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Roulette different bets on crap

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As a standard rule, both craps and roulette are considered chance games, differentiated from skill games such as poker or blackjack. Skill games have more fully-developed decision making and strategic methods of play that a person employs to potentially affect the outcome in their favor. Though the odds are different for craps than for roulette, the underlying principles are the same. First, each roll of dice and each turn of the roulette wheel is entirely independent.

There are not cumulative odds that make a second roll or spin more likely to win than the previous roll or spin. This is what makes the games true games of chance. Each chance has the exact same odds of winning as the previous chance. The major difference for players is in how these odds are distributed by different positions on the board or wheel. Again, this is a similarity between the two games.

In craps, odds bets after the Pass Line bet will be more likely to earn a player a gain because there are more point possibilities for the shooter to hit. Likewise, in roulette, betting on either black or red, odd or even, or high or low give the player the maximum opportunity possible to win with that spin.

Players stand only a 1 in 37 or 2. In this respect too, playing either game has some similarities. The payouts for these safer bets are lower, of course than the riskier bets. A higher payoff if you win seems much better than a lower payoff. There is still a shooter somehow controlling the toss of dice for his and his fellows gain.

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New members only, must opt in. Free Spins: on Double Bubble. Full terms apply. One of the great things about roulette, is that is has such a rich variety of bets that you can make on the table. The only games that comes close is craps. There are 2 main types of roulette bet you can play, if we ignore the call bets for a second. These are the Inside Bets and the Outside Bets- the names refer to where you place your chips at the table.

Straight Up: a bet on a single number. Place your chip in the middle of a number square. Pays Split Bet: bet on 2 adjacent numbers either vertically or horizontally. Put your chip on the line between the 2 numbers. Street Bet: bet on 3 numbers on one line across. Put your chip on the edge of the line at the end either side. Put your chip on the intersection of the lines between the numbers. Pays 8. Put your chip where the 2 streets cross. Pays 5.

One of the first things to learn is what betting options are available at the roulette table. This guide to the bets on a roulette table will cover the common bets on both American style and European and French style roulette wheels. The top part features all of the numbers that are on the roulette wheel, while the bottom part has three large rectangular sections above a row of six smaller rectangular sections. Bets made on these nine areas at the bottom of the table or the three green rectangles on the far right of the board are called outside bets, and there are a number of ways that you can bet on them:.

The six sections at the very bottom of the roulette table are even money bets. Basically what this means is that you win the exact amount of money that you bet. You have about an even chance of winning or losing playing here.

If you are playing on an American roulette table and the ball lands in either the zero or the double zero, you will lose all of the money that you have wagered on even money outside bets. On a European or French roulette table, you will lose half of the money that you bet on even money outside bets if the ball lands on a zero. The two innermost rectangles correspond to all of the red numbers and all of the black numbers.

If you place a bet on red or black, you win if the ball lands on a number in the color that you chose. If you place a bet on even or odd, you win if the ball lands on the type of number you have chosen whether even or odd. The three rectangles located above the even money outside bets pay 2 to 1 if you win, but they are harder to win. If the ball lands on the zero or the double zero, you lose all of the money placed on 2 to 1 outside bets. The three rectangles on the bottom correspond to the dozens, the 12 numbers located directly above them on the table.

The three rectangles on the right side of the roulette table correspond to the columns, all of the numbers located directly to the left of them. There are a number of types of bets that can be made on the inside numbers, the red and black rectangles at the top of the roulette board. They include:. Read more about neighbor- and section bets here. I love to play any kind of games on online casinos and I have tested the different strategies shown on the website.