bernau 4. The greatest number of Tasdorf Faber et al. By contrast, the hypoplasias in children from Bernau was observed be- average number of Harris lines of 2 found per individ- tween the ages of three and five years. A disruption in ual at Diepensee is clearly lower. An even lower number the mineralization process through infectious disease of Harris lines were detected in the children from Tres- was likely the cause here.

However, forty percent of the children in the age classes infans I and II in this popula- Harris lines tion died before reaching the age of three Tomiak The percent frequency was then assessed. Be- dren exhibited Harris lines also indicates that many cause a correlation with the prevalence of enamel hy- were successfully able to survive the critical phase in poplasia is frequently discussed e. The presumption of better living stan- Schultz , this is also presented see Fig. Some Harris lines are formed already in the fi rst year Like enamel hypoplasias, an age at formation can be of life followed by a sharp rise in frequency with a determined for Harris lines as well.

The examination maximum between the ages of two to three years. A rise in and determined the age of formation by reading mortality rate at the same time refer to Fig. As men- aptation to hard work seems to be complete by the age tion earlier, the change to adult food during the of ten since Harris lines no longer are exhibited in the weaning period is probably the main causative factor.

Mother were aware of the dangers associated with weaning and were advised to do so gradually. In the Unique cases beginning they were supposed to feed their children only soft, paste-like or pre-chewed foods such as The personal fates of people are also revealed in the bread dunked in honey water, oat gruel or beef soup skeletons.

A grave in the church interior contained a Shahar The frequency of Harris lines clearly skeleton that was found to be laid out in a peculiar posi- drops off as age progressed, although the number of tion Burial Unearthing of the grave revealed that enamel hypoplasias remained high.

Apparently the the legs of an approximately 40 year old woman were bodily stresses children were subjected to continued, tightly flexed Fig. Skeletons in flexed positions are however, these did not manifest themselves in devel- unusual for medieval Christian burials. Upon examina- opmental lags but as interruptions in the mineraliza- tion of the skeleton a pathologic lesion of the left prox- tion process of teeth, which may have been associated imal femur was diagnosed. The head of the femur was with infectious diseases.

The distribution of Harris completely missing, a condition caused by necrosis it- lines once again shows a small rise between the ages self probably resulting from an infectious disease Fig. The woman may have had severe pain causing her cal demands placed on these children following their to crouch together at the time of death and was subse- initiation into adult working life.

This transition took quently buried in that flexed position. As the of the proximal end Fig. A similar case was de- child grew older, the work burden increased. This type of defor- mity can be caused by a developmental disturbance during growth or due to a childhood injury that dam- aged the epiphysis.

However, a heavily deformed me- dial condyle of the left femur and mid-thoracic verte- bral compression fracture both indicate that a Fig. This was a custom often seen practiced at the Diepensee cemetery and is a certain degree of elasticity, however, when the limit associated with the superstition of the walking dead of flexibility is exceeded, bone failure results Kunter Jungklaus a.

The impact of acute mechanical forces is the main cause of injury to bone that is seen on historical The lower extremities and displaced right humerus of skeletons. The spectrum of possible mechanical dam- a child were found in a disturbed grave Burial The disorder is a congenital al. Bone injury and facture can also provide disruption affecting the growth in length of the long evidence for the presence of violent conflict in a past bones and belongs to a group of skeletal dysplasias population Claassen The bones are characteristically short but have a nor- In all, 2.

This inherited were affected. The skulls of two individuals have clear- disorder is very rare, and up to now, has not been re- ly identifiable weapon wounds that can be interpreted corded in archaeological material from Brandenburg. All forms of injury incurred upon bone are designated A scattered bone find in the grave pit of Burial as traumas. Various types of fracture can result from a consisting of the calvarium of an adult male displayed myriad of forces applied to bone such as pressure, ten- numerous fine cuts centred around the forehead Fig.

