kendrick diss drake on bet cypher

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Kendrick diss drake on bet cypher nfl preseason betting odds 2021

Kendrick diss drake on bet cypher

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when lookin. Thursdays Newsletter Signup. Performance Video. Dre Compton Features? Kendrick Lamar — Control Solo Verse vs. Comments forgot what site i was on until i saw this " this is the only video of the freestyle still live on youtube " lol. Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. In an interview with L. I think it came and went… Not to discredit it, it was a good moment.

But at the end of the day it was one of those fleeting Twitter frenzies. It was cool for what it was. Drake has reportedly made up with Chris Brown, with whom he had previously gotten into a physical, bottle-chucking altercation with, allegedly over Rihanna, so who knows? Claire Lobenfeld Subscriber. Email Address.

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They inspire to be the best like I how I inspire to be the best. But as mentioned before, not entirely so for Drake. In an interview with L. I think it came and went… Not to discredit it, it was a good moment. But at the end of the day it was one of those fleeting Twitter frenzies.

It was cool for what it was. Drake has reportedly made up with Chris Brown, with whom he had previously gotten into a physical, bottle-chucking altercation with, allegedly over Rihanna, so who knows? Lol did you listen to the song? Oh and. Smh try again that was corny…. Is that what theycall a discs song on your block? Lmao…I live in LBC and have lived in the cpt.

Except K. He basically issued a call to arms. Thats ALL it was. It was NOT a diss and nobody really took it as one except dudes irrelevant to the matter. Him and Cole still cool. Him and Wale cool. Drake is the only dude that got sensitive about it and went on CRWN, Angie Martinez, and other shows to essentially cry about being targeted. They can all still be cool with each other.

Lebron and KD work out in the summer right? But if it comes down to the championship, did Bron not hesitate to beat him? Same situation IMO. Lol it being a call to arms! KD can say i play better than lebron but until he has the chips, he just talkin. I agree there was nothing wrong with the rap game in Flawless year in my opinion. That Control verse, whether you know the lyrics or are still listening to it dunno why Drake brought that up like it matters , it STILL brought more hype than some albums this summer.

In all honesty he seemed VERY hurt. Unnecessary IMO. Respond by NOT letting him take over. Continue to step your game up. Take Care went Double Platinum and won a Grammy. And he was on Poetic Justice which went Gold.

Aubrey talked slick in like 3 interviews…. My nigga you really sound like a female right now. This aint got nothing to do with streets n Im more then certain you aint from there so cut it out, This about RAP. Drake is on top, what banner do you see to the right of this website right now, 50, Ja Rule, Kendrick or Drake? Ok case closed. My nigga homie just completly shitted on your logic so stfu. Ja was the pop sensation then 50 came n applied pressure and took the top spot, case closed.

I like Kendrick but yall buggin if you think Kendrick is better then drake. Yeah, carreer killin beefs are over these days. That was his point. You must be new around these parts. Ja Rule was on top, when 50 pulled on his coat tails.

Where they are now is not the point. The relevance is based in artistry, fan base and in power structure in hip-hop. Kendrick fanboys are laughing their ass off right now, while the Drake fans are running around trying to argue with everyone. That comment made about as much sense as the latest Lauren Hill song. Since when does rapradar represent entire hiphop?.

French caked up too. Hold up! Is this the IQ of the average Drake fan? How could you not understand what the guys above told you? When Ja was at the top, 50 came at him and got bigger, period. And in this case they feel like Kendrick is 50, and Drake Ja Rule.

I said the game is sick and you came up with this? Get your facts straight before coming on here actin like you are a hip hop genius or some shit. Kendrick may have said one line about Drake and you compare him to 50 and ja rule? Were you around back then? I bet you were in grade school. That comment still makes no sense. But thanks for waiting 2 months for your reply it was entertaining to say the least. Whats there to be jealous of? He sent shots, Drake got tight and said some shit, Kendrick responding.

Drake is a great rapper. Im just tired of him sneak dissing niggas he do music with. Drake helped kendrick tremendously by putting that buried alive verse on take care… where kendrick basically was saying he was cool with drake… competition is one thing but kendrick seems bitter… maybe drake fucked sherane.

Kdot needs to stop bullying Drake let the little guy do what he does. Drakes to soft even females thinks hes too sensitive. This would help boost Drakes testosterone level but Kendrick will pick that gay nigga apart. Whoever sain KDot is jealous of Drake is bitchmade the playing field is even. Anybody else think this could be about Papoose? That Ha Ha line matches with the tee hee hee line. I still think Kendrick is the best rapper alive, but I just lost a lot of respect for him..

Drake put you on his Club Paradise-tour and his album to help promote you.. And then when you get where you wanna be you just talk shit about a guy who helped you get to where you are for no reason?? I lost respect for him. This is mild from K. If he does, it will be subliminal, like the jabs to G. D Music have been. On another note, where are all the old RR commenters??

This new format has made everyone disappear. I love this… As long as it stays on wax. Time for Drake to respond. Drake and Kendrick are two of the most lyrical rappers in the game right now. Only time will tell if anything spawn from this. Kendrick used them 48 laws of power to get to the point he wanted to be at….

Smh cornballz. This is all just weird to me. I understand beef is an everlasting platform in hip hop. But this is just off coming from Kendrick. Just my personal take on control; kendrick might as well leaked his verse the day he laid it down because it was over from that point, it was gonna blow minds whatever day it seen light.

But this coming from kendrick is just distasteful. I love both of these guys as artists, drake just happens to be the one i click with more. Drake the one that threw darts in interviews saying he is not better than me in anything. Should be interestng to watch nothing happen. Drake will not respond. Drake caught feelings about the control verse and said he lost respect for Kendrick. So this is what he gets in return. He shoulda stayed quiet. This is like in Football when you always catch the second guy committing a penalty, but not the one who started it.

Everyone is getting on K. Yall kill me. Its the interviewers that keep askingthe same questions. Regardless, did he have to respond in such a way? Did he HAVE to respond period? And he still sent shots on The Language. Nobody twisted his arm into doing that. Crazy song and visuals! Ask yourself this question: would these lyrics have the same impact if they were spoken by another rapper?

Probably not. The lyrics presented are really subpar — inflated by hype. And what are we all hype about? The fact that Kendrick Lamar, an artist who is 1 lyrically beastly, 2 well-respected, 3 current, and 4 not doing PR because he has no album on the horizon — is boldly going after the throne that Drake sits on. It is a worthy battle. I would love for Drake to respond, but he has to be very calculated about how he does, because any response would only result in more exposure for Kendrick.

Drake is really the only one with something to lose here. Come October 15, when we see the whole thing, there will be a lot of pressure on Drake to respond. Everyone will be watching, listening. Neither would Pac. I agree completely. Both are extremely talented artist but people want to see Drake lose no matter what. You people keep acting like this is a dirty act from Kendrick and that Drake helped promote him early on so he owes something to him.

Kendrick has the Crown. Drake has the Radio. Spiteful Chant Everbody heard that I fuck with dre and they wanna tell me I made nigga I aint maded shit if he gave me a hand out imam take his wrist and break it. Son pulled a hi-five as part of a bar mid cypher and it was dope. Too ill. Kendrick actually looked pissed in that video! What Kendrick is saying is spot on. Finally a big name rapper said it out loud,and what he is saying is what all real hip hop artist and hardcore rap fans think about Drake.

He came at rappers necks whether you think he did or not. So Drake said was the verse forreal or not?