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Between the hardware, the software and selecting a mining pool it took a bit more time than we thought it should. The tutorial below can take anyone from hopeful cryptocurrency miner to successful mining rig builder and miner. This is a multi-part series. This is what the GPU mining rig will look like when it is just about complete. They are both good technologies.

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Cryptocurrency investment club

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Pay a very small fee of just 0. There is No Limit to how large your Personal Club can grow; your Licence fee remains the same, regardless of your club size. Personal Ratings are based on how other members rate your Trustworthiness and Performance.

Project Rating are based on the successfulness of the various projects you have participated in. Quickly decide with one glance at the specifications, which trading events are right for you. Set notification reminders on projects you wish to be a part of. Subscribe for alerts on upcoming projects which meet your preference criteria. Chat with other members in real-time, using our chat-rooms.

Send individual, group or bulk messages to other members. We listen intensively to feedback and aim to build the perfect meeting place for serious crypto-investors, such as yourself. Membership Application Current Membership Price: 0. Your Email:. We have sent you an email with instructions to complete your application.

The small, unique number at the end of the payment amount helps us to identify that the payment came from you. Teams have a much higher chance of success than Individual Investors. Unfortunately, this trader has NO Backup or Support. The future price will be determined by outside influences, of which the trader has little to no control over. This trader made a Risky move, by trading alone. Outside investors observe the steady price growth of this Altcoin, expecting the price to multiply in the near future.

This drives them to jump in on this Altcoin immediately, before the price rises any higher. This adds to the optimism of outside investors. The Team of Investors are very likely to be Winners! Have the Advantage of knowing which Altcoins to invest in and which to avoid.

Find other Crypto-Investors just like yourself, who are also looking for Trading Partners. Create Private Projects to allow only chosen members to participate in your plans. Already have your own Private Traders Club, or planning to start one? We have a plan that matches your profile. See our benchmarking. Profile management without limits to the number of cryptocurrencies.

Know everything about Premium. Stay up to date with changes and news of CryptoAdvisor. By browsing this site you must agree to our cookies policy. Open bot in Telegram. Close menu. Your robo advisor for cryptocurrency investment We help you to invest in cryptocurrencies with personalized recommendations, education and common sense.

Make better investment decisions. Increased by Watch our video to learn more. Easy, calm, conservative and assisted investment With cryptos? A convervative data-driven strategy We don't try to predict the future. Weekly recommendations We believe that it is important to remove the emotional factor from investment decisions. For this, it is important to apply a method and stick to a strategy.

Our bot will help you develop those habits, providing you with weekly recommendations based on your portfolio, which will allow you to take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market to your benefit.

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What I think bothers many of the early adopters and those that got too enthralled with the hype year that was because of the price. Is that even if you are very engaged with Bitcoin. You no longer can see the entirety of it, just a part of it.

That is actually a good thing; it means the growth is very real. Is it difficult moderating a group with a significant sized membership and what kinds of things do you have to moderate? Not really so far. To the point, it adjusts to your moderation style. This is the reason I can still fully manage it myself without a struggle.

The Facebook Bitcoin Group is the opposite. Facebook has ZERO automatic filtering. That is why I think Cameron Ruggles did the right thing in setting it up so that each post and each membership is manually approved from the start. Which is something we do there. Otherwise, it would be quite challenging unless your only job was that.

But in the way it is set up, it is very manageable. But even then it requires more work. The Bitcoin Subverse is easy to manage because it is small. It, however, would probably be twice as big if everyone that wanted to join Voat, could do so.

I have brought hundreds of new members to it since I was brought in. But many people have told me they just cannot join for whatever reason. Now, on what my way of moderating is. Something I did so there was no guessing on what would be removed and the why something would get removed. You really need transparency at length on that. Otherwise, it is easy for trolls or new users to get into or push an alternative narrative where everything seems to get censored for no reason.

It also helps a lot if the membership actually knows you appreciate them and believe you care about your community, though. Have you gained any insight and experience within your group setting and do you think members learn as well? Yes and yes. I have gained the insight of sticking to a vision of how to run a community from the start pays off. That you need to be present also as a participant and be able to balance that with moderating the content.

And the only reason I dare to say that is because many of them have given me the support I needed to continue happily moderating and participating in it. Which is by participating themselves and being vocal about being happy with my work in it. Since around I have been running a small business with my brother, Mid Century Gallery, and with it we shipped lots of items around the world as we offered international sales. The standard payment system for this is Paypal or Western Union that most online merchants use, so, of course, we used it as well.

This works fine usually, but there are many cases of fraud and chargebacks with Paypal, and Western Union is slow and with a lot of overhead and complexity. Oddly, Australia is one country where there are a lot of chargebacks. One day we just got another chargeback from Australia from someone that made a false claim, and I decided to find out if there was anyone working on some sort of online cash technology, which might replace Paypal one day for some transactions.

That is what led me to find Bitcoin, and I believe it was early right before it started getting popular. After discovering Bitcoin I realized instantly it was brilliant, but I was curious about the odd situation with Bitcoin where it was a technology valued by age or first mover advantage, and originality, when in tech almost all value is usually by whatever is latest and greatest, the most updated and evolved.