Each individual bone possesses The proximal half of the right humerus is considerably shortened. The differen- cuts are visible Fig. They might be traces left by tial break pattern of bone seen in living or dead bone knife cuts since they are not deep and are rather short. An Porr However, whether they were induced an- attempted scalping does not appear likely because the temortem or perimortem cannot be determined Geld- cut marks are only present in the middle of the frontal hauer et al.

Scattered bone Fig. The endocranial surface of the frontal bone also exhib- its healing of the injuries that obviously penetrated through the skull bone. In addition, a small, bulging bone defect was found on the interior frontal bone sur- face Fig. It is more likely the result of an accident than from violence.

The majority of traumatic lesions observed on the skel- etons of the people of Diepensee were probably caused through accidents. A fracture with marked shortening Fig. These types man scattered bone find in Grave Several large gnarled, Two individuals Burials and exhibited mul- healed bone defects are present on the right side of the tiple rib fractures.

In both cases each had broken two forehead just above the orbit. The large bones of the lower extremities are usually the most common loca- tion for fracture Hamilton Su m m a r y The fully documented cemetery find from Diepensee represents the first time for the state of Brandenburg that an late medieval skeletal series was found in its entirety.

The osteological and palaeopathological ex- aminations yielded a substantial amount of data that were utilized primarily to promote the reconstruction of the living standards of the village population. The Fig. Charac- teristic parameters of palaeodemographic analysis are the determination of age structure of a population, rate of infant mortality, and the mid-range life expectancy. The skeletal series from Diepensee shows a peak death rate during infant age as well as during both adult and matur age classes, which is typical for a normal prein- dustrial population Grupe et al.

In an examina- tion of mortality rate and sex distribution, women were shown to have died most often during early adult age and men in the late stage of the matur age class. The high mortality rate in young women is generally be- lieved to result from the increased burden they were subject to because of pregnancy and childbirth. The markedly high number of juveniles found to have died is possible evidence for the existence of bubonic plague Fig.

In light of the com- paratively high regional life expectancy of 30 years, there was ample evidence indicating that the living standards at medieval Diepensee were fairly good. The results of palaeopathological examinations give information to the disease burden of a population as well as providing evidence to better understand impor- tant aspects such as the nutritional situation and hy- gienic conditions. Because carbohydrate rich plant foods like bread and other grain products are in Fig.

The fracture site displays a typical healing cal- ee more likely subsisted on a diet composed of animal lus Fig. However, the level of dental abrasion observed, Bruchkanten gut zu erkennen Abb. A gradual and progressive Interestingly, there was only one example of fracture in abrasion can counter the development of caries Rob- the lower extremities. Therefore, the medieval Diepensee diet was prob- Boenisch G. Bohm E. Evidence for malnutrition and general physiological Siedlung und Agrarwesen.

Berlin im Mittelalter. Ausstellungskatalog: Berlin: Nicolaische stress were comparatively seldom amongst the subadult Verlagsbuchhandlung. However, a high frequency of non-specific stress markers observed in small children indicates that this Broadbent B.

Holly Sr. Holly Jr. Staint Louis: The C. Mosby Comp. Markers such as Cribra or- bitalia, enamel hypoplasias, and Harris lines all show a Brothwell D. This age The Macroscopic Dental Pathology of some Earlier Human period was laden with risks for the children but is not populations. Brothwell D. Per- necessarily correlated with an increased mortality rate. Jensen, E. Paul, Minn. W0VEE — R. Keller, Bellevue, Maplewood, Mo. Clark, Ave.

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Dieses Haus bietet schon im Erdgeschoss alles was dazu gehort: Einen lichtdurchfluteten Wohn. Genau so individuell wie Sie selbst! Die einzigartige Tageslichtwand in Verbindung mit unserer individuellen Grundrissgestaltung lasst keine Wunsche offen. Und genau so einzigartig sind die Moglichkeiten der Gestaltung Ihres Wohnraumes. Sie betreten die Diele und haben direkt einen freien Blick g Family 1 bringt modernes Wohnen auf den Punkt. Im Dachgeschoss finden sich drei geraumige Zi Haus zum Kauf in Bettingen - Bungalow.