So I was trying to figure out if Bitcoin could hold the early status it had gained or simply be replaced by something that did the same thing as Bitcoin, but better, and I discovered Litecoin. I mentioned Litecoin in some Bitcoin group, and I was immediately silenced. I found they were using censorship to try and shield people from knowledge and discussion of competition to Bitcoin, which of course would never work in the long run, and ideologically I disapproved of.

It turned out to be quite popular for a Google Plus crypto group, but Facebook is where the people are, so eventually I opened another group on Facebook. That one really took off in popularity! The timing was just right, and it offered a chance for people to talk about all cryptos and not just Bitcoin.

I think that is a fair representation of how powerful first mover advantage is for Facebook over Google in this particular case. The same content was put out to both groups for a long time, and originally the Facebook group was the secondary group. The Facebook group is also private and not public, and that is really just because of the design of Facebook rather than being intentional.

Certainly, Bitcoin is far more useful and serious now than when many big institutions were simply laughing at Bitcoin and denying it, they are not doing that any more. Everyone is taking Bitcoin very seriously now that is paying attention. So despite price fluctuations that everyone spends way too much time focusing on, Bitcoin is stronger than ever!

However, much of the initial hype and crazy dreams of Bitcoin believers have also been tempered by reality, and this is going to take a long time, maybe decades. It will be gradual, and it might not be Bitcoin itself at the end that does it, but it could be.

Yes, the real difficulty is the blowback more than simply deleting posts or removing the worst offenders. People take issue with being censored, obviously, and I created the group originally because of the problems I have with censorship. I have made some mistakes moderating too heavily at times, as I do oppose moderation in all but the worst cases. I try to keep in mind why I created the group originally, and I only remove people as a last resort these days.

Of course, there are some really nasty people on the internet, and everything from scams to threats, to just lots of spam or personal attacks, are something I have moderated at times. It has been a learning experience along the way.

I never moderate people for just talking about some alt, however. They can post about wonderful alternatives to Bitcoin, or horrible, and all are welcome to share if they can be respectful. What can be wonderful to trade one day or week might be terrible the next, and this can lead to lots of confusion to people new to trading. Most traders lose money, we all do at times, so I have learned that while such advice can be useful to some, others it will just cause confusion.

Although some basic trading advice I think can be helpful to all. I also think that is far more interesting to talk about Bitcoin and Alts as a revolutionary technology, rather than the price speculation that most people spend way too much time focusing on. As many others have said about Bitcoin, day to day price is one of the least interesting things about it. I was working as an economic forecaster and investment banker increasingly concerned about the massive rise in regulation, costs and interference related to banking and money, especially in the Western World.

Around the last quarter of I discovered Bitcoin and the Blockchain and came to the conclusion that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies were a game-changing innovation, and that the Blockchain opened new business opportunities that I would like to pursue. My friend Maximiliano Garcia Max joined me in setting up an International Investment House based on Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency. We decided to fully embrace the new banking and monetary system based on Bitcoin as the core of our operations.

Many of these places were widely used by shipowners and others over the last century and still is to place their assets like vessels, oil rigs, yachts, airplanes and organize them in legal entities like partnerships and corporations.

Our first challenge was to see if any jurisdiction would accept us to denominate our legal documents, issue shares and handle bitcoin as the unit of value. We achieved that and were actually the first company to make it, worldwide. We were also fortunate in having the chance to bring onboard highly skilfull advisors. Forming regional advisory boards made a lot of sense. We observed at the time; this was in early that the use of Bitcoin still had a long way to go before they would reach mass adoption.

We figured out it was needed to collaborate on building a larger sense of community and spread the word to the public. With that in mind, the idea of developing a Think Tank around it came to us naturally. Everything was still is! This gives them a significant advantage over individual traders , allowing the group to always profit together on each trade. Members can use this team-advantage to:. We offer features unlike any other website, that are specifically designed to help crypto-traders communicate and collaborate together in sync, for successful and fair trading projects.

Why Join? Joining a Private trader community, then trading together as a Team, in collaboration with other group members, will profit you much more than trading alone would. You are likely to earn back much more than the membership fee you paid to join, even from your First trade. Find other crypto-investors who, just like yourself, are looking for Trading Partners to work with, for increased Profits and Success rates. Without a team, or a sizeable amount of Bitcoins to invest with, he has No Control of the market.

The price could go up or down, it could become stagnant. It is very hard to predict the future price, especially without the power to influence. This trader is Gambling Dangerously with his investment; success for him, is mostly up to Luck. The Team of Investors Scenario B. They bought into the Altcoin Low enough, and strategically bumped the price Upwards, creating a Positive price trend, fuelling the interest of outside investors. The Team traded Successfully; the value of their investments has multiplied since the purchase price.

They can then Cash-Out of that Altcoin at the right time, to reap their Profits. Know exactly when to Buy and when to Sell, for maximum profits. As a Team, you have more Power to Influence and Control the market you invest in. Have the Support and Backup of your Team-mates, increasing your chances of Success. Build more Complex and Strategic trading plans, using the Skill and Experience of a diverse team. Apply to join Private Projects of other members as well.

Allow only members above a chosen Rating Level to access and join your Project, keeping a limited, yet strong and trustworthy, team. Set your own price for your subscribers, and Profit! Pay a very small fee of just 0. There is No Limit to how large your Personal Club can grow; your Licence fee remains the same, regardless of your club size. Personal Ratings are based on how other members rate your Trustworthiness and Performance.

Project Rating are based on the successfulness of the various projects you have participated in.