Hier finden Familien mit bis zu zwei Kindern Platz und haben zudem noch die Moglich Haus zum Kauf in Wettlingen. Der Satteldachklassiker in Kubusform uberze Haus zum Kauf in Brimingen - Terrasse. Dieser Bungalow besticht durch edle Eleganz. Wenn Sie durch die Haustur eintreten kommen Sie zuerst in die einladende Diele mit direktem Zugang zum Haustechnikraum.

Auf Wunsch konnen wir eine Garage mit Verbindungstur an dies Haus zum Kauf in Enzen. Hier stehen Ihnen auf zwei Etagen qm zur Verfugung. Haus zum Kauf in Baustert - Garten. Einen ganz eigenen Stil hat dieses Haus mit versetztem Pultdach und abgestuftem Grundrisskonzept.

Die einzigartige Hausform in Verbindung mit unserer individuellen Grundrissgestaltung lasst keine Wunsche offen. Und genau so einzigartig sind die Moglichkeiten d Haus zum Kauf in Altscheid. Haus zum Kauf in Ralingen. Der Satteldachklassiker in Kubusform ube Haus zum Kauf in Krautscheid. Durch bescheidene Eleganz besticht das Haus Generation 5. Es ist so ausgelegt, dass jeder der sich darin wohlfuhlen mochte sein Haus durch eine Vielzahl an Bauteilen individualisieren kann.

Haus zum Kauf in Newel - Balkon. Stock eines Zweifamilienhauses. Haus zum Kauf in Orenhofen. Es bietet Platz fur 4. Das Haus ist modular durch Raster erweiterbar auf Ihre gewunschte qm Zahl. Das Architektenhaus wurde erbaut. Haus zum Kauf in Kyllburg.

Generation 3Eltern, Schwiegereltern und erwachsen gewordene Kinder. Mit der Einliegerwohnung im Erdgeschoss passen alle unter ein Dach. Muss es in der Bus- wartehalle so aussehen, wie es dies manchmal tut? Ich sage mal, nein, muss es nicht. Er kann es nicht alleine schaffen. Ich sichere euch zu, dass die Gemeinde dies alles besorgt. CoBelVO v. Wir empfehlen deutlich zu machen, dass die Spielplatznutzung nur aufrecht erhalten werden kann, wenn die Verhaltensregeln eingehalten werden.

Sonst bitte nacheinander und so, dass jedes Kind an die Reihe kommt. Wir bitten darum, sich in unser aller Interesse an diese Regelungen zu halten. Schreibt eure Ideen hier in Bettingen-Eifel hinein, und dann bin ich sicher, dass wir einen Top-Standort finden werden. Bei Vorliegen der entsprechenden Kriterien erfolgt auch eine A Gehe zu:.

Bereiche dieser Seite. Mehr von Bettingen - Eifel auf Facebook anzeigen. Passwort vergessen? Jetzt nicht. Stefanie Roth. Ferdinand Friedrich. Bettingen - Eifel Januar um Mehr ansehen. Bettingen - Eifel 8. Helfen trotz Corona. Dezember Bettingen - Eifel 7. November Bettingen - Eifel 2. Was gemacht werden muss, das darf nicht liegen bleiben. Auf Liesenberg ist nur noch eine Baustelle da. Einstimmig wurde dies im Rat so gesehen und wir sind nun an der Umsetzung. Sein Nachfolger wird Bernd Hahn hier aus Bettingen.

Euer PGR-Bettingen. Niemand entgangen ist wohl, dass wir nach 50 Jahren nunmehr Liebe Bettinger, insbesondere liebe Kinder: Nun ist es leider doch noch passiert. Bettingen - Eifel 9.

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